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Mikey gets into a fight, with his reflection. Rikey later.

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Have you ever hated the person looking back at you, in the mirror, so much you’ve tried to destroy them? The glass may shatter but the hate doesn’t leave. The only thing that breaks is the mirror, and possibly your hand. Your hand, which is without a doubt going to be covered in blood. So you’ve got to clean up the bloody mess and think of an excuse as to why it happened. I’ve already disposed of the shattered mirror, and now I’m focusing on my possibly broken, cut up, bruised, and bloody hand. I hold it under the faucet, running cold water to help the swelling. I swear quietly as it throbs in pain, along with my heartbeats. I close my eyes and try to focus on something else. Anything else but the pain in my right hand. Fuck, it’s broken. I can’t even move my fingers. Fuck. I’m so stupid.

“Mikey?” my brother’s voice calls as he opens the door.

“Fuck.” I whisper before calling back “Y-Yeah?”

He comes into the kitchen “I’m ho- what’s wrong with your hand?”

I look down “Broken.... bathroom mirror is too.”


I just nod.

“Mikes what happened?”

I shake my head and wince in pain.

“Let’s get you to the hospital.”

I squeak in fear.

“Mikey, now.”

I sniffle and follow Gerard to the car. He tries the entire ride to get me to explain, but I don’t. I can’t. How can I tell him I hate myself? How can I admit that I’ve hurt myself. He’ll ask if I’ve done it before, and he won’t like the answer. Not if I’m honest, at least. I sigh as we arrive and go with him into the waiting area. No doubt about it, my hand and maybe even wrist is broken. I’m hoping for a neon green cast, but I’ll probably get stuck with white. Gerard places a hand on my shoulder when it’s time to go back. I look at him with pleading eyes, silently begging him to come with me. He gives me a small, comforting smile that only he can give, before walking with me to the nurse holding the clipboard.

“Michael Way?” she asks.

I just nod.

“You are?” she asks Gerard.

“Coming with my brother.” Gerard states firmly.

She sighs, a bit dramatically, before letting us step through the door, into a maze of several doors. I have no idea how anyone navigates in hospitals. It’s all confusing and everything looks the same. She leads us through a random door, sets the clipboard in the holder on the door and closes it behind her. I sigh and hop up on the table/bed. Gerard sits on the doctor’s chair and rolls around the room, going through the drawers.

“JACKPOT!” he holds up a little basket of stickers.

I giggle quietly at my brother’s childish behavior.

“Ooh, Mikes lookie!” he hands me a unicorn sticker.

I giggle and take it as he hurries to stuff a few in his pockets, before shoving them in the drawer and closing it as the door opens. The doctor walks in and asks the usual questions. What happened, etc. I remain silent, as we go to get an X-Ray done. As I thought, my hand and wrist are broken. I mentally swear and wince in pain as he positions my hand for the cast.

“We have white, pink, blue and orange.”

I point to the pink one and blush as my brother giggles. He wraps my arm in the cast and tells me not to get it wet and blah blah blah. He then asks, again, what happened. I shrug and wait to be dismissed.

After picking up my prescription, for pain, Gerard and I go home. We sit on the couch and watch reruns of Family Guy. I feel him look over at me a few times, but I keep my eyes glued to the Griffin’s. He sighs and turns off the TV.

“Mikey? We gotta talk...”

I bite my lip and stare at the blank screen.

He moves in front of me, and crouches down, eye level with me “Mikey I’m worried.”

I look down.

“ beat the shit out of the mirror.... You have to tell me why.”

I shake my head.

He frowns “Mikey, please.”

“I hate what I see. I wanted him to go away but he’s still fucking here.” I sniffle.

Gerard pulls me into his arms and hugs me tightly “Mikes you’re amazing. You have to know that.”

“I-I’m not amazing.”

“You are. I promise. Would I lie to you?”

I shake my head “N-No...but your opinion is biased. You have to love me I’m your brother.”

“I do have to love you by default. But you’re also my best friend and that I chose.”

I give him a small, pathetic excuse for a smile “Sign my cast?”

He smiles and takes his sharpie out of his pocket “I shall sign your hot pink cast.” he giggles.

I blush and shrug “It’s better than the alternatives.”

He nods and scribbles onto my cast.

I try to read it but he covers it with his hand, grinning.

There’s a knock at the door just as he’s finishing he smiles and hands me the sharpie before going tothe door.

To the coolest brother in existence, heal soon. I love you. Brother’s for life -Gee.

I smile a bit as I look up and see ray rushing into the living room.

“Jeez, Mikey!” He takes a closer look “How do you feel?”

“Hurts.” I wince as I say it, having forgotten the pain throbbing from my hand and wrist.

“You have anything for pain?”

“G-Gee.” my eyes water.

He kisses my cheek “It’s alright, I’ll be right back.” he runs into the kitchen with Gerard.

I sniffle and roughly push away the tears with my left hand. Ray’s here and I start crying like a baby. I’m so stupid. I don’t even deserve pain pills.
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