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Unexpected Christmas

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While taking out the trash, a business man discover something unexpected behind the trash cans

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Disclaimer: *author pulls bedroom door shut. Silencing the screams of help from an older man with black hair and grey eyes I don't own the Harry Potter series nor do I make any money off of my writing in the series. Author glares are reader. Cross arms over her chest* She killed him off so he's mine now! And I'll teach him how to be a good puppy.

Bad Author Notes: I had to take creative license on Harry's birthday gift because at the time Harry receive this gift that toy was lost it's popularity at that time and nothing had really replaced it yet. Please see note at the end.

But now many of you will be wondering when will Harry get his letter. The answer is ch 8 or it might be ch 9; it all depends on my Muse.

Unexpected Christmas

by Lady FoxFire

November 6, 2005

"It's Christmas!" echoed through the house, followed by the sound of running and barking and the pounding of bare feet as they pattered down the stairs.

"He's your son," Mary mumbled sleepily as she pulled her pillow over her head.

"Ugh," Sean replied as he rolled over and blinked sleepily at the alarm clock. "It's only quarter past four," he mumbled.

The house resounded with the thunder of feet storming up the stairs. "Mum! Dad! Father Christmas was here!" Harry exclaimed as he burst into the room, followed by a huge black dog that yipped and yapped as it mirrored the boy's excitement.

"Harry," said Sean, eyeing the boy with raised eyebrows as he raised himself up onto his elbow. "Go. Back. To. Bed," he said emphasizing each word. "It's too early to be up."


Mary whipped the pillow from her head. "Go back to bed right now, young man, or we'll visit Aunt Elizabeth today."

Harry's eyes grew wide before he shot out of the room.

"And that goes for you too, Duke," Mary said as she leveled her glare at the thoroughly confused dog.

With his ears flat against his head and his tail tucked between his legs, the dog slinked out of the room.

Mary lay down with a contented sigh, pulling the warm blanket around her once again.

"My wife, defender of the innocents against rampaging boys and dogs," Sean teased

"Shut up!" Mary snarled as she hit Sean with her pillow. "You are hardly what I would call innocent."

"If I'm not innocent what am I then?" Sean said as he rolled to his side so he could look at his wife.

"You are bothersome," Mary replied.

"Bothersome?" Sean said. "Just bothersome?"


"Irritating? I'm irritating?" Sean replied as she scooted closer to Mary and started to gently kiss her shoulder and neck. "You find me irritating?"

Mary nodded her head. "Exasperating," Mary said before sucking her breath suddenly as Sean reached a certain point on her neck.

"What else?" Sean asked, his voice becoming deep and sensual as he nibbled on Mary's bare shoulder.

"Mischievous," Mary moaned.

"Mischievous. I like that," Sean commented as made a trail of kisses along her jaw line.

Mary throw an arm around Sean and pull him closer. "Irresistible." Mary drew Sean into a smoldering kiss.


As quiet as he possible could Harry pulled his parents' bedroom door closed.

"Mushy stuff," Harry commented to Duke as he rolled his eyes. "Come on boy," Harry said as he started down the stairs. "Let's see what Father Christmas got us."


"Oh wow!" Harry exclaimed, goggling at the present as he sat on a nest of crumpled Christmas wrapping paper. "It's Unicron!"

"Wow, he's a big guy, isn't he," Sean said as he looked over Harry's shoulder at the toy robot. "Now he's a good guy, right? An auto something or other?" Sean said with a wink to Mary.

"An Autobot, dear," Mary said as she tried not to giggle, knowing too well that Sean knew all about his son's current obsession. "Decepticons are the bad guys."

"That's right," Sean said with a snap of his figure as if everything just clicked together. "And he's an Autobot," he stated as he point his finger at the toy. "Right?"

Harry looked up at Sean like his father was crazy.

Sean raised an eyebrow, taking in Harry's aghast expression. "Okay... he's a Decepticons."

Duke, who was happily chewing on the bone he received for Christmas, raised his head as he looked over at his family. With a shake of his head he turned his attention back to his bone, his tail slowing wagging in contentment.

See Harry's look of disbelief Sean shrunk down in his chair. "He's a bad guy?"

