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New Start

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Authors note: Hope you enjoy, I didn't really know what to write for Jessica. But I tried my best and here it is. (Hands hurt from all the typing.) ENJOY!

As high school students poured out from the busses into the school. Olivia decided to ditch school and go into town. She could not bear the thought of having to make friends and try and socialise. Olivia waited for the bus into town. When it finally arrived, she got on and paid $2 for the bus fare. She went to the back of the bus and reached into her backpack, pulling out her notebook with various drawings that she drew when she was bored. Olivia turned her head to see a man looking in his late 20’s staring at her on the other side of the bus. She put her head down quickly and began drawing. After a while, she looked back up, only to realise the man was still looking at her. Olivia could not resist, “Excuse me?” she said. The man continued looking at her then finally snapped out of a daze. “Uh… Sorry, I didn’t mean too. I mean, you are quite pretty.” Olivia blushed. “Well thank you, but it does make you very uncomfortable knowing that someone is staring at you.” The man gave out a high pitched laugh, “I know. How old are you? May I ask?” Olivia looked up again, this obviously meant that he was thinking about getting her mobile number or something. “Seventeen, how about you?” The man gave a surprised look and said “Nineteen. You look so much older than I thought you were.”
“Though exactly the same here.” Maybe ditching school would not be so bad after all.

Jessica was copying down her homework assignment from the chalkboard into her notepad. “Finish all questions on page 107 by Thursday, no excuses.” She closed her notepad and put it in her bag. She stood up and walked to the door to her locker. She had a free period next lesson. She decided she would go finish off her essay in the Computer lounge. As she walked to the Computer lounge with her notepad in her hand, she bumped into her boyfriend.
“I thought you were staying at home?” she questioned.
“Yeh, but I thought about what you said… and I kinda understand.” Finally, her boyfriend listened to her for once. “Does that deserve a kiss.” He was pushing it now.
“Look, I told you, I am not in the mood. When are you going to get that in your fucking head?” She let out a screech and walked straight pass him.

“Listen guys, you have eight days before we are going to show our performance on stage, and you are telling me that not one of you have learnt your lines?” Mrs Spencers face was red with disappointment. “I told you guys, when we get back to school after the school holidays, you need to have these lines solid in your mind. Raise your hand if you learnt them.” Only one hand rose in the classroom. Daniel. “Ah Daniel, one of my favourite students. This is why he got the main role people, he actually bothers. Okay class dismissed.” The whole class ran out of the class as quick as they could. Daniel walked out slowly but was stopped by Mrs Spencer. “Daniel, I need a word with you, could you please shut the door and come sit down at my desk?” she said with a smile. Daniel did exactly that, he then sat down and waited for Mrs Spencer to speak. “Daniel, you do know that you are my favourite student.” Yes, Daniel had heard this multiple times. Too many times infact. “And you also know that good students get rewarded.” Said Mrs Spencer. Daniel noticed that she was starting to loosen off her wedding ring. “Erm, Mrs Spencer, I need to get to my next class.” Mrs Spencer pushed her wedding ring back on. “Yes, you better get going.”
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