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Waiting Room

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While taking out the trash, a business man discover something unexpected behind the trash cans

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Disclaimer: I don't make any money off of this fanfic. Actually, this is all practice for me for when I get off my butt and finish my original fic, which I hope, will be published (once I figure out the main plot). So I can only hope that Rowling will forgive me while I borrow her characters.

Bad Author Notes: I have a very serious question for all of you but I can't asked right now without spoiling the chapter so please read my author's notes at the end of the chapter.

Waiting Room

by Lady FoxFire

September 10, 2005

The soft murmur of the hospital filtered into the private waiting room, where Mary O'Connell sat with her son, waiting to hear any news about her husband.

With a soft smile, Mary looked down at her son, who was asleep with his head in her lap. Gently, she ran her fingers through the boy's black hair over and over again.

Mary raised her head when the noises of the hospital suddenly charged into the private waiting room.

Pushing the door open with her butt was Alice, and in her hands where two steaming cups of coffee and a white paper bag hanging from her teeth.

Alice handed Mary a cup of coffee and then took the bag from her mouth. "Have you heard anything?" Alice asked as she sat down in a chair next to Mary.

"Nothing yet." Mary sighed before taking a sip of her coffee and making a face of disgust. "God, this is awful," she said as she stared at her coffee.

Alice chuckled softly as she pulled a powder donut from the paper bag. "What did you expect? It's hospital coffee," Alice commented as she passed the bag to Mary. Taking a sip of her coffee, Alice made a face of loathing at the taste. "The only thing worse than hospital coffee is the coffee at the station."

"I thought you knew, police don't drink coffee, they drink paint remover," Mary joked, licking the powdered sugar from her lips.

"I always wondered what Sean's special paint remover formula was," Alice said around a mouthful of donut.

Mary smirked. "It's also a great rust remover." Mary sighed wearily as she stared at the door.

"He'll be fine," Alice said.

Mary nodded her. "I hate waiting," she said

"I know," Alice replied.

"I worry about him when he's not at home. Everyday when he's not at home, even if he justs runs down to the market.... And the phone rings..." Mary said, her voice fading off with a hitch. "You would think I would get used to it."

"If you got used to it, then you wouldn't care," Alice stated simply as she wrapped an arm around Mary and pulled her into a loose hug.

Taking in a shaky breath, Mary nodded her head, wiping the unshed tears from her eyes with the back of her hand.

"So what is the mini monster doing here?" Alice said with a nod of her head to the sleeping boy. "I thought you and Sean didn't want him involved in stuff like this?"

"We don't," Mary stated as she started to stroke Harry's messy mop once again. "Matthew, you remember Sean's old friend from the police academy, well he was sent to Harry's school to get him. However when he got there Harry already knew. Matthew said that Harry was so upset, demanding that he had to go to the hospital and you know how Matthew is."

"Can't face the pressure of crying women or children," Alice said.

Mary smirked, "Yep, he caved. So he brought him here."

Alice smirked at the fact that Harry had convinced a seasoned police officer to do what he wanted. "Do you know how Harry found out? Was it the Headmistress?" she asked, looking quickly over to the door, to make sure no one had entered, before continuing. "Or was is it like last year? You know, with the McKnight's girl."

"Like last year," Mary replied looked down at the sleeping boy, her fingers combing through his hair.

Alice bit her bottom lip and stared down at the sleeping child. "Do you think..." she asked, leaving her unfinished question hanging.

"Maybe. I mean he was able to lead Sean to the girl last year. Right to where she was," Mary said absentmindedly. "I was just so grateful that the captain was able to keep Harry's involvement out of the report."

"I think he was more freaked out by it than you and I were," Alice commented.

Mary nodded her head. "It didn't even seem to affect Sean."

Alice shrugged her shoulders. "Sean was always like that as a kid. Nothing ever seems to effect him; add in his interest in the supernatural and I'm not surprised that Sean blew it off. When we were kids, if he wasn't plotting some pranks he had his head buried in some book dealing with ghost and monsters. For a while, he wanted to become a Egyptologist, until he learned that mummies don't come back from the dead."

Mary snickered. "I can just image him battling mummies with a sword in hand and then more mummies appear. Sean looks at them, shakes his head and then runs away."

Alice giggled. "Can you image him riding a camel? The ships of the desert."

"He would get sea sick," they said together as they erupted into giggles.

"Mama?" a sleepy voice said.

