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Fiona goes back to the memories she has, the one's before Mikey. When there was someone else.

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Mikey’s POV

“My n-n-name is-s…..F-Fiona”….I pondered for a moment, like when you are in a maths test and you don’t get it and then you get told the answer, it all seemed so obvious now. Her name couldn’t be anything else, because that would destroy the beauty of her.

I smiled at her; I could see she was upset about something that I couldn’t help her with. A smile was all I could really offer her, but I was just so glad she’d finally trusted me to tell me something about herself.

I walked away leaving her to self-discover, there’s nothing worse when you want to cry but can’t because there was people around. I called the security guard over “Make sure no one gets in or out of that bus” I said, while slipping him a fiver; I couldn’t let her go, not without finding out more.

I went back to the band. “How is she?” Frank asked, concerned about her too, maybe too much.

“She’ll be fine; we just need to give her some time” I said while looking at the floor, still wondering about Frank sudden interest in this girl. Did he like her? Did he want her? Frank wasn’t usually the one to fuck around with a girl. Some guys we’re commitment-phobic, Frank was the exact opposite.

“You heard him guys, bus is off limits until after the show” Gee announced. I patted him on the back to show my appreciation and he nodded. We went off and did our own things for a while, Ray, Frank and I practicing songs while Gerard was humming, trying to get his voice warmed up. Gerard and Frank went out to have a smoke before we went on. We heard the crowd screaming for us. We obeyed and went on.

Fiona’s POV

He was gone, I could let my real emotions out now; I broke down again, crying into the pillow, almost screaming at points. It was frustrating that this had to happen, I had to fall in love with a rock star that could never love me, even if he wanted to, he deserved better than me. He deserved an amazing girl who was beautiful, who was as nice as he was, who was extraordinary as he was. Not ordinary, ugly me.

I decided to fill my mind with memories from before I had met Mikey, back to when there was only my co-worker, Liam.

*FLASHBACK: March 2009*

“Hi.” I said with a smile on my face, it was my first day at Dorland’s clothes company and I wanted to make a good impression.

“Hi.” a blonde man said, without looking up.

He seemed a bit rude but I shrugged it off. “I guess we’ll be sharing an office together.”

“I guess that’s so.” he said with a sigh not seeming very happy about it. I frowned, I wasn’t happy about working with him either but at least I had made an effort.

“So-” I was cut off by his angry comment.

“Are you going to speak all the time or do you have some sort of snooze button on you?” He looked at me, his deep blue eyes obviously annoyed, I shook my head and he carried on with his work.


I tried to think of a happier memory, there had to be a couple, or I wouldn’t have fallen in love with him.


“Hey, I’m sorry I snapped at you the other week, I was just annoyed that day” He said running his hand through his hair.

“What were you annoyed at?” I questioned, wondering I could help.

“Just this girl I’m in love with, I love her so much but she doesn’t love me back, I don’t know what to do, I’ve tried everything”

“Really? Have you told her you loved her?”

“Yes, she just said that it wouldn’t work and then she stopped talking to me for a while”

“Oh, well who is she? Do I know her?”

“You should, it’s Georgia” He said, looking down, was ashamed of telling me or ashamed of loving her? To be entirely honest I was surprised he told me.

“Oh, Georgia from the lingerie department?” I said, looking down, slightly disheartened that it wasn’t me “Well, I don’t know, be spontaneous, and sing to her” I giggled, he laughed back.

“Want to get some coffee?” He asked while smiling, I smiled back and went along.

We stopped off at Starbucks and got frappuccinoes. He got a chocolate cream and I got a caramel coffee, we sat outside and enjoyed the sun. I sipped at my drink when suddenly he started to question me about everything.

“You know I don’t even know your name and we’re already having coffee” He laughed “Smooth Liam” he said under his breath, seeming quite proud of it.

I looked at him, weirdly and he just laughed again “So what’s your name?”

“Fiona” I said without hesitation “What’s yours?”

“Liam” He said, and asked me another question immediately “What music do you like?”

“Mostly, Panic at the disco, Muse, rock stuff you know? You?” Hoping we would have something in common.

“Oh right, I like a stuff like Skrillex and alternative know?” I laughed and he was the one looking at me weirdly this time,

“What?” He asked wondering why I was laughing, “It’s weird, a grown man liking Skrillex” I giggle again and I asked a question this time

“You like Doctor Who?” Hoping he would like one of my favourite T.V. shows, not many people liked it and I didn't really have anyone intelligent to talk to about the complex story lines.
“You mean Doctor Poo?” I looked at him in exaggerated shock and hit his leg, He moved away slightly, and I knew I had gone over a line.


I laughed bitterly, weird how one of the best memories I had of him turned out ending sour but it was the start of our new relationship. As the year went on and things got harder for me, for him and for our relationship, I didn’t want to remember; I pushed and pushed against the memories trying to form in my head.

Tears started to stream down my face for the second time this day. I heard the guys come in, buzzing from their performance, I lost the grip I had on the concentration against the memories and had them all burst into my head at once, I gasped out in remembering all the pain I had once felt.

I know's it's not much and it's all about Fiona, but someone asked to know more about her, and I thought I would do some flashback's, there will probably be more later on.
Hope you like the new character.
Might make a new rule that I won't post more until I've got rates and reviews. They help me with the story and the progress of it.
Thanks for reading :D
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