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Hopes and Heartbreaking Relisation

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Fiona agrees to go with the band on tour, but soon finds out a heartbreaking truth.

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Fiona’s POV

I woke up and heard voices, but then suddenly they stopped, there was dead silence. I opened my eyes to see Mikey next to me, I stared at him until I started to get uncomfortable, Mikey was right this couch was awful.

I tried to sit up, but Mikey helped me most of the way, I was so glad to have him near. I looked at everyone else, they were just staring at me, I flicked through each one of their faces, Mikey, Gerard, Frank and someone else.

“Hi I’m Ray!” He said, oh well now I knew who he was, I studied his features, but it was hard I kept getting distracted by his massive afro. I waved and smiled at him, I tried to think of every movement beforehand I knew Mikey was watching me, I could feel his eyes bore into my skull.

“I made breakfast, if you want some” Mikey said, interrupting the silence. I nodded; I could smell something delicious in the air. Mikey handed me a plate with eggs, bacon and banana bread, what an odd breakfast, I laughed at my thought.

“Care to share the joke?” Frank asked me, I shook my head, I didn’t want say anything incase I insulted Mikey’s breakfast making skills.

I started to eat the eggs, they were amazing, He was a good cook too?! I looked up and saw that everyone was staring at me again. All this staring made me really self-conscious; I started to take smaller bites so I looked more graceful while eating.

Eventually the men started to get up and go off to do other things but Mikey stayed with me. “Mikey we’ve got to start going now!” a voice was heard from down the bus, they were leaving? I didn’t want them to go now; I wanted to stay with them. Mikey walked towards the voice. I stayed, still eating my breakfast. I could hear voices mumbling, they obviously didn’t want me to hear something.

Mikey came back and looked at me very seriously, why was he so serious? It scared me, something bad usually happened when people took a serious tone with me.

“I know this is a lot to ask since we’re on tour and we’ll be moving on to the next city in a while but…” Before I could say anything he carried on so fast in almost sounded like one word “How would you like to stay with us, kind of like being on tour with us?” Mikey explained.

There was nothing here for me, the only things I had were this dress, my shoes and some money. I nodded and he smiled. “She said she’s coming!” He shouted down the bus while still smiling.

“Does she want to get anything before we go?” another voice replied from down the bus, I shook my head
“She said no!” Mikey shouted back.

“Let’s get going then!” The whole of the bus was filled with rejoice in moving on, I knew this trip would be good for me. The bus started to move; thankfully I was sitting down for that part.


We got to the next city, and went to the venue to sound check. Mikey asked me if I wanted to see them preform, so I did. We were lead backstage by the crew and went down many hallways before we got to their room, and then even more hallways before we got to the stage, it all seemed like a weird maze backstage.

Gerard led the way on to the stage, I gasped at the sight before me, I’d never seen a venue like this, usually they were packed full of sweaty bodies jumping to a beat but there was no one here, just the crew, band and me.

I went back to the waiting room for their sound check, I didn’t want to get a headache. Even though I was in the waiting room, I could still hear them, they sounded amazing, but I was pretty sure I had heard it before.

I turned on the radio to give me some company “And now here’s the rock top charts you’re here with me, David Smith and here’s our number one rock single!” The song they played was exactly the same as Gerard’s! I knew they were a band but I didn’t know they were famous! I started to panic, if they were this famous then me being with them could cause so many probably for them and myself. The tabloids would be all over us. I wouldn’t be ordinary me anymore, I would be in the public eyes for ages and this could ruin the band.

I had to get out; I turned off the radio and started to run for the door. Why did this place have to be like a maze! It seemed like ages before I got to a door, my natural senses seemed to be blocked with all my fear. I pushed through without thinking, and almost ran on stage, Mikey saw me and his smiling face brought tears to my eyes, I didn’t want to leave him but I just had to.

I ran in the opposite direction and Mikey followed me, trying to catch up. All I could hear was Mikey’s name being called by the band; they were following him wondering why he’d gone. I Stopped running I knew I should give him an explanation.

Mikey caught up with me and put his hand for the band to stay back. He put his hands on either side of my face and wiping away the tears with his thumbs.

“What’s the matter?” he asked concerned.

I looked up into his eyes, I couldn’t say, I didn’t want to leave him, I just shook my head. I couldn’t explain. He looked at me with worried eyes and pulled me close to him and hugged me, I hugged back; I felt so safe with him I could help but break down. I knew I was going to stain his T-shirt with my tears but he didn’t seem to care. He kissed my head. Why did he have to be so caring, so perfect, so amazing?

Mikey and I walked back to the bus, their sound check had pretty much finished anyway, the rest of the guys stayed in the waiting room. I buried my face in Mikey’s chest, tears fell down my cheeks, He had he arm around me, guiding me back.

We got to the bus and I ran for the bed and hid my face. “I don’t know why your upset, But I know that whatever it is, it’ll be okay…” He said trying to comfort me “…But I just want to know one thing”, I looked up at him with curiosity.

Mikey had given me everything I needed, even when I didn’t know I needed it myself, but now I know that I need him. I knew the ominous truth. I was falling in love with him, but he could never love me like I loved him, He was this famous rock star and I was…I was…me.

“What’s your name?” That was all he wanted to know? He didn’t pressure me about what had happened before he saved me or why I was crying now? He wanted to know my name? “My n-n-name is-s…..F-Fiona” I tried to say through the tears. He smiled and then walked away, leaving me with my upsetting truth.

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