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Kidnapped by Greenday...? ((1))

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On her way home from school one day, Christina Tylers is kidnapped unexpectantly by unexpectant Gkidnappers... you guessed it, Green Day. :o

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Christina's Point Of View:

"Of course." I muttered, when my moms number went straight to voice mail. She barely answers her phone and it ticks me off that she doesn't. I was kinda in a need of emergency right now.

My butthead teacher had given me detention for no apparent reason, today after school. Maybe he hates me, I dont know, but I hate him, that's for sure. He made me miss the buses and now he made me have to walk home. My house was 2 blocks from the school. It was a very far away by foot, but only like 5 minutes by car.

Damn it, mom for not picking up, and damn it to Mr.Smith for keeping me after late.

I shoved my iPhone back into my pocket after leaving mom a 'lovely' 3 minute message.

I looked ahead, and groaned. Up ahead was a very, very steep hill that I hated. It would take me a day just to get to the freaking top! Ughhhhhhh. I am so going to kill my mother when I get home, that is, if I ever get home. I rolled my eyes, and sighed.

I shoved my hands into my Jean jacket, and braced myself for the steep slope/hill whatever you want to call it.

As I was walking, a black van type car, I'm not a car person obviously, pulled up several feet behind me.

I stopped for a minute, to examine. I heard the door slightly open and the top of a guys head, so I shrugged and turned back around.

I heard the slight sound of a door closing again, so I quickened my pace a little, just to make sure it wasn't some creepy stalker dude or whatever.

I pulled out my iPod and turned it up all the way to American Idiot. 'Dont wanna be an American idiot.' I sung to myself, and took a glance over my shoulder towards the van. I noticed that it moved up a little, it looked like it was following me, I started to freak out. My quick pace turned into fast walking.

The van started moving faster, and it was driving right beside me, I looked over, the windows were darkly tinted, so I couldn't see anything. I broke into a run.

Why is this person following me? I wondered to myself, getting scared. If this person is indeed stalking me, I shouldn't go to my house. I don't want them to know where I live.

I was about to turn a corner, until the van cut me off. I stopped, spun on my heels, and ran back the other way.

I pulled my phone back out and quickly dialed 911, as I ran.

"Hello? 911, What's the emergency?"

"H-" I started, but was cut off when someone waked me with something hard on the head, causing me to black out and the last thing I saw was two figures standing over me. I couldn't make them out, because my vision was blurry. I passed out...


I woke up a little while later, prayig to go whatever just happened was just a nightmare. My eyes fluttered open and I immediately moaned in pain. My head was throbbing.

"Where am I?" I whimpered. I felt that my head was resting on some sort of pillow, only it wasn't a pillow, it was somebodys lap.

"Hello sweetheart, glad you can join us." a voice chuckled from above. The voice sounded very familiar, but I couldn't make it out still.

"W-where am I?" I asked again, looking up at the person who's lap my head was resting on. My vison was still missed up, so I couldn't identify the person, but I could tell he had dark hair.

"Where am I? Who are you? Where's my mom?"

"Enough with the questions." another voice snapped. Great, so there were two of them. "We"ll get to them later, right now, were going to set down the ground-roles on ya."

That voice sounded very familiar to, but still couldn't identify it.

"Number 1, you have to listen and do everything we tell you. If not, we have no choice but to punish you."

"Punish?" I squeaked,unable to find my voice. What kind of sick twisted were these people?

"Yes, punish. But it doesn't have to be that way, if you follow our rules and shit."

I nodded slowly.

"number 2. Kinda the same as 1, but you will satisfy our needs and wants anytime we want you to, or you will be punished."

By needs and wants, did that mean sex, no way in he'll am I giving these jerks a blow job or whatever!


"Silence!" the one with the dark hair commanded, his voice demanding. "You will speak when given permission. That is rule number 3."

I nodded quickly, scared that if I didn't agree, they would hurt or kill me.

"You may speak."

"Can I ask one question?" I whispered.


"Why did you guys kidnap me, Abd who are you? Why can't you elet me go? I won't tell anyone or-"

I was cut off with a hard slap on my face. I whimpered. Owe that hurt.

"That was more than a question. You said only 1."

"Im sorry!" I whimpered.

That earned me a even harder slap to my face, and I felt dark hair grab me by the hair, and yanked my head up to look at him.

"You spoke without permission." He hissed. "Tre,you know what to do.'' Dark haired's face turned into a twisted smirk. I felt something hot against my skin a second later. I yelped. ''Oww, what the hell?'' I screamed, as i felt the burn. Dark haired yanked my head back up to look at him, and my eyes widened as soon as i met a pair of familiar glaring green eyes.


A/n: Yeah, this was just some stupid idea I had, so I have NO idea where this is going to head, if I decide to continue with it...

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