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Character Recruit ^.^

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~~~~~ Auditions xDD ~~~~~

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Frank and his girlfriend have an argument and Frank shouts at her 'I wish you never became famous!' and then that night the world turns upside down to when the girlfriend never even met the band and Frank has to try and rekindle the love with the help of the other band memebers and his girlfriends band

This is the idea i have decided to do :D

What I Need Is :

Franks Girlfriend
Girlfriends Band ( 3 memebers, franks girlfriend is the guitarist so i need a bassist, singer and drummer)
Girlfriends sister
Girlfriend for Gerard who is best friends with Franks Girlfriend

So 6 parts

I need :

Name :
(Band only ) Gender :
(Band only) Instrument :
Looks :
Personality :
Music they listen to :
Clothes :
Anything Else :

Thank you xD
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