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Self Expression Is A Form Of Art

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Frank is distracted, what on earth could be the reason?

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Hey Kids! This is the next little chapter! I've been told they're a little short and i'm sorry about that! I promise longer chapters from hereon in! :) xx

Franks POV
"Crotchet, Mini, Quaver, Semi Quaver is the pattern, Billy sorry. I'm not a piano expert." I say, after screwing up yet another demonstration. I was actually meant to be helping these kids learn to read and play music believe it or not, and there i was making a royal fuck up of the fur elise. "Sir, can you play it again please?" Billy says clearly getting pissed. Not that i blame the poor lad, i was fucking up BAD. "Yeah, yeah. Course i can." I say breaking into the song and actually getting the introduction right this time, intense concentration present of course. I smile as i realise i'm actually playing it! I'm actually playing the amazing composition when... "RAHH!" Someone latches onto my shoulders with their superlong nails. "Aaaahhhh!" I shriek, the inner little girl coming out of my throat. The entire class fall silent and i look over my shoulder in horror as Eleanor Tomlinson, the best singer in the class among many looks astonished at my ability to make a high note. I don't think even shecould pull that off. Clearly, neither can a grown man, especially if he wants to be regarded as cool anyways. I hear my predator clear his throat. " Oh sorry Fran- Ermm... Mr Iero, i was just wondering if one of my students could come and take some shots of your class in action, she's doing her project on music and inspiration behind rock bands, Avenged Sevenfold to be specific." I whip around quickly.
"Ermm... yar, yar. yes..YES!" I exclaim. What the fuck is with me? Speaking in a German accent and then sounding like a stuttering fool. If i actually had a stutter it wouldn't be a problem at all but the point is i don't have the slightest inkling of a stutter. Fuck.My.Life. Its my turn to clear my throat now. " Yes Mr Way of course, my class would be more than happy to have her observing them and taking some pictures." I ramble on as Gerard throws me a wink and a smile and walks away. Me watching him all the while. "Sir, have you been smoking something?" It's a drug called Gerard Way.

Gerards POV
"Mr Iero says that is perfectly fine." I tell a smiling excited Tallulah. Tallulah? What a name! If i had a daughter there is no way i would allow her to have Tallulah included anywhere in her name. Now if she was called Bandit, it'd be a very different story. I know what you're thinking, Bandit? You can't call a tiny pink wrinkly little creature Bandit, but honestly my friends, you fucking can. And i will, well i would if i liked boobs and vaginas. Sadly, i bat for the other team. A particular member of the other team actually. Frank Iero. God, he's so unbelievably cute it's almost impossible. And the way he screamed when i scared him, so lovable. I hadn't known him even two hours yet but i was enjoying his company, and i hoped he was enjoying mine as much. Although he complained about my coffee making skills, i didn't know you had to put milk in a cappaucino mixture, needless to say, he burned his tongue and gladly cursed, earning us both a stern telling off at the hands of Mr Headteacher Boss Man who sucks. He does truly suck by the way. Anyways, I really do have a thing for Frank, but i know nothing about the guy and if i try creeping up on him again he may just have heart failure because of me. But then again, What's love without a little heartache? And what's Frank without those Tattoos of his? I always loved self expression, as an artist i'm drawn to it naturally. Actually, yeah, he'd still be fucking sexy as hell.
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