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The Less I Give, The More I Get Back

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Frank and Gerard are admiring eachother, there's no harm in that, right?

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Hey there my delilahs!

[*Franks POV

God, he was so...delicious. Standing there with his little plastic tray looking confused. I mean, you would think as a member of staff you don't queue up with the kids to get your lunch, clearly he didn't, which means i get to be a hero and go rescue him!

I take a long, relaxing gulp of strawberry flavoured water and am about to rise from my seat and exit the super boring conversation about reward systems when i see her. Her being the blonde bimbo, huge breasted bitch that i used to date trying to come onto Gerard. Didn't she know he was new? He didn't need her high heel clacking, 110 percent fake bake skin pushed up onto him. He needed guidance and simple fun, simple friendship. Introducing me. Although friendship may be a bit much considering we'd have to spend time together. Not good when just on pure glance you want to walk up to him and suck face like there's no tomorrow. That or removal of all clothes and well, see what happens i guess. Inappropriate pants off dance off? Or chest to chest, cheek to cheek ballroom dancing or even skin tone comparison or one of those consultancies like on Embarassing bodies, now there's an idea.

"Frank? What do you think?" A balding Mr Brown asks with an eyebrow raised. Another six of my colleagues all staring at me. Shit, they've been waiting for me to reply for like centuries. "Ermm.. uh.." I cough. "Well, in honesty they don't deserve rewards. I mean we don't get rewards for trying to teach them morals and they all ignore me anyway. Then again, maybe a reward like free school lunches for a year would force them to behave, or if we let them have an inappropriate, half legal rave in the auditorium." I say, my colleagues looking more baffled than they were when i wasn't replying at all. "Bribery basically. Financial bribery and rewarding them things they'll actually enjoy and use. Like tricking them into behaving." I add sharply, my colleagues finally getting the gist of my philosophical thinking. I take a victorius, huge bite out of my vegetarian wrap and watch as that scum sucking whore continues to play the helpful, hot young teacher. And she won't stop until she gets what she wants. In this case, it seems to be Gerard. God help the poor motherfucker.

Gerards POV
"No, no just a little confused." I say to that crazed woman who tried it on with me earlier. She's at it again just hours later, except this time it's my fault. For being fucking stupid and being the typical damsel in distress. I know what you're thinking. In fairy stories that is always a woman, in reality, it's always fucking me.

"Oh Honey, please ask for assistance in future." She says her plunging neckline earning a "seriously?" look from the dinner ladies and a "ohmyfuckinggodTILForfuckingwhat" look from the male student body, and some of the girls actually. Hey, i don't judge, i am a homosexual male myself and if you're a chick that hates on dick that doesn't bother me. I personally LOVE dick, especially if it is attatched to an Iero. Well, not like Great Grandpapa Iero or Hermaphrodite Iero, FRANK ANTHONY IERO. Oh fucking fuck a duck, what if there's another Frank in the line? Ok, well i want THAT frank kapeesh? The tattooed one whos tiny and cute and teaches music and is... looking at me. No, he couldn't be. Why would he be making those irresistable eyes at moi? Oh i get it, he's looking at Barbie who's currently just about containing herself from grabbing me up against a wall and snogging my face off. I wouldn't mind a slice of Frank doing that. Now, he's biting a wrap. Fuck. Me. Now. Please? God, i want him. No, i fucking need him. "Sweetie come sit down." Barbie pulls my arm and suddenly my hands are shaking, my lunch almost falling to the ground, we're heading for the seats opposite him.
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