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Pain Pills don't last forever.

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Ray helps Gerard take care of Mikey

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I giggle as Ray’s fro bounces around as he walks. With every step, I can almost hear the boing boing as his hair flops up and down, side to side. I giggle madly as Gerard looks over to see what I’m laughing at. I can’t help it. It’s funny. My arm is really numb too. I wonder what would happen if I slammed it onto the table.

“Pain pills have officially kicked in.” Ray hands me a glass of water.

I pout “First, I can get a drink myself. And second... water?” I whine.

Ray smiles “Drink this, then I’ll get you some coffee. Water is best to drink with medicine.”

I cross my arms “Well, caffeine is a natural pain killer.”

He chuckles “Yes, smarty pants, it is. But coffee doesn’t help the pain pill get through your system.”

I sigh and take a sip of the water as Ray sits beside me. Gerard yawns and says he’s going to bed, so Ray and I go down the hall to my room. He has to help me walk, because I’m too busy giggling and stumbling over my own feet, which are also numb. He helps me sit on the bed before closing the door and turning on the TV. He kicks off his shoes and smiles at me.

“Need help with your shoes?”

“No I...” I blush “Please?”

He nods and smiles before kneeling in front of me and untying my shoes, then setting them in the corner beside his “Um, do you want to change into your pajamas?”

I shake my head “To much effort.”

“Are your jeans gonna be comfy enough? I’m not trying to get you naked or anything Mikes,” he chuckles “I just want to help.”

I blush deeply “I-I kn-know you don’t-That’s not what I-I’m just-”

He presses his finger to my lips “Calm. Down.” he smiles “Just lie back and I’ll at least get your jeans off so you can sleep in your boxers...”

I blush and nod, lying back on the bed. He pulls off my pants, and covers me up, before smiling.

“There, feel better? I covered up your pretty Batman boxers.” He laughs softly.


He shrugs and takes his pants off as well. Try as I might, I am unable to look away from him. He doesn’t seem to notice, as he lies beside me on the bed and pulls some of the covers over himself.

“So why’d you go crazy on the mirror?” Ray fluffs his pillow.

I sigh “I wasn’t in a good mood....”

“What happened?”

“I hate myself. I wanted to punch my reflection.”

He frowns and pulls me into a hug “I was afraid of that.”

“Why? Because I’m so easy to hate? Because I’m so flawed and imperfect?”

He shakes his head “Because I see the way you scrunch your nose when someone compliments you. I see the way you pick at your food. Because I’ve seen the marks I tried to convince myself were accidents.” he gently kisses my forehead “Mikey you’re sweet, funny, nice, kind, gorgeous, smart, and Mikey...” he kisses my cheek “You’re my definition of perfect.”

I blush deeply and hide my face in his shoulder. He chuckles and rubs my back soothingly until I fall asleep.

I wake up slowly to find myself still snuggled against Ray, his arms still around me. I smile before wincing in pain.


Ray jerks awake and looks down at me in concern. I whimper and hold my arm. He kisses my cheek before dashing into the hallway to get the pain pills. He rushes back with a pill and a glass of water. I take the pill quickly and down the water before making grabby hands at him, silently begging him to hold me. He smiles and gently cradles me in his arms as we wait for the pill to kick in.

“I-It hurts.” I squeak.

He kisses the top of my head “I know, Mikes...”

I sniffle and he holds me closer “It’s okay. Ray’s got you. It’s just a bit of pain, don’t think about it.”

“Distract me?” I look up at him.

He smiles “How?”

I shrug “I hurt too much to think.”

He nods “Alright... all that comes to mind is... ask you random things.”

I nod.

“Okay... would you rather swim or be in the rain?”

“I like both...”

He smiles “What do you like about them?”

“Well swimming is... It’s kinda like a freedom. Except I’m afraid to go into deep water... But rain is... it’s amazing. It helps you sleep, it’s relaxing, I love the sound and the smell. And I’ve always wanted to kiss in the rain..” I blush and look down.

He smiles “Have you ever kissed in the rain?”

I shake my head.

“Me either. BUt I’ve always wanted to, as well.” he shrugs, “How many people have you kissed?”



I nod “You?”



He nods “Truth or Dare, I was dared to kiss My cousin’s girlfriend. He didn’t like that. And then, well you remember I dated Helen for a while...”

I nod, completely remember her and the hatred and jealousy part of me still held.

“Hmm... I’m not trying to be mean, so don’t take it that way, but do you even like girls?”

I shake my head “N-Nope.”

He nods “So you’re gay, then?”

I nod again “I’ve only ever told Gerard....”

“Okay, well I’m bi.”

My eyes widen “What?”

“I’m bi?”

“You are? I had no idea.”

He nods “So obviously I have no issues with you being gay.”

I smile “I was afraid you wouldn’t want to be my friend...”

He shakes his head “Nothing would stop me from being your friend, Mikey.”

Ray and Gerard try to help me get used to using my left hand for things, rather than my right since it’s broken. Writing is out, and so is typing. I can hold a glass, but it’s shaky. I’m also not great with a fork or spoon, so throughout lunch, Ray is practically feeding me. I scoop some of the soup into my spoon and try to take a bite, but it spills out before I can. I grumble as Ray smiles kindly, picking up the spoon for me and placing it in front of my mouth.

“Blow on it.” he says softly.

I gently blow away the steam and take the bite.

Getting changed is also a bit of a hassle. I can’t take my shirt off well and putting one back on is impossible. So, rather than have my older brother do it, Ray is helping me get dressed. I blush as he undoes my pants, then helps me into a new pair. Gerard invites Frank over for a movie marathon night and the theme will most likely be horror, as always. I love horror movies, but Ray can’t stand them. Poor guy hides his face in my shoulder through almost the whole film. not that I mind him so close to me. Curled into me with his arms around me. his breath on my neck. I can’t wait until tonight.
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