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Don't brak my heart

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I sat in the waiting room, Matthew on my lap fast asleep. Poor little fellow was exhausted and I couldn’t blame him, it was way past his bed time. Christmas day was in 2 days and my baby was in hospital . I had rang Mikey when we got here to let him know where we were and what had happened.. He said he would be right down, I’m still waiting for him. I looked down at Matthew. He was just like Frankie. Olive skinned, brown floppy hair and big chocolate brown eyes. He was picture perfect. A little bundle of joy that came into our lives and I walked? How could I have done that? This is all my fault, if I hadn’t of left we wouldn’t be here. I hand being placed on my shoulder jolted me out of my thoughts. I looked up to see Ray, Bob and my little brother all standing there. I sighed as tears stung my eyes yet again. Bob took Mathew out of my arms and Mikey wrapped himself around me and I let my tears fall. I couldn’t loose Frankie, not now. Not ever.

‘Mr. Way’ A soft voice spoke out and I jumped up to see the doctor that had took my Frankie away standing there with a small smile on his face. ‘Mr. Way after some tested and treatment we where able to find out what was wrong with Mr/ Iero. He Past out from lack of food and sleep. We put him on a IV drip so he will be fine. You can go see him when ever you wish. Have a good day sir.’ With that he walked of and I let out a shaky breath. I was so glad he was ok, but guilt ran thick through my body.

‘Gee why don’t you go see him, I’ll take Matthew home with me.’ Bob was the first to speak.

‘Yeah I’ll stay with you and drive you home when your ready.’ Mikey put his arm on my shoulder and I nodded.

‘Thank you guys.’

‘No problem. Go on, go see him’ Mikey pushed me towards the direction of Franks room. I sighed and headed down the long hallway to see my beautiful boyfriend. If I can even call him that now. Soon enough I came to him room and pushed the heavy white door open and stepped in. He was soundly sleeping now. I could tell by the colour of his cheeks and the smile on his face. He was just so beautiful. I sat down on the plastic chair beside his bed and reached for his hand. He stirred and his eyes opened. He looked over at him and tears rab down his cheeks.

‘Gee?’ He voice was broken and strained. My heart broke for the third time that day/

‘Yeah baby, its me. I’m so sorry I left. I was just so shocked. I didn’t mean anything I said. I love you more then anything in this world. I’m so so sorry./ Please forgive me.’ Tears where now running down my face too. He had a strange look on his face and for a second I thought he wouldn’t forgive me,

‘I forgive you, on one condition.’ I nodded.

‘Anything, oh god anything at all baby’ I sat slightly forward. I would do anything to get him back.

‘You never leave me like that again, wait scrap that. Never ever again. And you accept Matthew too. I can’t give him up.’ I nodded.

‘Yes, yes of course. He’s ours now. The baby we’ve always wanted together. I love you so much. I’ll never leave you or Matthew again, ever.’ He burst into tears and sat up, wrapping his arms around me.

‘I love you Gee, I’m so sorry’ I wrapped my arms around him and healed him close. Breathing in his sent.

‘I love you too baby, so much’

We sat like that for a few minutes until he lay back down and pulled me in beside him. I chuckled and got in. Franking wrapping him self around me.

‘Where’s Matthew?’ A little panic was in his voice.

‘Shh, it’s okay. He’s with Bob, He brought him home with him. He’s safe.’

‘No, no He doesn’t know bob, He’s going to be scared. He’s not good around people he doesn’t know.’ Frankie tried to get up but I healed him down.

‘Okay baby, okay. I’ll sort something out. But you can’t leave yet okay? You need sleep.’ He nodded and settled down again. Shortly after he fell asleep and the doctor came in.

‘Mr. Way tomorrow, if everything is alright he can go home. But I need you to keep an eye on him. He need proper food and a lot of sleep. He’s still a little weak and needs to build up his strength again.’ I nodded.

‘Thank you, for everything’

‘It’s my job Mr. Way. I know he’s in good hands now. But sadly I’ll have to ask you to leave for the night. Visiting hours are long over’ I gave me a small smile and I sighed and nodded. Kissing Frankie on the forehead I shimmied out from under him, trying not to wake him and left, saying good night to the doctor and off to seek out my brother. I found him right where I left him. Coffee cup in hand.

‘How is he?’ He asked, handing me and cup with a smile.

‘He’s good. Sleepy so I left him asleep. We need to swing by Bobs and Get Matthew, Frank and a little panic attack because he’s not good with people he doesn’t know. So I said I’d get him and bring him home.’ We walked out of the hospital and got into his car.

‘Okay, but lets pick up some pizza on the way I’m starving’ Mikey grind over at him and I chuckled.

‘Fine by me’


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