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Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

(still Em's POV)

I looked up to see a big white house in front of us. I squeaked with excitement. So this was Bob's place. According to Ray Toro (another friend of ours), Bob Bryar lived alone in one of his father's many houses. He was about Gee's age, and he seemed like a pretty chill guy. He was a drummer, which was mega cool. I reached over to open the car door, but Gerard stopped me, a lopsided grin on his face.


Gee nodded at my scantily clad chest. "Sweatshirt, Em, sweatshirt."

"But it's soooo hot outside!" I complained.

Gerard raised an eyebrow. I giggled and touched it. "Down, fuzzy worm thing!"

He smirked. "I think you'll find it to be called an eyebrow. Now seriously. Put on your sweatshirt so we can go inside."

"Fine," I sighed dramatically, making a big show of pulling to the offending garment.

"Good girl. Now let's go meet Bob."

Bob's POV

They're here! I couldn't wait to see Gerard again (who I'd met previously through Ray) and meet that girl... what was her name? Oh yes, Emerson. That was it. It gets lonely in this big house by myself, even though I throw parties all too often. My closest friend, Ray Toro, lives all the way in New Jersey, but he was finally coming here. After deciding that Gerard and Emerson would stay with me for awhile on their escapade, Ray and I planned for him, Mikey(Gerard's younger brother) and Frank to come in a few days to surprise the runaways. They'd stay for a week or so, and have a blast partying with us all. I glanced out the window. Gerard and Emerson were finally getting out of the car. Time to go and welcome them!

Gerard's POV

"Welcome to Florida!"

I looked up to see Bob standing in front of us, a huge grin on his face.

"Gerard," he said warmly, stepping forward to give me a hug. "It's good to see you, man."

"Same," I replied, patting him on the shoulder.

'And you must be Em!" Bob said enthusiastically. He jumped forward to hug her as well. She laughed.

"It's good to finally meet you!" she said sincerely.

"C'mon in.I have to leave in a few minutes, but I'll show you to your rooms before I go."

Separate rooms? I glanced at Em. She saw my look and winked at me. Ha. I knew the different rooms wouldn't last long. Bob led us inside and pointed us in the right direction to our respective rooms before apologizing for leaving us so soon. Not that we minded. As soon as we heard Bob's car pull away, Em pounced on me, dragging me into her room. She tugged on my shirt, pulling me down onto the bed where she rolled on top of me, kissing my lips passionately. I returned her kisses eagerly. I felt so lucky to be the one to kiss this amazing girl. When Em slid her hands underneath my shirt, slowly lifting it up, my heart began slamming against the inside of my chest. Should I...? I tentatively began to remove her sweatshirt. When she didn't object, I pulled it over her head. By this point, my shirt was long gone, revealing my ghostly white skin. Em trailed her finger down my chest, smiling, her face inches from mine.

"You are seriously hot, Mr. Way,"she whispered. I blushed at the compliment. I shivered with pleasure as she began kissing her way from my neck down my chest. I fumbled with her bra, having trouble getting it unbuckled. Em giggled. "Need some help, love?" She reached behind her and effortlessly unclasped the garment, sending it to the ground. I gawped at her body, making it her turn to blush. She ducked her head, hair falling over her face. Her self-consciousness left her in a minute, however, when she began to unbuckle my belt. I guided her sweatpants down her curvy hips, letting them fall to the floor. When she'd undone my belt, Iwriggled out of my tight pants, relieving the building pressure of my pulsing member. When we'd both been freed from all of our clothing, Emerson resumed her kisses until I flipped her over so that I lay on top of her. I kissed her collarbone and she tilted her head back, tiny moans of pleasure escaping her lips. When I couldn't take it any longer, I moved my lips closer to her ear.

"Are you sure this is what you want?"I whispered. She turned her head and kissed my neck.

"Absolutely.There's no other person on earth who I'd want this with."

I smiled. Exactly what I'd wanted to hear. "Okay. I love you, Em." She kissed my again in reply. I slid my hand slowly down the inside of Em's smooth thigh, spreading her legs gently. She was trembling, and she looked up at me with those big blue eyes. She was terrified, I could tell. I lowered my lips to hers, kissing her softly, kissing her fears away.

"Are you ready?"

Em nodded and shut her eyes. I took a deep breath and slid my length inside of her, slowly at first, then faster; harder. She gasped, gripping the bed sheets below her. Our bodies got into asteady rhythm, rocking back and forth in perfect harmony. As we both got nearer to our climax, Emerson's hands slid over my back, her nails digging into my skin. She tilted her head back and bit her lip, trying to hold back. Our breathing was heavy and ragged, and before long we both tensed, reaching our peak. I let out a shaky breath, rolling off of Em and lying next to her. She lay still for a minute, her chest rising and falling heavily, before rolling over and resting her head on my bare chest. Her hair stuck to her forehead with sweat, as was mine. She traced the lines of my chest with her index finger.


"Yes, baby?"

"Do you still love me?"

I cupped her chin with my hand, raising her eyes to mine. "Of course. Why would you even ask that?"

Em blushed. "I don't know. Because um, I don't know if you thought that was terrible, or..." her voice trailed off.

I smiled at her. "Listen to me. There's nothing you could ever do or say to make me love you any less. And for the record, that was wonderful."

She was quiet for a minute. "Even if I ate fifty billion donuts and turned grossly obese?" she asked in mock seriousness.

I snorted with laughter. "Even then."

She sighed contentedly and laid her head back down on my chest. "Okay."
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