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Chapter 2

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Kobra's POV

So he decided to come with us. Alright then, I guess it's cool to have a little imp learning from us.

The desert seemed endless, but we still walked on. I could feel Lazer limping from being so tired and from the grief and stress of it all.

"Lazer, hold on. Once you pass out, I'll carry you." I tried a bit of humor on the boy. He gave me a small smile, which quickly turned into a frown. He apparently didn't want to feel like a kid and be carried, so he straightened up and walked a bit faster. "Or not. OK then. So be it." I shrugged. I heard Jet Star mutter to himself. Probably planning our next route of action. Party might be the leader, but Jet was the real brains of the group. Not saying we aren't smart, but y'know, you'd probably consider yourself the brains if you had a 400 IQ and were half cyborg. I licked my fangs nervously, I'm always a bit apprehensive, sometimes Jet leads us to a bunch of Dracs even when he's positive the road he's telling Party to lead us down is safe.

You must be asking yourself, fangs? Kobra has fangs? And Jet's half-robot and super smart? Oh, aren't I an idiot, I've forgotten to mention something to you all reading this. The reason everyone calls us the Fabulous Killjoys is because we have never lost a fight, even against crushing odds. Reason why, you ask? We all were once tested to become Dracs. The testing didn't go all that well, we easily resisted the hypnotic drugs, and so, now we have extremely awesome super-human powers from the chemical crap they put into us.

Party Poison can summon any weapon he wants into his hands, he can read minds, and he is 300% stronger than a Drac. And those things are strong, so Party's like Superman x2. It looks awesome when he just, like, hurls away a boulder off of someone, or something. Wait, that never happened before. It would be cool though, and he could probably do it.

Jet Star is a technopath, basically meaning he can manipulate technology and bend it to his will, he is half robot, and has an IQ of 400. When we escaped a BL/ind building for the very first time, he really bailed us out, using all that machinery inside the base to turn into a huge awesome mechanical serpent (I asked him to make it a serpent) and like, wiped out half the whole army.

Fun Ghoul can float for short periods of time, he can turn invisible, and (the scariest ability out of all of ours, and stronger than all of us combined) if he grabs a hold of your shadow, like, he can pull it into his hands, and then you're his little puppet. You do anything he asks, right when he asks it of you, and you can NOT resist. I know because he did it once to me (with my permission of course, I actually asked him to do it... hey! I wanted to know what it felt like!), and he made me slap myself, and I did. I tried not to, but I couldn't help it. He promises never to use it on any Killjoy, especially us. The cool part is, we've set free a couple Dracs because of him. But I'll explain that later.

And me. You're all now wondering about little old me. Kobra Kid. As my name implies, I have fangs just absolutely dripping with venom (that only me and anyone who I give the antidote to is immune to), I can take 520% more damage than the normal human (Normal people can get shot by a BL/ind laser about 5 times before they die, unless it's a head-shot. The other Fabulous Killjoys can get hit about 8 times, and I can get hit 26 times. Really comes in handy.), and I can control and summon ice. I'm a cool guy, aren't I? Ugh, that was a horrible pun. Forgive me.

"Are we there yet?" Lazer whined.

"Almost, buddy. You want me to carry you now? Don't sound like a bad idea, right?" I winked. Reluctantly he stopped and let me pick him up. One of his legs on each of my shoulders, we caught up with the rest of them. Lazer sighed.

"Hey, the Diner is almost here!" Fun Ghoul grinned. "Don't worry little buddy, you'll get into some shade soon, 'K?"

"OK." Lazer grinned back, and he started to bounce up and down and sing a little song, obviously energized by the good news. It had no words, it was just scat, but it sounded really cute... and really familiar.

"Doo be doo be doo dah dah, doo dah doh..." He sang, putting a rare smile on my face. He sounded a bit like Party when he was little.

Speaking of Party, he started singing along.

"Dee doo bah bah, bah doo bah..." Soon Ray was singing along too, another harmony to lay on the already great sound. I heard from their voices growing stronger that the chorus was coming up soon.

"Bah bah dah! Dah dah dah, doo dah dah... Doh dah dee doh!" Frank and I finally started belting it out like the others.

"La-la-lalalalala-La-la-lalalalala!" We all were grinning and running around, singing.

"Dee doo dee..." Lazer sang a really high note, one that amazed us all. "Dah doo dah..." An even higher note. "Bah doo dah... dah dee... dee doo..." Apparently the song was over, and it got us to the Diner in high spirits.

A man in a blue helmet with white polka-dots, a white T-Shirt with the word Noise on it, black panties over white with blue polka-dotted tights and roller-skates greeted us.

"Hey, Show Pony! Lookin' spiffy as always." Party high-fived our friend. He lifted the visor and grinned.

