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Kidnapped by Greenday...? ((2))

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*Christina's Pov*

My eyes widened as soon as they met a pair of familar green eyes, which were glaring at me. I gasped out in shock.


''Yes sweetheart, I think I know who I am. Are you surprised? Shocked?'' Dark haired chuckled darkly.

I didn't answer, but I continued staring at him in shock. I was currently face to face with my idol, Billie Joe Armstrong, of Green Day. I really didn't know what to say or do, because I couldn't really believe this. This had to be some fucked up dream my messed up mind created. No way would a famous rockstar, like Billie, kidnap me, let alone kidnap someone!

''You better close your mouth, before you catch any flies.'' He joked, before his face twisted up into the darkest, but creepist smile I have ever seen before. ''We are going to have so much fucking fun with ya.'' He leaned in, and whispered in my ear.

''B-b-but w-why?'' I whispered, shivering. ''Why are you doing this?''

''Jesus christ, you ask so many damn questions,Hmm, guess I gotta fix that.'' With that being said, Billie leaned over and grabbed the thing of ducktape.

''Billie, please don't do this!'' I plead. ''This isn't like you! Why are you doing this?''

He ignored me, and placed the strip of ducktape over my mouth. I looked at him with tears olling down my cheeks.

''Aww, don't cry.'' He cooed cruely, cradling me in his arms. I tried to squirm out , but his grip on me was too tight, so I gave up. ''We'll take 'good' care of you.'' he emphazized on the word 'good'

I screamed, or well I attempted to, but the tape of my mouth muffled it. Billie laughed.

''Don't even try, nobodys gonna hear you.'' He hissed, and slapped me. ''So shut the hell up!''

I whimpered, as I felt the sting in my left cheek. Why was he doing this to me? What did I ever do to him?

''Tre, drive faster. I'm getting a little impatient back here.''

Wait, Tre? Oh my god, did the whole band freaking kidnap me? This just had to be a dream, because no way in hell is this happening to me right now. I lifted my trembling hand, and pinched my arm. Nothing. I wasn't dreaming. Damn it!''

I swear, if this wasn't such a bad situation, as it was, I would've freaked out in a good way, because I was meeting my idols.

''If you want to know, we took your phone, so y'know, can't call for help.'' Billie smirked, dangling my crushed iPhone right in front of my face. I reached out for it, but he threw it on the floor, on the other side of the car. ''No uh oh.'' He said, grabbing my jaw, causing me to yelp loudly, and he forced me to look up at him.

He ripped off the tape from my mouth very fast, and I screamed. Oww that freaking hurt! He silenced me by roughly placing his lips on mine, he yanked my mouth open, and forced his tounge inside. He then grabbed my face with both of his hands on each cheek, as mine went to his chest to try to push him away from me.

Again, If this wasn't such a bad situation, I would be freaking out. Billie Joe Armstrong was making out with me.

One of his hands went down, and yanked my hands away from his chest, while his tounge forced mine to have a little tounge battle. More tears came out my eyes, as Billie continued forcefully making out with me. This was so wrong. Billie was old enough to be my freaking dad, and here he was kissing me. No, I wasn't kissing him back.

He finally pulled away from me, panting as he smirked at me. I gulped. What was he thinking of doing to me now? I didn't break any of the rules again, so he couldn't really punish me. But kidnappers break their own rules, yeah?

I looked down in shame, as the tears continued rolling down.

''Aww, sweetheart, cheer up, you know you fucking liked it.'' Billie put one of his fingers under my chin, and lifted my head up. I looked into his piercing eyes with a sad look.

''I want to go home.'' I whimpered. ''Please, Billie, I want to go home. I swear, I won't tell anyone about this!''

''Aww, well that's too bad, you're not going home anytime soon.'' Billie said, with a fake sympathetic on his face. ''And I don't trust you. At all.'' He frowned. ''Too bad.''

I let out a little whine, and looked back down at the floor.

''BeeJ, man how are we going to get her into the house without anybody seeing us?''

''Uhh, we'll just say she's my daughter, if anyone asks.''

''But you don't have a-''

''Yes. Tre, I know that.'' Billie growled, pinching the bridge of his noss in annoyance. ''We'll just say she's my long lost daughter, then.'' He said, looking at me with a smirk. ''We just recently found each other, after, how old are you?'' He asked me.

''13'' I muttered.

''After 13 years, anyone would buy that crappy story.''

I picked at my nails. Well, there wasn't anything better else to do, I just got kidnapped, you know! Billie wrapped an arm around my shoulder, and yanked me on his lap. I didn't protest.

We soon arrived at a old beat up looking house, I flinched when I looked at it. It looked like it was going to fall down at any second.

Billie and Tre hopped out of the car, while I stayed seated. ''Well, what the hell are you doing? get out.'' Billie snarled at me, and grabbed my wrist. I yanked it back.

''Oh, I see. You're being a bad girl right now.'' Billie snarled, and looked over at his bandmate. ''Tre, you know what bad girls get?''

Tre nodded, and smirked.

Billie yanked me out of the car, and he picked me up bridal style, when I refused to walk. ''Let me go, please.'' I sobbed.

''Shut up.'' Billie hissed, as we walked up to the front door. Tre opened it, and Billie immediately threw me on the dirty, cold floor. I looked up at the two men in fear, wondering what they were going to do with me next...


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