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Part 11 - Opening Doors

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As Amelie wakes up in Adam Levine's arms, she wonders where she's going next.

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Author's note: My apologies for the delay, thank you for the time and I hope you enjoy.

Amelie woke up to the feel of warm sunshine on her back. Adam’s arm was around her as she was on her stomach. Her hands mindlessly searched through the pillow and bedside table until it found her phone.

Taking off Adam’s arm, she raised her head groggily and flipped open her sidekick. It was 3PM. With a start, then the realization of nothing planned, she laid back down to Adam. She cuddled close and opened the messages and missed calls.

Most from Gerard.

Getting up, Amelie took a bath then dressed herself. She found her way to the kitchen and opened some cupboards, smiling at the sight of her favorite mug and tea. Brewing a pot, she opened the balcony to sit and smoke, while she sipped tea.

She sat there for about an hour, feeling the breeze and the sun, listening to the noisy life below, and watched her smoke float to the clouds. She imagined they were joining the clouds, or that the birds were sleeping on the wafting cotton balls. She let her mind float away freely, from all the stress, tension and frustrations.

After another hour, she felt Adam pull up a chair and sit next to her.

“So…” Adam began, rubbing her shoulders.

“Adam…I’ve hated and loved you, you will always be special to me…” Amelie trailed on, keeping her eyes on the sky. She lit up another cigarette.

“Amelie..all I want is another chance at us.” Adam replied. He stared up at the sky with her, wondering what she always thought of during the odd days she would just relax on the balcony, years ago.

“We had our chance Adam. Last night, I don’t even remember much, but I know you took care of me, you always do. I just, I told myself I’d give this whole 6 month therapy thing with Gerard a try. I owe my father that much. If he knew we were meant to be together, why didn’t he pick you for this?” Amelie asked, staring at him. It hurt her, to be harsh like this, but she knew they both needed to hear the truth.

“Amelie…last night, you told me you loved me” Adam lied. He stared at her straight in the eyes, hoping it would buy him time.

Amelie faltered. She stared at him, her eyebrows furrowing as she inhaled her cigarette deeply. Images blurred out, words left and right were being thrown by her memory. But she could not recall telling Adam she still loved him.

“I’m sorry Adam. Maybe it was just a fluke. I really can’t remember anything. Look, I’ll be living here for the next 6 months, you’re free to stay with me or come by any time you want. We could have dinner? Brunch? Talk things over? Be friends again and see where that road takes us…” Amelie said, holding his hand.

Adam nodded silently.

“I have something for you..” Adam said, getting up as the door bell rang. He came back with a box, which Amelie heard some meowing.

“His name is Dorian” Adam said, lifting the cover to reveal a Savannah kitten.

“Awww…he’s adorable!” Amelie picked up the kitty as it chirped.

“Well, I figured you wouldn’t want to be all alone, so I got him for you. It’s your favorite cat. You mentioned it before but we never had the money and time to buy. So there you go…he’s 9 weeks old” Adam muttered.

Amelie smiled and kissed Adam’s cheek, then began cooing the kitten and rubbing its ears. Dorian meowed and wiggled. As Amelie set him down, he walked off exploring the rest of the flat.

“I love it! Thank you so much Adam. I’ll be sure to take care of Dorian” Amelie smiled.

“We still have the old food bowls in there, plus the leashes and all. You’re welcome.” Adam moved in closer and hugged Amelie.

Amelie took a deep breath and stayed in his arms, knowing it was another goodbye.

“Ams, I’ll head over to my place, give me a call if you need anything alright?” Adam said, smiling. Amelie looked at her former fiancée, he seemed genuinely at peace. She smiled back and nodded, as Adam kissed her forehead and left.

When Adam finally reached the seat of his car, he let out the breath he knew he had been holding. Excruciating pain from his heart exploded, as he drove off. He had called about the cat last night after Amelie had fallen asleep, thinking it was the perfect gift. As he called another restaurant to cancel dinner reservation, he headed off to see the only man he knew was responsible for Amelie’s sudden change of heart.

Gerard rushed to the door thinking it was Amelie. His heart dropped again, for the millionth time, when he saw Adam.

“We need to talk.” Adam said, stepping in.

As Adam sat staring at the group, he wondered out loud “Christ, are you guys always together?”

“Usually, but we were practicing some new songs before you showed up” Frank replied lazily, sitting on the couch.

“Gerard, when I said we needed to talk, I meant you and me…” Adam trailed off, staring at Frank, Ray and Mikey.

“It’s cool, besides I get the funny feeling you’re going to beat me up at the first chance you get” Gerard replied jokingly.

“I wish I could dude but I can’t afford a bad press” Adam replied, laughing.

“Anyways…you know Amelie’s sick..things aren’t great between us as I’d hope. I know you’re after her as well. So I just wanted to say, may the best man win” Adam said, offering a handshake and standing up.

Gerard didn’t trust himself to say anything. He was still emotionally confused on everything that has happened so far. Two weeks ago he was doing fine, moping about his divorce, but now he was actually competing against Adam Levine for a woman he barely knew.

“6 months to go” Gerard said, standing up.

He shook Adam’s hand.

“Great, you might want to catch up though” Adam said, standing tall and staring at Gerard up and down.

