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I Won't Thank You For The Venom

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Supernatural Frerard, Mikey/OFC. I was off in my own little world, thinking about a girl whose name I didn’t even know. I couldn’t get her off my mind.

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I Won't Thank You For The Venom

“Do you guys see that girl over there?” I asked the guys. Frank shrugged.
“Where?” Mikey asked, so he could see. I nodded in the direction of the girl.
“Oooh. Yeah. What about her?” Mikey asked.
“She’s been looking at us every so often when she thinks we aren’t looking,” I explained. Ray shrugged.
“So?” He asked me.
“Nothing. I just think it’s kinda creepy,” I answered him. Frank chuckled.
“Creepy? Dude, we live for creepy. We own creepy,” he said, laughing. I sighed and dropped the subject. They didn’t care. I did. She was looking at us as if, somehow, she knew what we were. No, my mind said. She can’t know. No-one knows. I decided to agree with my mind but I was still a little on edge. I pulled the hood of my grey jumper up over my long black hair, shielding my face. Even though I’m a vampire, I’m still weirded out by her gaze. Who wouldn’t be though? Right? I sighed mentally and exhaled the air in my lungs that wasn’t needed. Vampires don’t need to breathe but for me, it was just force of habit. I tried concentrating on something else but my mind kept wandering back to her. After about 5 minutes, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I decided to go over to her and ask what she was doing. I took a deep breath, even though I didn’t need it, and stood up. I received strange looks from the guys but I ignored them. As I walked over to her, I could hear the guys whispering to each other. ‘What’s he doing?’ ‘He’s going over to her?’ ‘Why?’
“Gee! What are you doing?” Frank yelled to me. I kept ignoring them and took a seat beside the girl.
“Hi, um my name’s-“
“Gerard. I know who you are,” She said, cutting me off. I raised an eyebrow at her.
“You’re a senior. Everyone knows you,’ she said, making it sound like it was common knowledge.
“O…k. Anyway, I was wondering why you kept looking at us,” I said to her. She took off her sunglasses she wore, revealing a set of cold, black eyes. She stared right at me, as if looking into my soul. She wouldn’t find one, the voice inside my head said. I mentally shushed myself and returned the gaze.
‘I was admiring you. Sitting with your friends. They seem so cheerful and happy, then there’s you, sitting there pencil in hand, scribbling away, ignoring them completely, nodding occasionally at what they’re saying,” she explained. I was amazed. No-one ever picked it up that I ignored them.
“How did you-“ she cut me off again.
“I’m very observant. Name’s Jess. By the way. Jessalyn Carter.” She said, holding out her hand.
“Gerard Way. Even though you already knew that,” I said while shaking her hand. She took her hand back and continued what she was doing. I noticed that she was actually drawing. She had quite a talent. She noticed me looking over her shoulder and quickly covered it by leaning over.
“It’s not finished. I’ll show you when I’m done,” she said. I nodded my agreement. I stood up to leave.
“Well it was nice meeting you Jess. Chat to you later?” I asked. She nodded and I made my way back to the table where the guys were sitting.
“What the fuck was that all about?” Frank asked. I shrugged.
“I just went over and introduced myself and then asked what she was doing and she said she was just watching us. No big,” I replied. Ray an eyebrow and I shrugged at him.
“What? That’s all that happened!” I said.
“No need to get all defensive!” he said. I sighed and dropped my head to the table. The cold metal felt nice against my forehead. I closed my eyes and Jess’s words flitted through my head. ‘There’s you, sitting there pencil in hand… Ignoring them… Nodding occasionally…’ She got all that from one lunch time of sitting there watching. And then I realised, what if she had been sitting there for days- weeks, watching us? At that thought, I was kinda weirded out but I kept it to myself. I didn’t want to add to their suspicions. They already thought I liked her. No thanks. Not for me. Girls really don’t do it for me. Girls are okay but I much prefer their male counterparts. But I’m not gay. Definitely not gay. I only like one person who just happens to be my best friend. Any other guy just makes me wanna be sick. I guess I’m just weird that way. A something-or-rather sexual vampire, with a vampire brother and 2 werewolf best friends. Wow… High school is fucked up.

A/N wow. First chaptered fan fiction. Eeeep! Please R and R!! I really wanna know what you guys think. Personally I think it’s crappy but maybe you guys don’t. IDK. Anyways… Please let me know what you think! :3
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