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Kidnapped by Greenday...? ((3))

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*Christina's Pov*

Billie collapsed on top of me sweating, and panting. He kissed my neck, before pulling up his boxers. I reached my arm out to grab my shirt and panties, but Billie swatted my hand away. I whimpered. He already raped me, and stole my virginity, what more does he want from me?

''It's Tre's turn, sweetheart.'' Billie smirked at me, as my eyes widened. He laughed. ''Oh, I see, did you really thought I was only going to fuck you?'

I slowly nodded. ''P-please.'' I choked on my years. ''N-no more. P-please.'' I begged him, the ache between my thighs was unbearable, and blood was smeared all across my thighs. My whole body was in pain.

''Shut up'' He snarled, and punched me hard in the stomach. I screamed in agonizing pain. ''You should fucking be lucky, Tre isn't like me, he'll go easier and gentler on you. So if I was you, I'd stop fucking complaining!''

I bite my lip hard, to hold back another scream. It felt like I was shot in the stomach a hundred times, it was ten times worse than my period. I nodded, and closed my eyes. I shivered, because the floor was so cold. I was freezing.

Billie was fully dressed now, and towering over me.

''Wake up, no nappie time.'' He snarled, and kicked me hard in the stomach. I screamed, and tasted blood in my mouth. I spit some out.

''P-please.'' I whispered, holding my aching stomach. ''No more!'' I screamed at him, tears rolling down my cheeks. Oh crap, I probably shouldnt have yelled at him. I looked up at him, and he looked pissed off. Great.... nice job, Christina! I though bitterly to myself.

He grabbed a handful of my hair, and yanked me up. I whimpered as he forced me to stand up, while I was still naked. He hit me with the back of his palm real hard, and I stumbled back, tripping over my own feet, I fell on the floor on my ass.

''Don't fucking yell at me, little girl.'' He hissed, glaring down at me. ''TRE, YOU BETTER GET THE FUCK IN HERE, OR I'LL FUCK HER AGAIN.'' He shouted. I heard Tre stumble down the stairs.

''I want you to go hard and rough on her, Tre. She's been a very bad girl.'' Billie whispered to him, smirking down at me, noticing I was backing up a little.

''Get back here, little girl, where the hell do ya think you're going?'' Billie yanked me up, and pushed me towards Tre. ''She's all yours now, have fun.'' He winked at his friend, before leaving the house,

''Please, don't hurt me.'' I whispered, looking at Tre. He looked at me with sad face. ''I really don't want to hurt you, but I have to, I don't want BeeJ getting pissed at me.''

I nodded slowly in understandment, as I looked down at my cut up feet, feeling the tears roll down my face harder.

Tre pushed me down, and took off his clothes, before climbing on top of me. I looked up at the ceiling with tears rolling down my face.

~ ~ ~

Billie and Tre went out a few hours ago, and they left me here tied down in Billie's bed. Yes, I was still naked. After Tre raped me, Billie came back drunk, and he raped me again. My whole body was screaming in pain, espically in between my thighs. I most likely couldnt walk, for at least, a week, because Billie went super rough and hard with me, than the first time he raped me. He was even more worse drunk, than he was sober.

Tre wasn't so bad, but it still hurt. He knew that I was in so much pain, from Billie Joe.

So, here I am, tied up in Billie Joe's bed, naked like the day god made me. The ropes were cutting into my wrists and ankles. My blood stained the sheets.

I wonder what my family was doing right now. I wonder if they're out there looking for me. I know, my dad wasn't, because he died in a car accident a few years ago. My mom was probably having a heart attack right now, because it was 11:30 P.M right now. I was kidnapped 8 hours ago. I hoped someone will find and rescue me soon, I couldn't stay here for much longer.

The bedroom in the door burst open, interupting me from my thoughts. I looked up and there was Billie Joe, smirking over at me. He was leaning againist the doorframe for support. He was drink. I could smell the alcohol from here.

I gulped, as he walked closer. I watched as he ripped off his shirt, exposing his tattoeed covered chest to me. He yanked down his pants, leaving him in just his boxers.

I closed my eyes, as he climbed on me, pulling off his boxers. Here it goes again. Before, he enters me, he reaches over turns off the light. He turned back to me, and slammed his lips on mine, forcing his tounge in my mouth.

All throughtout the night were my screams of pain, and Billie's screams and grunts of pleasure.

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