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Everything Is Changing

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Fiona's life seemed useless until Mikey literally saved her from her demons but she has more than one, can Mikey and the band help her through everything?

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Mikey’s POV

I walked down street and pulled my jacket closer to my neck and shoved my hands in my pockets. It was cold tonight and seemed in a way darker than usual, I knew that it couldn’t technically be any darker but there was something in the air, something I couldn’t put my finger on.

I reluctantly pulled my hand out of my pocket and glanced at my watch, 00:30 “Crap.” I muttered under my breath, it was late, I’d been at the bar all night, trying to sort everything out, trying to clear my mind before the next day. This was a regular thing when I had had a stressful day. I knew Gerard would be nervous, probably worrying about my whereabouts. Gerard, always being the caring older brother someone else needed, he was never really any use to me but I was glad I had him.

A noise caught my attention, someone was screaming, it sounded like a girl. I tried to focus on the screams; they were coming from an alleyway to the right, across the road. I ran to the alleyway, it was long, dumpsters and boxes were dispersed all over it. Finding her seemed to be an impossible task.

“Please, no, get off me! Help! Please!” The girl screamed and pleaded, something as happening to her, I ran down the alleyway.

“Stop screaming, or I’ll have to do something you defiantly won’t like, Now stay still!” a disgruntled man spoke, aggressively. Something inside me clicked into place, I felt invincible, like nothing could stop me, like Spiderman or Batman. I ran faster.

“Get off me!” I heard her scream again.

When I got her I didn’t really know what to do, I just sprang into action, and I grabbed the guy’s shoulder and pulled him off of her, pushed him against the wall and punched him in the face several times. He pushed back, but I wasn’t going down, this girl, hearing her screams, there was some sort of connection between us, I would do anything for her. He ran towards me, like an angry bull. I put my foot out and tripped him. He was down, I punched him again and then he was out.

I turned around to face the girl; she met my gaze and staggered backwards. Was she afraid of me? “You okay?” I questioned, she didn’t speak, she just nodded still staring at me. She was obviously scared; she pushed herself up against the wall, mostly likely distancing herself from me. “It’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you, I heard you screaming from across the road” I pointed to where I was once standing “I thought you were in danger, which you obviously were from what I saw. Are you sure you’re not hurt or anything?” I asked again slowly moving towards her, she gave a small nod again.

It was cold out tonight and she was only wearing a black, strapless dress. She looked so elegant and young, much too young to be in a city like this without someone, she was so fragile, and I knew I had to watch my movements. “Here let me give you my jacket, you must be freezing” I said, taking off my jacket, she hesitated when I offered it to her but soon came to her senses and took it. “Now, is there anyone with you? Anyone I can contact?” She shook her head, not one for talking then I noted. She started to go paler, I knew she wasn’t okay. She looked into my eyes. Her big brown eyes were calling, pleading for my help it seemed, she was so desperate for help.

Suddenly her legs gave out, she collapsed in my arms. She must have had some mental and emotional damage from what had happened tonight. She said she had no one with her and I knew the hospital couldn’t do much to help her at this point. I tried to lay her on the floor so I could get my phone. I called Gerard, only hoping he would pick up and this time of night.

“Hello? Mikey is that you? Why are you calling me at this time of night? Are you okay?” He answer within two rings. I could hear the panic in his voice.
“No time for questions Gee, can you just come pick me up; I’m near the alleyway by the Fat Cat, something’s happened” I replied, cutting him off in the middle of his big brother panic stage. I heard him murmur something and the jingle of keys on the other side and hung up. Now I was to wait.

I looked back at the woman, She had light coloured skin, and long dark brown hair framing her face perfectly, she was beautiful.


I saw Gee’s van pull up outside of the Fat Cat, “Gee! Over here!” I shouted, just hoping he would hear me.

“Mikey? I came as fast as I could. What are you doing down here? Are you alright? Did you get hurt?” He said while running down to me. Oh Gee, always is worrying about me.

“Gee, I’m fine, She on the other had is not” I said while looking at her, I knew nothing of this girl but I knew I had to take care of her.
“What the F- , who is she? Mikey, what’s going on?!” I knew he would be confused but we had to take care of her first.

“Gee, just stop with the questions, I’ll tell you what happened later but first we need to get her home” I picked her up while Gerard cleared my path of boxes and opened the van door. He wouldn’t usually have a van but we were still on tour at the moment, thankfully no one had seen us though. We drove back to where the tour bus was parked and took her inside.


“Ooh Mikey, who’ve you got there?” Frank questioned, always one thing one his mind.

“Shut up Frank, it’s not what you think” I put her on my bunk for the moment and pulled the curtain across to give her some privacy.

“Mikey, are you going to tell me what happened now?” He was obviously getting frustrated, heck I had just randomly called him to pick me up and brought an unconscious girl to the tour bus.

“Yes, Gee, now calm your tits!” I barked at him.

Gerard looked down to his imaginary tits and stated “I think they're calm now, so tell me.”

“Okay, Okay! Well I was walking back from the bar and I heard someone screaming, so I ran to go help and found this guy trying to do something to her, so I grabbed him, punched him and then she just sort of collapsed in my arms, so I rang you and now we’re hear” I explained rather nonchalantly.

“So you mean to tell me, you kind of, just sort of saved this girl?” He sounded as if he didn’t believe me; I was never really the one for standing up against things that was always Gerard or Frank.

“Yeah” I replied, I was quite proud of myself.
“Woo! Super Mikey to the rescue to save the fair maiden, the damsel in distress, the-“

“Frank would you shush, you’re going to wake her” I whispered slightly too violently at him.

“One more question, Mikey” Gerard pondered.


“Where are you going to sleep now?” I hadn’t thought of this, I couldn’t sleep in the same bed as her, that would be wrong and what if she woke up with me next her, that’d just creep her out. I wasn’t going to sleep with any of the other guys, they’ve all commented on how it’s difficult with me because they like their space.

I pondered for a moment “I don’t know, I guess the couch?” They all looked at me smug; sleeping on the couch was awful. They all retired to their beds and I grabbed an extra blanket out of the cupboard and went reluctantly to the couch. “It’s going to be a tough night tonight” I said to myself.

I hope you like it, there is going to be more but I wanted to see your reaction of this before I carried on. Oh by the way the Fat Cat is a bar, not just a random Fat Cat, Plus I don't have a name for the girl yet, so if you have any good idea please let me know
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