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Permission To Party

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“Who`s ready to fucking party!?”

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Gerard stays silent, hoping vaguely that if he ignored his cabin mate`s and their determination they would eventually just give in and take the hint that it would be impossible for him to even remotely enjoy himself at Camp Hell On Earth. Well, Aftermath. Same difference. As per usual, the ebony haired boy`s wishes and hopes were ignored.
“Do you think that A Touch Of Chaos will perform at the party?” Aqua asks the other girls, fiddling absentmindedly with the empty crisp packet in her hands.
“I highly doubt it.” Linnea replies, aiming the brown, uneaten crusts of her sandwich into the lime green bin that stood in the nearest corner. “Frank is a total dickhead, in case you hadn`t already noticed.”
“Linnea is right,” Skylar adds in, taking a small swig of flavoured, fizzy water. “He won`t want to waste his time performing in front of a bunch of weird kids.”
“True.” Aqua nods, brushing the crumbs from her acid wash skinny jeans. “I doubt that his highness will even show up.” She says sarcastically. “Which I a shame, because I was talking to Benji, the bassist earlier and she seemed like she was looking forward to the party.”
“I dunno.” Aven says. “He seems to love himself so much that he`ll just do about anything just to make sure that the spotlight is on him. I wouldn`t be surprised if he crashes the party just for attention.”
“What do you think, Gerard?” Skylar asks the silent artist, who had been nibbling on a corner of a ham and cheese roll, trying to think of anything else apart from the wild, mean musician.
“Do you think that A Touch Of Chaos will perform at the camp fire party?”
He scoffs rudely. “I fucking hope not.”
“Don`t you like them? Everyone knows that Frank is a dick, but the music is pretty good.” Aven says, a little surprised. She would have thought that he would have been a fan of them.
Gerard thinks to himself for a moment, to tell the truth he did like the band. He owned all of their Cds, and had been to five concerts over the past year and a half. But it was just Frank. They way he treated him, the way he looked at him, like he was so superior and Gerard was a piece of shit had really made him reconsider.
“I like some songs.” He admits quietly.
A shrill bell rings from somewhere outside, signifying the end of lunch break and the beginning of yet another lesson.
Everyone gets to their feet apart from Gerard, who was staring moodily at his converse clad feet, Frank Iero`s smug smile burning his mind.
“You coming, Gee?”
“I suppose.” he mumbles bitterly and grudgingly follows the girls out of the already untidy, cluttered cabin, dreading running into the red and black haired boy again.
The last few lessons of the day pass in a quick blur of noise and colour, not dragging by painfully slow like the raven haired teen had expected. Even more surprising Gerard didn`t see Frank again, something the young, talented artist was incredibly thankful for. Even when it was time to eat again and he returned to the dining hall, the uncaring, wild young rocker was still nowhere to be seen.
Taking a seat in-between Linnea and Aven, Gerard breathes out a deep sigh of relief as he scans the busy, noisy room, before tucking into his plate of steaming hot pizza. But as he sits and eats, he can`t help but feel like there was something wrong, and he couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed when he can`t see the sickeningly familiar face of the rude front man.

After eating far too much delicious, cheesy pizza Gerard and the four girls return to their cabin, Linnea and Aven were talking about what they were going to wear and the other`s about music.
As he quickly dresses in his clothes, a simple pair of blood coloured jeans, a studded black and silver belt and a change of jacket. He replaced his ratty looking converse with a new pair of black boots.
“Are you girls ready yet?” He hammers on the door of the cabin`s small, brightly decorated bathroom impatiently.
“Ya know, for someone who didn`t want to go to the camp fire party, you sure are pretty eager now!” Skylar calls from the other side of the poster covered door, putting the finishing touches to her jet black hair.
“Oh whatever.” Gerard sulks, knowing that his new found friend`s words were partially true. As much as he hated to admit it, he was hoping that he would see Frank again, despite hating the other boy`s guts with a burning passion. Well, that was what he kept telling himself a least.
“Not got a good response?” She jokes, stepping out of the bathroom in a tight fitting black dress and bright red pumps that were almost the same colour as her painted lips. She was followed by the other girls, who were also in clean, different clothes and ready to party.
Aven was had traded her usual casual jeans and band tees for a knee length skirt and a spaghetti straps top and boots. Her short dyed hair was let down and fell wildly around her face.
Aqua was dressed in a sleeveless dark purple dress worn over patterned leggings and boots. She had glittery makeup and her long hair was half up and half down.
Linnea had made the least effort, not being one to dress up fancy, but her shoes and tee shirt had been replaced by a similar pair of tight fitting jeans that were tartan in colour and a plain black tank top worn under a badge covered leather jacket.
Gerard thought that the girls looked pretty, and he wasn`t the only one who seemed to think so. At least five or six other campers commented flirtingly on their looks on the way to the lake, where the party was being held. A large, flickering camp fire was the only provider of light, unless you counted the nearly full moon and the twinkling stars. It was dark, the whispering trees casting greyish black shadows along the water`s edge, giving it an almost spooky yet cool atmosphere. Gerard hated to admit it, but so far, apart from his two run ins with Frank, Aftermath really hadn`t been so bad.
“Hey, gorgeous! You enjoying the party?”
“Yeah, and you ain`t so bad yourself.” Skyler grins up at a familiar young face, one that was no stranger to being swooned over by countless young girls.
Asher returns her flirtatious smile, his deep brown eyes genuine. “So you wanna go get a drink or something from over there with me Cutie?” He asks the black haired girl, who shrugs as though she couldn`t care less that a famous, talented rock star had just spoken to her, and nods.
“If it`s okay with you guys?” she checks with her cabin mates, who nod animatedly, apart from Gerard who was busy scanning the large, colourful, loud crowd for any sign of a certain wild haired musician.
“Who`s ready to fucking party!?” someone screams wildly, their words already slurring together.
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