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Authors note: This is quite a short chapter. I did not have alot of time. I promise that the next chapter will be a lot longer. Anyway, enjoy!

Tears were rolling down Jessica’s face. She hated being with him, why did she leave home to live with him? Maybe her mother was right, maybe he was not the right person. Neither was it the right time. Jessica unlocked the cubicle and walked out, dabbing her eyes with tissue. She looked at herself in the mirror. Once she had fixed herself up, she left the bathroom.
“Jessica! Hey, Jessica!” said Daniel, running towards her.
“Daniel, I am not in the mood today.” said Jessica.
“Me neither, my arms ache from pulling my mother up the stairs. There is probably a stench lingering around me from when my mom barfed on me. Oh, and I am going to miss the school bus home tonight because I have a two hour detention.”
Jessica raised one eyebrow. “Your life is not as shit as mine.” She made her way towards her locker. “Try me.” Said Daniel. Jessica sighed, did she really have to do this? “Urgh, alright then. But promise me that you wont tell Joey.”
“Well, I think I have made a mistake.” She said, biting her lip. “I wanted to move out so quickly, and I did. But I am now thinking it was the wrong idea.”
“Jessica, everyone thought it was the wrong idea. You are too young.”
“Erm, whatever. So anyway, Joey is always so clingy. When I do something he always asks m-“
“But aren’t all boyfriends clingy?”
“I cant be dealing with you Daniel. Just go away! You aren’t making anything better.”
Jessica grabbed her biology textbook and turned to see a picture of Joey on the locker door. “No. I can’t do this.” Jessica grabbed the picture and tore it from the locker door. She threw it in the bin next to her and put her textbooks back into her locker. She was going to go home and tell Joey what she thought of him. No lies, the plain truth. If it was going to hurt, tough, he needed to know. Jessica walked a few metres away from the locker and stopped in her feet. But there is nothing wrong, the relationship was going so well. But why didn’t it feel right?

“I want you so bad.” Said Olivia, nibbling at the mans lip. He kissed her gently, passionately. She kissed back, not giving are care in the world. Fuck going to school, she could be with him for the rest of her life. “Wait, maybe this is going a bit too far. The rest of my life?” she thought.
“I forgot to ask you your name.” said the man.
“Oh, erm, Joanne.”
“Nice name he said, my name is Matthew.”
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