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Smiling Disaster

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Fiona tries to get away but Mikey won't let her go that easily. Fiona also meets the rest of the band.

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Fiona's POV continued

“You can’t go” I heard from behind me, when did he get there? I didn’t want to turn around but I just sort of did, like my actions were out of control. I just stood there at the bottom of the stairs, staring at him; I didn’t know what to say or what to do.

“You can’t go, not yet at least, have something to eat, please, last night must have left you exhausted. My name’s Mikey by the way” I nodded, he had a nice name that went well with his voice and he was right I was still tired, even though I had had enough sleep.

He pointed to the dining booth and gestured for me to sit. “Coffee?” I nodded, was he really making me coffee now? Why did he have to be so sweet? “Milk? Sugar?” I nodded again and gave a shy smile; he smiled back, God he had a nice smile.

The smell of coffee filled the air. “Mikey, are you making coffee?” Someone asked while walking in. Well this was awkward I hardly knew any of them and now I was sitting in their bus while Mikey made me coffee.

“Yeah, I was. Why you want some?” The man named Mikey replied to the other man with the bright red hair.

“Fuck, yeah, I want some” The new guy seemed really nice and had a good relationship with Mikey. He looked at me, and I just stared back, I wasn’t really ready for a big meet and greet thing at the moment.“Oh so this is the girl you saved last then, eh?” He looked towards Mikey and Mikey nodded, How did he know about what happened last night? “My name’s Gerard, but everyone calls me Gee, I’m Mikey’s brother by the way” I nodded again.

“Here you go” Mikey said handing me and Gerard the coffee, I smiled at him and he smiled back, If he smiled at me one more time I think I would faint. I sipped at my coffee, He made really good coffee. Seriously why did he have to be amazing, he seemed just perfect, I bet he had a girlfriend, I frowned at this and tried to look away so they couldn’t see me but to no avail.

“What’s the matter?” Mikey asked concerned, I shook my head; I wasn’t going to tell him how I was upset at the thought of him having a girlfriend, I hardly knew him. Gerard looked at me weirdly, he looked confused.

“Don’t you talk?” The man named Gerard commented.

Before I could reply, Mikey interjected.“Gerard, she’s had enough stress as it is, leave her alone. She doesn’t have to talk if she doesn’t want to” Gerard backed away at his brother’s snap; I didn’t want to cause them any trouble.

Gerard walked away, as he did he passed a small man with black hair, “Watch out for Mikey, he’s got a bite today” The man giggled at Gerard’s passing remark and went to get some coffee. Mikey just stared at me, I didn’t want to make eye contact incase he smiled at me again. I tried to look out the window, focusing on where we were.

“Hi, I’m Frank” The small man smiled at me, I giggled and remembered last night’s events, so this was Frank, the one who wanted a party at 5am. “Hey, I remember that giggle, you were the one making all that noise last night!” I nodded and giggled again.

“What happened last night?” Mikey asked, seeming confused.

“She made so much noise last night; I don’t know what she was doing. She woke Gerard, Ray and I up thinking there was someone outside the bus, trust you to sleep through all the noise” He jokingly punched Mikey’s arm, Mikey smiled again. I felt dizzy, I knew I was going to faint.

I got up trying to make my way back into the bed, Mikey kept asking me where I was going, he followed me towards the bed and that’s when I started to black out.

Mikey’s POV

Frank hit me in the arm, I can’t believe I slept through that noise, her getting up disrupted my train of thought; I got up with her, making sure she wasn’t trying to leave. “Where are you going?” I asked she just shook her head; she hadn’t spoken in ages the last time I heard her speak was when she was screaming for her life.

We were near the beds now, what did she want? She began to fall backwards; I caught her, making sure she didn’t hit her head. She had fainted again. “Mikey what did you do?” Frank asked, stunned at the sight of her in my arms again.

“I didn’t do anything; she just got up and then fainted” I explained defensively.

“Again? really? Next time she wakes up, get some food down her” Gerard had popped out from somewhere, he was probably right I just hoped she woke up soon.

“Yeah, coffee probably wasn’t the best thing to get her” I agreed with my brother.
“Well put her on the couch and make some food, she’ll probably be awake soon” Frank said from the dining booth.

I did as he said and tried to get her on the couch without man handling her too much and went to make some breakfast. I tried to think of what to make, I was going to make some bacon but then what if she’s vegetarian like Frank, so I thought I’d make some eggs but what if she was vegan?! Too many dietary needs could be filled.

“Frank what can I make for breakfast that’s vegan?” I asked and turned to him, he was just staring at her “Frank!”

“Huh?” H replied dumbly. Obviously I had pulled him out of some kind of thought.

“What can I make for breakfast that’s vegan?” I asked again, slightly annoyed that he didn’t hear me question the first time and that he was most likely thinking of her.

“I don’t know man” Frank walked over and started looking through cupboards and the fridge. “The only vegan thing we have is this vegan banana bread” he said while tossing it to me “Why do you want vegan things for breakfast? I’m a vegetarian, not a vegan”

“I know you’re a vegetarian but I don’t know if she is?” Frank giggled and I hit him.

“Aww, Mikey you’re so romantic” he giggled in a high girly voice, I hit him again and he walked back to where he was sitting. I started to cook some eggs and bacon for the rest of us trying to keep them separate for Frank and maybe her.

Ray walked in “Mmmm, Bacon. Thanks Mikes, but who’s the girl” He said using his bacon to gesture to her.

“I saved her last night” I replied simply.

“Really? Wow, Mikey‘s a super hero” He said while munching on his Bacon, I handed Frank his eggs and called Gee to get his ass in here. We all ate in the dining booth, the guys were discussing last night’s events still; I didn’t want to join in.

My eyes were glued to her, and if she woke up I’d been there by her side within a matter of minutes. She started to stir, not to seem too eager I tried to stay in my seat but it was harder than I thought it was going to be, I had to force every ounce of myself to stay.

Everyone looked at her. She woke up, groggy. I couldn’t hold it in me, I went to her side. She tried to sit up; I gave her a helping hand. Once she was up she just stared at us all, her eyes flickering between everyone’s faces, probably trying to make sense of it all. It was silent for a good minute before anyone said anything.

“Hi I’m Ray!” trying to break the ice, they hadn’t really met before. She waved and smiled at him, how I loved that smile, her gorgeous perfect smile.

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