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Recruiting Closed :3

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Results and other things :3

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Well thanks for helping me with the characters for starters :)

I left out a few characters *facepalm


how ever didnt get the specific part got a different one! :D

So here it is and i will tell you who the other characters who i forgot were beside your name :3


I gave you the main role of Frank's Girlfriend :D


You are the lead singer of the band :D i need help witht he band name so gimme any ideas :P


Yew are my new bassist :3 alaso help with the band name forgot to mention it xD


My new drummer :D


You will be velocity_storms sister and i will have to change your last name if yew dont mind :D


Your Gerards girlfriend !!!

For the others i onky forgotten 2 places and i have decided that :


You will be Frank's girlfriend in the alternative world, in the normal world of this story you are a slut but in this world you are a normal girl like the others, In the normal worlf Frank despises your guts but this is also a big role in this story i hope your okay with this position !


You must love my stories xD your in pretty much everyone i hold auditions for :3 you will be Gerards girlfriend in the alternative world as Franks girlfriend introduced Gerard to his girlfriend. In the normal world you are enemies with franks girlfriend but in this world you are loved by pretty much everyone xD Yet this is another big role. I hope your okay with this!

I will start writing now and pretty much everyone got a part xD

Thank chu!

Gimme ideas for the band name while your here ! xD

I am literally scattering my brain xD
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