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Chapter... CINCO! (5)

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SHIZ GOES DOWN. Pleeeze tell me if you like it? KTHANKSBYE :) P.s I wrote this whole chapter in my pants. I thought you should know. DON'T JUDGE ME.

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"Well, "Gerard Way" Its nice to meet you. Now I know you, you have to meet Poison, my sister and ELF. Its the rules." Said Arrow, winking.
"ELF's my sister... By the way..." Georgia said, chipping in.
"...Okay? Hahaha" Gerard said, laughing nervously.
"Oh... Shit... Class is about to end..." Said Arrow, looking at her phone.
"Georgie, what you got next?" She asked
"HISTORY. BLEGUH." Georgia said... Looking grim. "What 'bout you?"
"...Maths" Arrow groaned.
"What about you?" Asked Georgia, looking at Gerard.
"Oh... Um... Music." Gerard replied, studding the crumpled piece of paper he pulled out of his pocket.
Then, the bell rang.


ELF wandered down the hallway, to her next lesson - Maths.
She had her headphones in and was late... As usual, and was daydreaming.
"Owch!" Said a voice. She looked around, there was no-one there...
She looked down.
She saw a mass of dark curly hair.
"...You stood on my hand." Said the mass of curly hair.
ELF stopped "Sorry... I was zoned out... Why are you sitting on the floor?"
"I was sent out... I punched a kid..." Said the tall boy with dark curly hair, who was sitting on the floor.
He was sitting on the floor in the hallway, outside what appeared to be his classroom.
He was holding a guitar.
"That happens to me alot... I mostly punch people, 'cause they make fun of my ginger sister..." Elf replied.
"Oh... That sucks. I only punched the kid 'cause they tried to put Frankie in a locker..."
The boy replied.
"Who's Frankie?" Asked ELF. Sitting down on the floor next to the boy.
"My friend... He's short, so they thought it would be funny to try and shove him in a locker..."
The boy said... Going a bit red from the thought.
"Thats nice of you to sick up for him" Smiled ELF.
"You know... We just had a conversation, and I know even know your name..." Said the boy, looking a little bewildered.
"Yeah. I don't know yours either."
"Thats true."
"I'm ELF."
"I'm Ray."
"Cool. I'm going to go to maths... It was nice meeting you." ELF said, standing up, and begining to walk to maths.
"Bye!" Ray called as ELF walked off...
"Who were you talking too?" Said a voice, as the classroom door opened.
"ELF" Replied Ray.
"Oh... Well, Mr. Rainbow says you can come back in now..." Said the voice.
"Okay, hold my guitar while I stand up, would ya" Said Ray, handing over the guitar.
"ELF... ELF... Where have I heard that name before?" The boy standing at the door mused to himself as he waited.
"Gerard, you coming?" Ray said, opening the door.
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