With a sigh Harry shook his head. "Unicron is a planet eating robot who wants to eat the universe. When the universe was being formed, the gods battled for control. Unicron the Chaos-Bringer was fighting the light god Primus for control, and somehow they broke into the physical world and crashed. Primus made the Transformers to defend the universe but the Quintesson twisted them make the Autobots and Decepticons; while Unicron built himself until he looked like this and was able to eat planets." Harry explained.

"Oh of course," Sean replied as he slapped his forehead with his open palm, "how could I have made such a simple mistake?"

"Harry," Mary said with a chuckle at her husband antics, "it looks like there's one more present." Mary pointed to a small box hidden in the back of the tree. "Would you get it and see who it's for, please?"

With a nod of his head, Harry scrambled among the crumpled wrapping paper, stepping over Duke.

"It's for dad," Harry announced triumphantly as he read the card attached to the gift.

Sean looked over at his wife; an eyebrow raised questionably as Harry made his way to his father.

Mary smiled at Sean in a knowingly way, her eyes sparkling.

Sean's attention snapped back as Harry handed him the gift.

"Open it, Dad!" Harry command as he climbed on the arm of Sean's chair so could watch.

Sean looked over at Mary once again.

"Open it, Sean," she said sweetly, her eyes glinting evilly.

Taking a deep breath Sean carefully unwrapped the gift, dreading what traditional prank Alice and Mary dreamed up to give him this year.

"What is it, Dad?" Harry asked when Sean finally removed the lid of the box.

Tucked safely among baby blue tissue paper were two tiny white knitted... thingies.

Carefully drawing the gift out of the box, Sean stared at them. He then turned and stared at Mary in amazement. Then back at the thingies.

"What are they, Dad?" Harry asked once again. "They look like socks for a doll."

Sean's mouth opened. Then closed. Open. Closed. "How...?" he sputtered.

"If you don't know 'how,' then we need to have a serious discussion later," Mary said teasingly.

"When..." Sean sputtered as he looked at the doll sock thingie then at Mary and back to the thingies.

"About eight weeks," Mary replied her eyes twinkling madly.

In less time than it takes to blink Sean was at Mary's side, his hand resting on her stomach.

"What's eight weeks?" Harry asked as he watched his parents in confusion.

"I'm eight weeks pregnant," Mary says with a content smile on her face. "We're going to have a baby."

"Oh," Harry mumbled, slipping off the arm of the chair and into the seat Sean had vacated.

"A baby," Sean whispered in amazement as he stared at where his hand rested on Mary's stomach.

Mary rested her hand on top of Sean's. "Our baby," she said with a contented smile.

Sean leaned over and gently kissed Mary. "I love you," Sean said.

"And I you," Mary replied as she gently stroked Sean's face.

"We're going to have a baby," Sean said with awe as he stared in Mary's eyes with a silly grin on his face.

Mary made an agreeing noise as she nodded her head.

The sound of a sniffle drew the couple's attention to Harry, who has wrapped his arms around his legs as was watching his parents through his bangs.

"Harry?" Mary said.

"Am I... Am I going back to the orphanage, then?"

"What? Of course not Harry!" Mary said as she hurried over to the child and wrapped her arms around him. "Why would you think that you would go back to the orphanage?"

"Steven at the orphanage... he said that sometimes when the adoptive parents get pregnant... that they don't want the kid anymore because now they have one of their own and that... that they wouldn't want a child that the real parents didn't want," Harry explain as he chewed on his bottom lip, his head bowed.

Duke thrust his cold wet nose into Harry's hand as he tried to comfort they boy.

"Oh, Harry," Mary said softly and reached out, gently cupped his chin and raised his head up so that he was looking at her. "You are our child, now and we will never let you go. And this baby," Mary guided Harry's hand to her stomach. "This baby is your baby brother or sister."

"And besides," Sean said as he plopped on the arm of the chair and threw an arm around Harry, "we're going to need your help with the baby."

Mary and Harry looked up at Sean in confusion.

"Someone has to teach them how to hide Brussels sprouts, where your mum hides the chocolate, how to make a potato chip sandwich..."

"Oh you," Mary exclaimed as she swung a pillow at Sean's head.

Post Author Notes:

I found the information about Unicron at the following site:

If you agree with what I posted in this fic about Unicron, remember this is Classic Transformer, not Transformers you see on TV today.

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