"Heya Killjoys! Oh, I see you have a new member of the group." He took a gander at the boy on my shoulders. He bladed over a bit, taking off the visor completely.

"What's your name, little fella?" He asked, warm expression on his face.

"I'm James, but call me Lazer Krab. My mommy got dusted by Dracs." Lazer's face grew cold. "Her Killjoy name was Moonlight Murder."

"Oh... I'm so sorry to hear that. May she rest in peace."

"Yeah. We buried her before we left." Fun Ghoul mussed up Lazer's hair. "But enough on the sad stuff! We gotta keep our spirits high! We gotta teach you how to be a Killjoy." He smirked. Ray nodded.

"I was thinking, after we eat a bit and introduce Krab to everyone here, we could start his training." Ray said.

"Hey! Aren't I the one who makes the decisions?" Party fake-glared.

"Yeah, but I'm in control of the kid. The rest of you aren't responsible enough. And I'm oldest, so I get to try first." Ray folded his arms and gave Party Poison a childish smirk.

"No fair!" Party pouted.

"Tch! I act older than them." Lazer whispered in my ear.

"I know, just let them be kids for a bit, they'll mature again in a few minutes." I whispered back. "Hey, you hungry?" I asked him. He nodded, and so I went to the fridge to grab some Power Pup dog food.

"Yum." He groaned, sitting in a booth seat with me. I opened the can, gave him a plastic fork, and he ate, with surprisingly no whining. His mother must have taught him very well.

"I've had to eat this stuff before. It tastes like absolute crap, but it's food." He sighed. Half the can was already eaten. I was quite impressed.

When we had all had food, a bearded man in a wheelchair came out.

"Well, sorry I didn't greet you right away, I had a radio bit I had to do. Who's the little dude?" He wheeled over to Lazer and I.

"I'm James, but call me Lazer Krab. I am the son of Moonlight Murder, who just was dusted by Dracs today, this afternoon." He grimaced.

"Aw, dude, my heart goes out to you. That's what happens in the zones though. I'm Dr. Death-Defying, by the way, Lazer. Nice to meet you." He smiled sadly.

"Nice to meet you too. Would you help me train?" Lazer asked enthusiastically, shaking off the frown and replacing it with a beaming face.

"Sure! Alright, come with me." Dr. Death grabbed his skull-topped cane, and led us out the door. The rest of the Killjoys and Show Pony followed. Setting up a couple of boards with targets, Dr. Death limped off to join the others on my right.

"Alright, kid, you got a gun?" He asked. Lazer nodded. "Then show us what ya got."


Lazer's POV

Show 'em what I got? OK. I took a deep breath, pulled out my green and purple gun, shook out my hair, then make sure it was out of my eyes, and aimed.


I stared, shocked, at the little burn mark on the board. Everyone else stood there, mouths agape.

"I-I... How did I do that? That must have been a fluke. I'm not that good. Lemme try again." I turned to another board, and shot again.

Another bulls-eye.

"Kid..." Show Pony murmured. I turned to him and let out a quizzical/amazed grunt. "You could just possibly be a dead-on shot." I gasped. Me? Dead-on shot? I've never even used my gun before.

"But I've just used this thing for the first time!" I exclaimed.

"Well, apparently, you're a natural." Jet Star smiled. "Dracs beware - we got a Kid Killjoy on our hands."

I nodded. Looking to my left I saw something move. I squinted.


Just how did they find us so quickly?

"Drac attack!" I screamed, pointing to the spot where I saw movement. Immediately, everyone pulled out their guns. About 27 Dracs rushed at us, guns at the ready.

"Alright kid, we know you're good, so now you're gonna have to put your sharpshooting skills to the test." Party grimaced. "Guns at the ready, people."


Fun Ghoul's POV

Alright, time for a fight. Good. I was looking for a bit of time to practice my skills.

I took a deep breath, and muttered the magic words. "Non videri." I felt a tingle spread through me, and suddenly I couldn't see me or my gun. Perfect. Time for some fun.

Kobra hissed at a Drac, showing off his fangs, and then bit the jugular. Oooh. Not too pretty, blood spurted everywhere. James was shooting like crazy, hitting every target he set eyes on.

Party summoned a laser into his hands and shot a Drac. And finally, I saw Jet click one heel, then the other, turning on his boots that allowed him to float, and he started to shoot. Yeah man. Jet's got anti-gravity boots, whatcha gonna do about it? Invented them himself. But enough on that, and back to the stuff you actually want to hear.

I rushed in to the fight, feeling pretty confident, now that no one could see me, only my footprints "magically" appearing in the sand.

Shooting a Drac or two, I surveyed the situation. About 12 Dracs left. I'll save 3.

"Videri!" I shouted, and surprised a Drac by my sudden reappearance. I smirked. He growled, and pointed his gun at me.

