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Kidnapped by Greenday...? ((4))

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I looked over at Bilie Joe, who was still sleeping, I can't actyally believe I actually thought of this man as my idol, when he turns out to be a child rapist, a monster.

And hey, whatever happened to Adrienne and the boys? Oh, let me take a wild gues here,, they probably left him as soon as they got the chance to, or Billie killed them all,, Who knows,, the second one was a littlr farfetched, but itt was possible, sorta....

I was still tied, so I couldn't go anywhere,and I really had to pee.

''Billie, wake up'' I whispered, looking at him.

''Fuck off, and go back to sleep.'' He mumbled, putting a pillo over his head.

''Billie.'' I whined. ''I really have to go to the bathroom.'' My bladder was going to explode at any second, if I didn't go.

''Deal with it.'' He mumbled, yawning.

''What is your freaking problem, dude?'' I growed. ''First you kidnap me, then you rape me multiple times, and now this? I can't believe I looked up to you as my idol, you're a monster. No wonder why Adrienne escaped with Jakob and Joey.'

In the blink of an eye, Billie was on top of me, his body crushing mine, and his hands gripped my throat, like he was about to strangle me. He had a very dark look on his face, and I immediately regretted saying the part about Adrienne.

''What the fuck did you just say, you little bitch? H growled.

''You heard me.'' I couldn't keep my big mouth shut today.

''Don't bring them up again, it's none of your god damn buisness, little girl. Do I make myself clear?'' He snarled, his forehead pressed againist mine, I could feel his heavy breathing on my lips., let me guess he was still worn out from raping me all night. I shivered.

''And don't backtalk me.'' He smacked my across the face, and my head flew back and hit the headboared from the impact of his hand. I yelped.

''And I said, do I make myself clear? Answer me.'' He shouted.

''Yes.'' I squeaked.

'''Good, now go in the bathroom, and I'll be there in a second.'' He said, climbing off of me.


'I didn't stutter. I said go into the bathroom, I'll meet you there in a second. I'm going to fuck you againist the shower wall.'' He grinned, as he untied me.

I immediately felt disguised. I wanted to protest, but kept my mouth shut so I didn't piss him off any further than I already did. ''Yes sir.'' I mumbled, as I hopped of bed. Bad idea. I groaned as I tried to walk. The pain in my thighs was making things difficult.

''Need some help there?'' Billie chuckled. I shook my head, as I bit my lip.

''This shows how good and how hard I screwed you all last night.'' He grinned, obviously proud of himself. I rolled my eyes and walked into the bathroom.

~ ~ ~

I was on the shower floor, blood was pouring heavily out of my nose, gasping in pain as Billie threw kicks and punches at me. I had refused to ride him, and that got him angry, so now he was giving me a beating for disobeying him.

I took it silence, staring at the wall while choking back on tears. It hurt so much.

~ ~ ~

''Billie, man, don't you think she's had enough?'' I heard Tre ask. ''I mean, look at her. She looks close to death, maybe you should-''

''Don't tell me what to do, Tre.'' Billie hissed, as he stroked my cheek, I winced. ''She's a strong girl, she can handle it. It wouldn't have to be like this, if she only started obeying me.'' He sighed. ''She'll learn eventually. Now won't you, sweetheart?'' He asked.

My whole body was screaming in pain. It felt like someone had stabbed me ten times everywhere. I was shocked that I was still even alive. Billie's beatings were hard, and not to mention, painful. I nodded.

''Good girl.'' He smiled, and kissed my cheek. I flinched. ''You see? I'll be more nice and shit if you behave like a good girl'' He said like as if he was talking to a 5 year old. ''Oh, we never got your name, what's your name, beautiful?''

''C-Christina.'' I said, choking back on the blood in my mouth. I spit some out.

''Well, Christina.'' Billie started. ''We should probably get you something to eat, are you hungry, sweetie. I think you deserve something for your good behaivor right now.'' He cooed.

I nodded. ''Yes, please.''

''Well, too bad.'' He laughed, cruelly. I looked at him hurt. Why was he doing this to me? ''You haven't been a good girl to me lately, so no food.''

''Billie.'' Tre gave him a glare, as I whimpered.

''She needs to eat BeeJ, or she's going to die from starvation, and then we'll really be in trouble.''

Billie thought about it for a minute, then sighed. ''You're right. Go grab her something to eat.'' Tre nodded and went to the kitchen. He looked back down at me, and growled.

''You should be lucky, that he's here, or else I would've let you died from hunger.''


''Why? Because im a cruel, cruel man, sweetie.'' He smirked. I gulped. That smirk always makes me so uncomfortable. It was creepy, it gave me goosebumps.

''What are you going to do with me?''

''Many things.''

''Like...?'' I whispered.

''Oh, wouldn't you like to know, which you will real soon.'' He laughed, and the dark smirk was back.I shivered. I didn't like the sound of that. I was going to die, I just knew it. Billie wouldn't let me live.

A/N: wow, this sucks O.o
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