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Open Those Beautiful Eyes

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Gerards POV

I stood outside our apartment. It’s been 5 days since I left and I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed him. I know he didn’t lie, I was just shocked. But the moment I walked out that door I new I had fucked up. That’s why I haven’t come back until now. I went and stayed with my brother, I needed to sort my head out before I went back and asked for forgiveness. I new it would take a lot for him to forgive me; I had promised I wouldn’t leave like the others. But I had. So here I am, stood outside trying to gather myself together before I went in and begged him to forgive me. I heard a bag and a scream. That wasn’t Franks scream though. I pushed the key into the lock and opened the door. I heard crying. I called out.

‘FRANKIE?’ I heard someone running up stairs so I walked down the hall. I was met by a sniffing 3 year old up jumped off the bottom step into my arms. I caught him and put him down, kneeling in front of him, I looked at his little face. Tears streaming down his cheeks, eyes wide with terror.

‘Matthew what’s happened? Where’s daddy?’ There was slight panic in my voice but I needed to keep calm, if I was going to get any information out of this little boy I needed to keep calm.

‘U-up stairs. H-he fell over a-and now w-won’t wake u-up’ my heart nearly stopped. No no no. I grabbed Matthew and ran up the stairs 2 at a time as fast as I could, I ran down the hall towards our room, I put Matthew down at the door and went in. There on the floor was Frankie, face down on the ground. I ran over and pulled him to me so I could see his face. He was so pale I had to stop myself from crying out. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and called 911.

‘Hello, Janet specking, what’s your emergence,’

‘I-I need an ambulance please, m-my boyfriend collapsed’

‘Ok sir what’s your address?’ I gave her my address and hung up. I leaned down to Frankies lips and planted a small kiss to his.

‘Come on baby, wake up, it’s me Gee. I’m so sorry I left you. Please wake up, I love you.’ Tears ran down my face. He wasn’t waking up, he always wakes up when I say I love you. I heard small shuffing of feet.

‘W-will daddy be okay g-gee?’ My heart broke for the second time in the space 5 minutes.

‘Come here Matthew’ I healed out my hand and he ran over to me wrapping his arms around my neck, crying slightly.

‘Hey, its going to be okay, Daddy wont leave us, he’s just not well right now’ I cuddled him close to me, rubbing his back, I looked down at Frankie. He still looks just as beautiful as the day we met. I’ll never forgive myself for leaving him. Never.

My phone rang and I answered without checking who it was.

‘Hello?’ My voice was weak from crying. I felt exhausted already.

‘Gerard, did you get home safe? Did you work things out yet?’ Mikey asked through the phone.

‘Not exactly Mikes. I need you to come over right now, you need to take care of Matthew while I’m at the hospital’ I heard him gasps on the other end.

‘Gee what’s happened? Are you okay? Is Frank okay?’ He rambles on the other end.

‘Just get here Mikey. Please.’ I hung up and waited for the ambulance to get here, where the fuck where they. There was a knock on the door.

‘Matthew will you run down and open the door for the medics.’ He nodded and ran out. He must have gotten to the door in record time because a few minutes later they where running back into the room, asking me to move. Everything was done so fast. He was hooked up to an IV and put onto the trolly and brought out to the van,

‘Are you coming with us sir?’

‘I can’t leave him’

‘He can come too, but you need to hurry sir.’ I nodded and picked up Matthew and got into the back where one of the medics where working on Frankie. I shut my eyes and healed Matthew close to me, praying My Frankie would make it.

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