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45. The Toilet Trick

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"Of course, his reflexes had become less than spectacular during his time there, so he had little time to foresee what came next."

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45. The Toilet Trick

"We are cleaning the room of your shit and piss."

Four blackbirds were in his room, but for once they were not there for the intention of harming him. Gerard looked up at the one hovering directly over his bed. He smelled the scent of cigarettes on him.

Damn, how he missed smoking.

It took Gerard a moment to process what he was saying. While he did, he looked around and saw that the bed that was once white was in fact an ugly yellow-brownish color, while the floor around him had small droppings of smelly objects. He supposed he had stopped paying attention whenever he would piss himself.

"You are to be relocated to a temporary room until we are finished, filthy creature." the blackbird spoke again.

The blackbird grabbed Gerard by the arm and pulled him up. Gerard's thoughts wandered to the healer's book. His sight was nearly normal again, just as he decided to hide it further underneath the bed. He prayed the blackbirds would not look that far.

Another blackbird grabbed his other arm, and a third one stood at his front. He pulled a navy blue piece of cloth out of his pocket and brought it up to Gerard's face. He then took both ends and wrapped it around Gerard's eyes, blindfolding him. He tied a knot at the back of his head, and almost instantly after, Gerard heard a gun being cocked.

"Don't think about doing anything stupid." said a muffled voice.

The blackbirds began to drag him along, his feet left to glide on the cold, hard floor. Gerard heard the door open, and a breeze blew by and made him shiver. He heard their footsteps stomping on the floor as they pulled him forward, to Gerard it sounded like the marching of Nazis.

It took less than a minute for them to come to a sudden stop. There was the sounds of many keys being moved, the sound of a doorknob turning and a door opening. The blackbirds literally threw Gerard, and he landed rib first onto a cold ceramic basin.

"We will come get you when we are finished." came the muffled voice again.


A gunshot went off, and Gerard cowered at the sound, throwing his hands over his head. He heard them laugh before they closed the door.

He sat up. It took him a while to realize that he could remove his blindfold. His hands clumsily patted the back of his head before it found the knot, which he noticed was tied rather loosely. He grabbed one of the ends and pulled, and the blindfold fell off with ease.

For a moment, he thought they had put him into a closet. It was certainly the size of a closet, with one dingy light bulb hovering over him. And then Gerard turned around, and his face hit something cold and hard.

It was a toilet -- yet another thing that felt slightly foreign to him at first.

The room was so cramped, that the only way to be slightly comfortable (as comfortable as you could be while being cold and naked) was to have a seat on the toilet. Gerard noticed that it did not have a cover.

He pulled himself up by grabbing its rim and climbing. He spun himself around and managed to sit on top. The seat felt slippery, almost wet. He sat up and took in more of his surroundings. There was not much else in the room except for a small roll of toilet paper on the floor.

Gerard contemplated taking a good dump --- silly as it sounded, this could be his only chance to do it the proper way.

Still the blackbirds had fed him so little, that he had little waste to excrete. Whenever anything did come out, it came in a very small squirt or portion.

He almost hoped that his kidneys were on their way to failing.

Gerard began to try pushing something out, but he could feel that his stomach was empty. He grabbed at it, the entire abdominal area having sunken in beneath his ribs.

It was after an estimation of five or so minutes of a shifting of intervals of pushing, staring, and sighing that he suddenly felt something warm beneath his cheeks. Of course, his reflexes had become less than spectacular during his time there, so he had little time to foresee what came next.

What felt like a giant ball of fire was suddenly hurled between his buttocks, going somewhat into his anal canal.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" Gerard screamed and he leapt from the seat, which he was shocked to find, brought about even worse pain than whatever had burned his ass. Gerard screamed again, tears rising to his eyes.

He took a moment to breathe properly before he looked back at what the hell just happened.

From within the toilet bowl, there was a metal rod sticking out, its top red with heat. And on the seat, in a perfect circle, was a layer of something red. He had to feel his own bottom before he realized it was his skin. He realized the slippery surface on the seat had been some sort of glue.

Gerard screamed one more time before he passed out on the floor.

Next chapter: "So many bright lights, they cast a shadow -- but can I speak?"
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