“Because with that department, I’ve gotten it covered. I’m pretty sure after some time, Amelie’s going to get sick of this little game she plays with you, and she’ll be all mine, again” Adam said, before he walked past Gerard, hitting him in the shoulder, then walked out the door.

Amelie hanged up as she ordered for pizza, curling on the couch. Dorian the kitty, as she would call him in her head, came close by. She scooped him up, nuzzling him, then set him back down.

“You’re a funny one. Cat’s usually like being left alone, even Savannahs” Amelie talked to herself, as the cat jumped back up and sat on her lap.

She stroked the cat, thinking of how to spend her pseudo-vacation. She realized, she could paint as much as she wants.

Amelie got up and grabbed money off the counter as she heard the doorbell rang. As she opened it, she came face to face with…

“Gerard” Amelie gasped.

Gerard smiled and waved.

“Hi..could I come in?” He asked. Amelie nodded a yes, as she stepped aside.

“Oh hey there little buddy” Gerard said, scratching the small cat.

As Gerard stood up, he came face to face with Amelie.

Oh god. I’m wearing yoga pants and an old shirt. I wonder how’s my hair. Why is he here. How do I look. What do I say. I don’t remember anything. Amelie thought all of these frantically as she stood frozen.

“Let’s sit?” Gerard said, taking her hand. Amelie shook her head, grabbed a pack of cigarettes and walked to the balcony.

She lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply.

“What are you going here?” Amelie asked suddenly.

“I came to apologize for last night…” Gerard replied.

“Why? I don’t remember much. Just that you’re paid to babysit me” Amelie said, smoking.

“I was hoping you’d forgotten. Look Amelie, let me explain. That was months before I knew you. Gramps and I were just talking about it. The old man won’t let me do this out of pure charity because he thought he knew me well enough not to stay. I was going through a divorce and I hated everyone. I just said that because I hated how Adam seemed to know every single damn thing about you, but you would never let me in.” Gerard said.

“That’s not true, I told you about butterflies and stuff” Amelie said defensively.

“Think about it. You’ve cried and had your attacks, but you’ve never talked me through them. All we do is have sex. I didn’t even know you liked lilac roses. Adam knows so much more. But you know what, let me tell you something, you don’t walk into my life and make me care, only to leave when you want” Gerard said, staring intensely.

Amelie stared and smoked again, exhaling and wishing she could let everything go.

“Funny…a few days ago you were the one whose walls were so high up. Now I’m the one shutting off and you begging to help. Why the sudden change..” Amelie said quietly.

Gerard leaned in closely, held her face tenderly and kissed her forehead. Amelie closed her eyes, feeling his soft lips and his hands gripping her safely. She felt at peace again.

Gerard stepped back as Amelie struggled to explain.

“I…it’s just…dealing…dealing with this..sometimes I’m confident, sometimes I’m not. I…it took Adam more than a year…that’s why he knows me so well…because he was there…when no one else was. I didn’t have any friends…even until now. I’m scared, sometimes I’m not, sometimes I kick myself or talk to sum up the courage to talk” Amelie said, scratching herself slightly.

Gerard nodded, not wanting to press her any further. He leaned in, and she leaned in. This time, their lips met, kissing softly and innocently, both starting over with the new door in their lives.

For Gerard, it meant letting go of the hurt and pain of the divorce, of finally helping someone for a change. For Amelie, it meant letting go of a comfortable past that had abandoned her, with the hopes of a more stable future.

They tumbled back on the sofa, laughing and exchanging kisses. After some time, a box of empty pizzas and Dorian sleeping soundly on a chair, Amelie and Gerard still sat on the sofa in mutual silence.

“Hey check this out” Amelie said, grabbing a remote and turning off the lights. Her entire ceiling had been filled up with glow in the dark stars.

“Wow…pretty amazing” Gerard laughed, holding Amelie closed. It seemed like this apartment was filled with quirks just like the one she left behind in London.

Gerard held her hand as she leaned in, and they began to blossom. Gerard felt the words come out, of how he loved his grandfather, how he first sang or entered an art contest, being nervous in front of the crown all the time. He talked about his alcoholism, his drug abuse, his divorce. Amelie listened, then talked about her childhood. How her mother had been committed to an Asylum when she was little, how her father fought “demons”, later on she understood he was fighting himself. How she was always alone because sooner or later, she would close up to any one she met.

“That’s why I’m a good lawyer. No one ever gets to my head, because I’m already too damaged for anyone to enter” Amelie finished.

“It’s not true. You’re friends with us, with all of us. You’re talking to me now, we just met” Gerard said, kissing her forehead.

Amelie nodded, realizing that this man was beginning to change her life.

“My dad…my dad killed himself shortly after he said he couldn’t bear seeing himself anymore.” Amelie cried. Gerard held her closer.

“Shh…it’s alright…” Gerard whispered.

“No…it’s not. I’m scared I’ll end up like my parents. My mom’s not well either, I haven’t seen her in years, and my father took his own life than live another day with himself or me” Amelie said, crying out. She cried again, for all the pain and anxiety she had felt being alone for the few hours of today. She cried in fear that she was going down a reckless path, a trigger and symptom of being borderline. She cried because that’s all the comfort she’s ever had. Herself and her tears.

This time however, Gerard was there to hold her close. And with that, Amelie cried herself to sleep.
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