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Down to the Wire

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Watari gets some of the answers and Test Subject #7 tries to make a break for it.

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Chapter Thirty-Two: Down to the Wire:

Watari hit a breakthrough two days later. He called Tsuzuki and Hisoka to his lab on a Wednesday morning. The boys watched the test subject behind the glass. She had calmed down by this point. Watari smiled at the gentlemen.

"Alright," Tsuzuki said. "What do you have for us?"

"Behold," his friend said. The scientist presented his notebook to fellow shinigami.

"Okay," Hisoka said. "What is it?" Watari turned to the first page.

"I took a blood sample from her," he began. "It's a match to the other blood sample."

"So she had…" Tsuzuki said. His pal nodded.

"She has the virus," he said. "With that conclusion, I did a little more research. It took me a minute, but I found the symptoms to the virus." He turned the page.

"Black rings around the eyes, dilated pupils, hallucinations, impulsive behavior, clawing at the skin," Tsuzuki read. He and the other two shinigami looked at Test Subject #7. Drool and vomit slowly ran down her chin. She hadn't slept in five days. Her stomach screamed to be fed. Only one thought walked through her brain. I want to go home…

Tsuzuki shook his head. "Shit."

"Is there an antidote?" Hisoka asked.

"The team and I are still working on that," Watari replied. "It'll take some time." They looked nervously at the test subject through the one-way mirror.

Sometime later in the evening, Test Subject #7 regained enough lucidity to escape. Didn't take much either. Her wrists were small enough to slip through the plastic cuffs that held her in place. Once out, she tried to find the exit. How she escaped passed her by in a blur. She just wandered into the hallway without a single lucid notion. What is this place? White and dark obscured her vision.

"There she is!" someone on the night security called. "Stop her!"

"Stay away! Stay away!" The test subject backed away as she tried to reach for a door.

"Miss," the infirmary guard said. "Just calm down, okay? I'm here to take you back now."

"No, no, no, no!" she screamed. She froze as she crouched down, trembling. "Oh! My head!" she cried. "Ahh! Ahh!"

"Miss," the guard said as he approached her. "Are you okay? Miss? Miss?"

"Don't touch me!" she screamed. The pain continued to spike in her head.

"Miss!" His voice sounded so distant. Distant as she sank back into a black nothing.

By sunrise, the test subject awoke in the infirmary with Tsuzuki sitting on her bed. She gave him a lost, tired look. He put his hand on her pale forehead.

"We're only trying to help you," he whispered. "So please, don't run away; just trust us." She stared at him with blank eyes.

"Trust us," Tsuzuki pressed. The girl's mouth opened as if to talk. Tsuzuki covered it quickly.

"Don't," he whispered. "Trust us." Her tired mind didn't let her reply. Her eyes looked too hazy to answer.

"Just sleep now," Tsuzuki told her. The test subject lightly shut her eyes and let her distorted would slip into the back of her mind. Tsuzuki stayed with her for the rest of the morning.
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