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Semen Sandwich

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Frank and Gerards lunch has awkward consequences.........

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Hey guys! I am so thrilled about how many of you have reviewed and actuaqlly bothered to read this when you could be reading better things! So thankyou so so so so much! And i have a little bit of a question, you see in alot of stories i've read lately Franks full name apparently is Franklin Anthony Thomas Iero Jr. I thought he was just Frank Anthony Iero, so i'm like confuzzled? Anyone know a little more than me? ;) xx Hope you like this chapter!

Gerards POV
I set my tray down trembling as Barbie has indicated me a seat next to hers but more importantly as well as the reason for my shakiness, opoosite the most graceful and beautiful creature that has ever walked this earth. "Motherfucker!" He yelps spilling his juice all down his legs earning a dozen shocked looks from the students eating lunch. Okay, maybe not exactly graceful as such, but he walks gracefully. In the dark. When you can't see his legs properly. When he's not wearing shit flickers. Or any standard footwear. Okay, i was a lovesick fool who just worshipped the man, happy now? I didn't know what it even was that drew me to him so much. His looks maybe? His pure cuteness and ability to be oblivious? Even if there was a tornado happening right outside these four walls. he wouldn't notice. His personality? His legs? Oh holy fucker of mothers, his legs. Don't even get me started, i could sit here and tell you for hours what i wanted to do with them-
"Gerard?" Barbie nudges me, our other colleagues looking at me and Frank trying to keep a straight face but failing miserably. Oh fuck.
"Err... yeah." I say swallowing the lump of pure awkward and shame that has risen in my throat.
"You started moaning out loud?" Barbie says giving me an awkward look, glancing between me and Frank. Fuck it, i'd been staring at him again? Seriously?
"Oh yeah, well um this... the... um... this pizzas just fucking divine as hell!" I exclaim, Frank spitting juice out all across the table as he giggles hysterically, the orange liquid hitting no other than the terrible Bratz Doll impersonator next to me. She rose from the table, looking furious as her face flushed up like a ripened beetroot. Members of staff rallied round, handing her towels and uttering words of comfort and shock at Franks table manners. "Frank Iero!" The woman roared, treating him like a naughty schoolboy. Umm, he would make such a good naughty boy. Fuck off thoughts of sexual Frank! They were for later when i should be marking books. My class always got high grades because of Mr Iero, i gave them the good grades they wanted so i could waste my time daydreaming about Frank in leather or drag, or nothing at all. Now, that was definitely for later, i had to compose and contain myself until then.
Barbie demanded him to apologise. " Look it was an accident. These things happen, it already happened to me, and no fucker bothered helping me, you Lady are just being weak." He said biting into his sandwich, my favourite smirk now becoming visible. "You rude, arrogant pig." The woman snarled. "Hey, Hey!" Frank piped up. "Just be glad it wasn't my sperm, what a waste of good babies that would of been eh?" And he resumed back to his giggling, only this time i gladly joined in, my eyes meeting those sparkling, breathtaking orbs of his.
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