"Hey honey. Feeling better now?" Mary asked as Harry sat up.

Harry nodded his head as he yawned. "Daddy?" he asked as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

Alice and Mary shared a look between themselves. "I don't know, honey. We're still waiting to hear from the doctors."

"Daddy will be alright," Harry mumbled sleepily as he snuggled up against his mother.

"Of course he will," Mary replied as she kissed him on the top of his head. "Of course he will."

Harry closed his eyes as he leaned against his mother. "What's going to happen to the dog?" he asked sleepily.

"Dog?" Alice asked.

Harry opened his eyes and looked over at Alice, noticing her for the first time. "Hi Aunt Alice," Harry mumbled sleepily. "When did you get here?"

"Hi sleepy head," Alice replied. "What dog are you talking about?"

"The dog that saved dad," Harry said as he reached for the paper bag that held the donuts.

Alice looked at Mary, an eyebrow raised questioningly.

"When Mark, a fellow officer who was answering Sean's whistle, found Sean he was being guarded by a stray," Mary explained. "A big black dog."

"Uncle Mark said that dad said that a dog saved his life. That the dog attacked the guys that had attacked dad. Uncle Mark said that the one of bad guys had peed this pants," Harry explained in one breath between bites of his donut.

"Mark said that the dog was guarding Sean," Mary said to explain anything Alice might have missed in Harry's garbled explanation.

"What do you think they're going to do with the dog?" Harry asked. "Do you think we could keep him? I bet he would be a great police dog. What do you think we should name him, Aunt Alice? Can he sleep on my bed? Please!" Harry said the last bit as he turned to Mary.

"Ah," Mary stammered as she tried to figure out what Harry had said.

Alice blinked once, twice, and a third time, as she processed everything faster than Mary had. "How about Hero?" she suggested.

Harry made a grimace. "Too overly done. Champ?"

Alice shook her head. "Loki?'

"That's mom's name for dad," Harry said with a smirk. "Sherlock?"

"Sherlock Holmes working with your father? Hardly!" Alice said in mock outrage.

"May I remind the both of you that we do not own the dog. And even if the dog didn't have an owner and could be adopted, your father and I haven't agreed to adopt it," Mary said, her voice taking on the firm don't-mess-with-me tone.

"Yet," Alice said with a wink towards Harry.

Mary glared at Alice, who just smirked in return.

Mary opened her mouth to make a comment when the door to the waiting room opened once again and a doctor, wearing a surgical gown and cap, entered.

"Mrs. O'Connell?" the doctor asked as he looked back and forth between the two young women.

"I'm Mrs. O'Connell," Mary said as she rose to her feet.

"I'm Doctor Williamson, Mrs. O'Connell, I treated your husband," the doctor explained.

"How is he, Doctor?" Mary asked, wringing her hands nervously. "Will he be alright?"

"He's going to be fine." The doctor said.

Mary's knees buckled and only her hand grasping the back of Alice's chair kept her from collapsing to the floor.

Doctor Williamson took Mary gently by the arm and guided her back to her seat. "Your husband has several serious lacerations...."

The doctor continued with his medical jargon for the next five minutes, explaining to them that Sean received many severe wounds, such that the doctors had to use nearly 100 stitches to close them. His injuries also amounted to a cracked rib, sprained wrist and a bump to the head.

He also explain that Sean would need to stay in the hospital for the next few days, but if everything goes alright, that he should be released by Wednesday.

"Can I see him?" Mary begged.

Doctor Williamson nodded his head. "He's sleeping right now, but I'll sneak you in, if you want."

"Yes, yes please," Mary said as she stood up.

Harry rose with his mother, a determined, yet slightly frightened look on his face.

"Harry," Mary said as she realized her son was planning on following her, " You can't come with me. I want you to go home with Alice."

"But mum," Harry whined.

"No buts young man. You have school tomorrow. Your father would be very disappointed in both of us if he found out you skipped school because of this."

"But mum..."


With that final 'no,' Doctor Williamson escorted Mary out of the room and towards where Sean rested.

Harry turned to Alice. "But tomorrow's Saturday," he stated.

Alice shrugged her shoulders as if to say 'what can I do?', "Come on, let's go see your new dog."


End of the Chapter

Bad Author Notes: Why did almost everyone believe that Sirius attacked Sean? Do you think that Sirius was so shallow as to take away the only family Harry has ever knows?
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