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Dark places

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Fiona wakes up in unfamiliar places after being saved from a mystery stranger.

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Fiona’s POV

I woke up in darkness; I was warm so I couldn’t have been outside. A powerful smell of aftershave hit me, I sniffed trying to find where it was coming from; it was on the pillow. I knew where I was, I was in someone’s bed. “Not again” I muttered to myself.

I tried to feel for another body, but no one was there, so I tried to get up. “Fuck!” I hit my head on something. A light turned on somewhere and peered through to where I was. I was in some sort of bunk or something, there was a curtain to my left. I tried to peer through it, I wanted to know where I was; the curiosity was killing me.

I peered through the curtain, there was a bunk, just like mine across from me and there was a narrow hallway in between. Someone walked past my bunk, I aborted peeking through and recoiled backwards hoping they hadn’t seen me. It didn’t seem like they had but I now heard voices. I tried to focus on what they were saying.

“Did you hear something guys?” Someone asked, It was obviously a male voice.

“Yeah, I thought I did” another male voice replied, God there were two of them!

“What was it?” Another male voice replied, Three! I don’t really know where I am with three men, for fuck sake!

“I don’t know, shouted like someone shouting” The first man replied, okay there were only three by the sound of it, I started to panic though. Three men, one me.

“I thought someone said…..Must of come from outside” Okay well at least they didn’t think it was me.

“Meh, probably, but now we’re all up how about we have a party!?” The second man, shouted excitedly. Really? A party? What if they went through with it? I would have to stay in this little cramped area for ages! My panicking became more violent and I could almost hear my own heartbeat. I was pretty close to a panic attack; I needed to calm the fuck down.

“Frank, we can’t do that, it’s like 5am plus we have a guest here, remember?” The third man replied, thank god they didn’t have a party, I calmed down a little. I noted that the second man who had spoken was named Frank.

“Oh fuck yeah. Fuck! I really wanted a party” The second man replied back in a disappointed tone.

A chorus of voices was heard “Go to sleep Frank!” I tried not to giggle but I couldn’t help it.

“Okay, I’m pretty sure I heard something then” The first man said. My heart almost stopped, I needed to control myself; I couldn’t let them know I was awake.

“Yeah, I heard that too, sounded like someone was laughing, how the fuck can Mikey sleep through all of this anyway?” Wait what? There was another man here too. Fuck, fuck, fuck!

“I don’t know, let’s just leave it and go back to sleep” His words brought me instant relief, I made a plan that I would try to sneak out once they were asleep again, all I had to do was keep quiet and wait.


Around 30 to 35 minutes had passed and by now they must have fallen asleep. I peered through the curtain, no one was there and the morning light was coming through, perfect. I got down without making a noise, so far, so good.

I picked up my shoes and tried to locate the door. I couldn’t find it, there must be a door somewhere. I started to walk down the hall. No door but there was a driving seat, Was I on a bus? It all became clear, the bunk beds, and the narrow hallway. This was a tour bus! But for who? I went back up the bus.

My eyes still scanning for a door came across something else; it was the man from last night. Memories came flooding back. He was there, he saved me but then everything went black. I couldn’t remember anything else from that night, he must have brought me here, but why was he sleeping on the couch? Realisation hit me; He must have given up his bed for me. Was he really that sweet? Did he want something in return? I tried not to think about it, I took a piece of paper and a pen that was on the counter next to me and wrote

Thank you for saving me the other night, I can’t thank you enough and I’m sorry I made you sleep on the couch, it doesn’t look comfortable. I want to repay you for everything you’ve done for me. Thank you once again x.

I put in a tenner, I knew it wasn’t much but it was all I could give without leaving myself with nothing I folded it up and left it on the counter. I was still looking for the door though, where was it?! I turned around and there was a stairway going down I looked at it, I had found the door. I went down the stairs silently but quickly and pulled, it wouldn’t budge, so I tried pushing, again it would budge. It must have been locked. “Crap” I muttered.

I heard someone move, I stayed perfectly still, almost like a deer in headlights, I hadn’t been seen but I was sure I was going to.

“Damn that couch was awful!” It was the man from last night, he had woken up but his voice was nice though, even if it was a bit groggy. “What’s this?” He must have found my note. Crap, crap crap, crap! This isn’t how it was meant to happen, I was meant to be gone! “Huh?” I heard him say, he must have read it, this is going to go well, I thought sarcastically. I tried to pull the door again! Why. Did. It. Have. To. Be. Locked!
“You can’t go!” I heard from behind me.

Hope you like it, rates and reviews would be nice, just to know what you think plus any ideas you have, would be nice to hear too. Also if you didn't catch on, Fiona is the girl Mikey saved.
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