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Kidnapped by Greenday...? ((5))

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I screamed out, each time the knife cut and digged itself into my stomach. Billie Joe was carving His whole name into my stomach.

My blood was everywhere, it was a gruesome sight but Billie didn't seem to bothered by it, of course.

Billie leaned over and kissed my trembling lips roughly, then pulled away. "There, I'm all done, now was that so bad?"

I didn't say anything. "I fucking said now was that so bad?" He yelled, getting angry.

I quickly shook my head. I bit my lip to hold back a scream.

"Good." He smiled. "Now, c'mon. We need to clean you up."

"A-are you going to fuck me again?" I whispered.

"I wasn't planning on it, but now that iu brought up... Yeah, I will. Hard and fast." He smirked, as he picked me up.

Nice job, Christina. Good going.


Billie pulled out of me, panting. He kissed my neck, and I moaned in pain when his leg brushed against the mark he carved into my stomach.

Billie mistook that as a moan of pleasure. He laughed. "Dies my bitch want more?"

I quickly shook my head.

"Aww, that's too bad. I wanted, oh wait a minute, I have complete control over you. I can do whatever I want with you."

"P-please n-no."

"Shut up, did I fucking ask for your opinion?"

I shook my head.

"you don't get a say in this at all, do you hear me, if I want to screw you again, I'll screw you again, I don't care about your answer." He snarled and roughly thrusted himself back into me.

I screamed, as he grunted. "Fuxk yeah." He mumbled. "You're just as tight as before. I love it." He said, before slamming his lips on mine.


I locked myself up in the bathroom, while Billie was passed out.

I looked At the mark Billie carved into my skin. It was pretty deep. I'm surprised I didn't bleed to death. That's too bad, I really wanted to die... maybe, I'll die soon. Hopefully I will real soon. I just couldn't take the rapes and beatings from Billie Joe anymore.


A week later.


I should've gotten my period yesterday, yea I counted the days of my cycle, it made things alot easier to prepare for it. It didn't come.

It was probably no biggie my periods tend to be a few days. I wasn't worried. Periods suck anyway.

Another week past and that's when I started getting worried. My period has never been more than 3 days late. And I'm a week late. What if Billie got me....pregnant?

Oh god, what if he did? Shit. I can't have a baby, especially his baby! I'm only 13, I'm still a child! and how would I even tell Billie, the person who kidnapped, rapes and beats me thy I might be pregnant?

Maybe I shouldn't, maybe I should just let him kill it, without him even knowing that I was pregnant in the first place... Yeah, that seems like a good idea to me..


Billie collapsed down beside me, panting. I turned my head towards him, and bit my lip. I have to tell him.I had no other choice. He was going to find out eventually that I was pregnant.

"Billie, c-can I tell you something?" I whispered, sniffing.


I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. "I-I might be pregnant."
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