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Chaper SIETE! (7)

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HEY GUISE! ITS A ME, MARIO! I LOVE YOU ALL. *WIN* PLEASE RATE THIS. I WILL LOVE YOU, IF YOU DO! BYE... For now!!! *CREEPER FACE* (The way I was sitting, to watch the movie

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Later that day, after school...
Everyone arrived at Poison and Arrow's house, right on time.
"Why are we here now... If we are leaving tomorrow?" Asked Mikey with a slightly confused look on his face.
The others just grinned at his total innocence.
"Sleepover... Stupid." Arrow said, winking at him.
"...With girls? Woah." Mikey replied, with a sorta mind-blown look on his face.
Gerard just punched him in the shoulder.
"Where do we put our stuff?" Asked Georgia.
"Wherever..." Replied Poison vaguely.
"Um... Frank... Wanna come help me set up the DVD player?" Poison asked, winking at her sister.
"Sure! I brought 'Texas Chainsaw Massacure'" Said Frank, winking at Emma, before linking arms with her in the girly fashion he does, to mock Poison and Arrow when they do it.
"Weeeelllll!" ELF said, giggling, once Poison and Frank were out of ear-shot.
"Their clearly gonna end up snogging, later." She continued.
"You know who else is?" Georgia said, laughing.
"NO... DON'T..." ELF said, glaring mennaceingly at her sister.
"Okay, okay, don't lose your pants..." Muttered Georgia.
"TELL US!" Gerard laughed.
Georgia just giggled.
Just then, Frank and Poison wandered back in...
"DVD's Ready!" Frank announced
"I WILL MAKE POP-CORN!" Arrow screamed.
"I'M COMING!" Frank called after her, as she ran into the kitchen.

Once they were in the kitchen, Frank said...
"Yeah?" She replied.
"I... I...I..." Frank stuttered.
"SPIT IT OUT WOMAN!" Arrow replied.
"I... Think i'm in love with your sister..." Frank said, looking at the floor.
"WONDERFUL!!!" Arrow screamed in his ear, hugging him.
"TELL HER, STUPID!!!" She laughed.
"I will! I will! Just give me a chance, don't tell anyone though..." He replied, hugging her back and smiling.
The pan stopped popping.
"POP-CORNS READY!" Arrow shouted, chucking it into a bowl, winking at Frank, and then dragged him into the lounge.
Arrow shoved him onto the sofa, next to Poison, winked, and sat down next to Mikey, and Gerard.
Poison pushed the play button, the words "TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACURE" came up on the screen, and creepy music boomed out the sterio.
"ARROW... Come here... I don't like these movies... GIMMIEAHUG!" Poison shouted at her sister, laughing.
"GO FUCK YOURSELF." She replied, giggling.
"I'm comfy where I am!"
Arrow was sat, leaned against Mikey, with her legs on Gerard's lap.
"I have the Way brothers as my pillows!" Arrow announced, laughing her head off.
"Come here! I will give you a hug, wimp!" Frank, laughed, grinning at Poison.
Poison let Frank put his arms around her.
"EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP!" ELF, laughed, from the other sofa, where she was sat next to Ray.
Georgia was sitting on the other side of Gerard, leaning on on Poison's legs.
Everyone was pretty comfy.


By the end of the movie, Poison was still cuddling Frank, and was a pale white colour, with a look of pure terror on her face.
Arrow was seeing how many bits of popcorn she could chuck into Ray's 'fro from where she was sitting, still leaning on Mikey, with her feet on Gerard, without him noticing.
Georgia was having a friendly argument with Gerard about the proper way to adress the president...
And ELF was chatting to Mikey about the fact she never, ever wears a skirt.
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