"Torquet umbrae." I said all breathy and creepy, and a surge of power ran through me. Opening my eyes again, I held out a hand. The Drac's shadow quivered, and it shivered. I put the gun away with my other hand, and started to pull the Drac's shadow closer to me. Feeling the power come closer and closer, I chuckled evilly.

"Come here, my sweet..." I whispered. Finally, the Drac's shadow was right below my right hand. I gently made my hand into the position you would use if you were holding the controls to a marionette. The Drac's shadow turned into a little ball in my hand, and the victim straightened. I beckoned with my other hand to it, moving my "marionette controlling" hand in a series of movements which made him walk closer. When it was close enough to me, I smiled even wider.

"Ipsum." I said, and suddenly I wasn't touching the ground anymore. That was my magic word to float. I floated so I could put my hands on his shoulders easier and whisper in its ear.

"My sweet, I need you to do me a little favor~..." I cooed in its ear. It growled questioningly. "I need you to grab two of your little friends for me, and bring them back here. Go go." I shooed it away, still holding its shadow. It nodded and ran towards two Dracs that were harassing Show Pony. Grabbing their wrists, it lead them forcefully back to me. I made them my puppets as well, and made them sit with their hands behind their back. Waiting there for Kobra, I shot a couple of Dracs for fun. When the dust settled, I stood my victims up.

"Come." I said, and they followed me. "Oi, Kobra! I'mma need some ice cuffs, if you would?" I chuckled. Kobra nodded and jogged over. He exhaled, and summoned an icy slush orb into his hands. Putting it into his left hand, he took a long string out with the right hand, made a white, slushy looking pair of handcuffs, and put them over the first Drac's hands. Tensing his hand, he made the ice-cuffs solidify, and then he did the same to the other Dracs.

"Thanks buddy." I grinned, but he was looking at his work, inspecting it to make sure the Dracs wouldn't break it until they were free from the drugs' grip. I coughed, and he looked up.

"Oh! Um, you're welcome." He half-smiled. I grinned even wider, then turned to the Dracs.

"Umbra reverti." I murmured, and with a flick of my right wrist, the shadow ball split and returned to the Dracs. They looked around, and struggled in their cuffs, but they wouldn't break free. Jet Star came over to me.

"How do you do it?"

"It was the chemicals, my friend." I winked.

"No, I know, but like, what do your weird chants and crap mean?" He looked at me inquisitively. Lazer walked over and climbed up on Party's shoulders.

"Well, they're not weird, they're in Latin. 'Non videri' means 'not to be seen'. 'Videri' means 'to be seen'. 'Ipsum' means 'float', 'Torquet umbrae' means 'twist the shadows', and finally, 'Umbra reverti' means 'shadows return'." I shrugged. "They're not that difficult or magical. It's just old language that sounds cool."

"Even though it sounds awesome, I'm a bit confused about the bits I overheard." Lazer beamed at me. "Why 'twist the shadows'?"

"Well, I twist the shadows to come into my hand so I can control the victim. Why I say 'shadows return' is so that the shadows I control will return to their original owners. 'Ipsum' is pretty obvious, when I say 'float', I float. So are 'Non videri' and 'videri', once you know the meanings." I explained.

"Anyways, it's completely awesome." Show Pony said admiringly. "Oh, any casualties?" He looked around. There were a couple scrapes and bruises, but nothing more.

"We took out 24 Dracs and saved 3, so that makes our death total 67 and our saved total 29." Party smirked. "Pretty darn awesome, right?"

"Yeah!" Lazer pretended to shoot a Drac, but shot a cactus instead. "Bam!"

"Hey, don't hurt the wildlife." Jet scolded. "There's so little of it left now. Now that it's been destroyed from the bombs." He grimaced. Lazer sniffled.

"Those poor trees..." He whimpered. Jet patted his head.

"... Alright, is it all clear?" Dr. Death limped back out from the diner.

"Yep, no casualties... as usual." Party said cockily.

"You're gonna get it from karma for being so cocky." Dr. Death warned as we all went back inside.

"Did you see Krab out there? He was amazing!" Show Pony exclaimed.

"Aw, shucks." Krab blushed. "I wasn't all that good."

"Yes, you were. For using a gun for the first time, you were exceptionally good." Kobra commented. Krab blushed further.

"Do you think Mommy's proud of me?"

"Very proud, kid." I grinned. "Now, we all gotta hit the hay." Everyone got up and went to their sleeping rooms, and Krab followed me to mine.

"Oh, you don't have one. Sleep with Jet, he's got the biggest bed." Krab nodded and went to follow Jet. I sighed. He's a very cute kid.

Wonder what's gonna happen tomorrow... I yawned, and collapsed on my bed.

Sleep was lovely and deep.

But not for long.
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