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Chapter SEIS! (6)

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well, bitches. 3 RD CHAPTER IN ONE DAY, PROUD?!

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Later, at about 1:00pm, in the lunch room, Arrow and ELF were in the lunch line.
"So... I met this kid called Ray today, HE WAS SEXY." ELF announced.
"WHAT!? SEXY?! NEW KIDS?!" Arrow replied, looking bewildered.
"...Yeah. SEXY. NEW KIDS. Two of your favorite things in one package." ELF said, laughing at her deranged friend.
"...I... LOVE... NEW KIDS." Arrow replied. Giving ELF her best 'i'm a deranged phycopath, approche me and i will eat your skin' kind of look.
The two girls chatted as the lunch line slowly moved on.


"That will be £2.50 the woman standing at the till, said to Arrow.
She handed over the money, muttered "thanks" found ELF and together they walked to their usual seats.
Arrow shoved her lunch onto the table and sat down next to her sister, she began talking quickly to her sister.
"Yeah, POISON! I haven't seen you all morning, so we have so much to discuss, all the freaking sexy new kids, Frank, the new guy in our homeroom, then this guy me and Gee met this morning in english, and the the guy ELF met, WHERE DID ALL THE BLOODY SEXY COME FROM?! HAHAHAHA-"
She stopped talking because she noticed the look on her sisters face, it was a mix of confusion and 'WTF'.
"Wha-" she began, then stopped, she looked around.
There was Frank, Gerard, and a couple of people she didn't reconise.
Two boys, one with a mass of dark curly hair, and one with a blonde side-fringe, and brown hair.
"Oh..." She said.
Everyone at the table just stared at her.
"Hey... Guys." She said.
She looked really serious, and slowly said "...I'm Arrow. Your the new kids. I think your all sexy."
Poison, ELF and Georgia all burst out laughing, as Frank, Gerard, Ray and the other boy just looked bewildered.
"I give you... Arrow. My deranged sister, cross best-friend" Poison laughed, while hugging Arrow.
"...Errr... Hello." Ray said.
Gerard just laughed.
Frank and the other boy just looked scared.
"Don't worry, we are all like this. You will get used to it." Announced ELF.


After introducing themselves they began just chatting.
Mikey, the other boy is Gerard's brother, and they have all just moved over from colarado.


Weeks past, and everyone became better friends, and got used to each others quirks.
Eventually, by the summer holidays, they were all very close friends.


One morning, on the last day of school, Poison and Arrow walked into the dining hall together. Grinning.
They sat down.
"Should we tell 'em, sis?" Asked Arrow
"...I think so" Poison replied, winking at Arrow.
"Well..." Arrow replied.
"You know how our parents always ditch us?" Poison asked
Everyone nodded.
"Well... They have this summer house..." Arrow said
"...In California..." Poison continued.
"And they never use it..."
"...So we asked..."
"And they said yes..."
"We asked..."
"If... Y'all..."
"Could... Come..."
"YEAAAH!" Grinned Poison enthusiasticly.
"OMFG!" Georgia Replied
"My sentiments exactly..." Laughed ELF.
"WOAH. YEAAH. FUCK YES." Replied Frank
"OHMYGOSH! YEAAAH!!!" Ray replied.
"FUCK. YES." The way brothers replied... At the same time...
Everyone got their phones out and texted, asking their parents.
"WE ARE ALLOWED." ELF shouted, staring at her phone screen, hugging Georgia.
"SAME!!!" Announced Mikey.
"ME TOO!" Added, Ray.
"DON'T FORGET ME... Just cus i'm short! IM ALLOWED!" Frank giggled, winking.
"WONDERFUL." Said Arrow.
"Meet at ours, 6pm, bring all your shit, we leave in the morning!" Poison giggled, over excited.
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