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Mikey's thoughts of Jess.

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POV Mikey

Watching Gerard talking to the girl somehow made me jealous. Wait what? I was jealous of my brother talking to a girl I didn’t even know? What is up with me?! Frank said something and I heard Ray laugh, so I joined in just to sound like I was paying attention. I normally did but today was different. I was off in my own little world, thinking about a girl whose name I didn’t even know. I couldn’t get her off my mind. Her blue-black hair slightly tousled by the wind, her eyes hidden behind a pair of sunglasses, enticing the unprepared and seducing the weak. The what? What did I just say? Oh my gosh, I was becoming infatuated with a mysterious girl who I’d only seen today. Gee came back and talked to the guys for a bit before putting his head on the table. He was obviously thinking about something. Maybe he liked her? I felt the jealousy rise from within me and I struggled to keep it in check. No. They only just met. They can’t- oh but they can! A small voice cut through my argument. Before I could argue back, the bell rang, signalling the end of lunch. Gerard grabbed his stuff and walked off leaving us behind. Frank and Ray were still talking about something and weren’t phased in the least about Gerard. Now I felt bad. All traces of jealousy replaced with guilt among other things. I know I had done nothing to feel guilty but the feeling was still there. I sighed and readjusted my beanie. It hid my messy; birds nest brown hair that never worked for me. I slid my glasses further up my nose and walked to class. Despite being a vampire, I still had bad eyesight. How that works, I don’t know but it does. I’m hoping to get eye surgery soon so I don’t have to keep wearing them. It’s really hard to play my bass and then have to keep fixing up my glasses so I can actually see the damn thing. Especially since I like to jump around a lot. It’s fun! Particularly when Frank and I nearly wrestle with each other on stage. I swear if there were no guitars or equipment, we probably would wrestle on stage. Hmmm that would be fun. Gotta tell Frank that…

I walked to class with only one thing on my mind. Her. I was interested to know why she was looking at us. I knew Gerard saw her and I believed him. I never doubted my brother. Ever. Whatever he said, I believed him. Even if it was a lie. But Gerard would never lie to me. He respected me too much. When I reached the classroom, the teacher handed me a sheet of paper then I took a seat over by the window. The rambled on about something on the paper but I didn’t hear it. I was still thinking about that girl. Gotta ask Gerard for her name. Then, as if hearing me think about her, she walked in. She handed the teacher a note and he directed her to the seat next to me. My breath caught in my throat as she walked over. I continued looking out the window while sneaking small glances at her. She had taken her sunglasses off which now revealed her onyx coloured eyes. Her hair was swept up into a messy bun, probably from the hood she had been wearing. She noticed me looking and I quickly looked away. She struck out her hand, indicating to me to shake it. I took her hand and gave it a quick shake. The coldness of her hand startled me and I practically sat there staring at it.
“Name’s Jess. You?” she asked me, her voice like velvet. I could listen to her voice all day.
“Mikey. I’m Gerard’s brother,” I introduced myself. She nodded and began writing down the things on the board. I only just noticed that there was writing and started copying it down too.
“So Mikey, how old are you?” she asked, not looking at me. 385, my mind said.
“17,” I answered her. She looked at me, scrutinising me.
“Really? You seem… older… like more mature I mean,” she said. I laughed. Mature. Ha! If she saw the stuff Frank and I got up to on stage, she would not be calling me mature.
“What’s funny?” she asked.
“Nothing. Uh- private joke. Sorry,” I replied apologetically. She shrugged.
“So you like health?” I asked, referring to the class we were in.
“Fuck off!” she replied.
“I’ll take that as a no,” I said, laughing.
“Damn straight!” she said seriously before laughing.
“Why are you in it then?” I asked curiously. I kinda felt like I was interrogating her.
“Stupid bitch principal put me in it. I didn’t get a choice,” she answered me. I nodded my agreement.
“No one ever does,” I said. “Trust me, if I had a choice, I would’ve been outta her earlier.” She agreed with me.
“You and the whole student body. Me included,” she said.
“The only part I like about this school is the music department,” I said.
“You play?” she asked, interested in this new found fact about me.
“Yep. I play bass for my band. My brother’s the singer. The guy with the ‘fro, Ray, is the lead guitarist and the short one, Frank, is the rhythm guitarist,” I replied, knowing that she knew who I was talking about. She nodded.
“That’s epic. I love the bass. It’s so awesome and watching someone play it is just… sexy,” She said before gasping.
“I just said that out loud didn’t I?” she asked me. I chuckled and confirmed it. She cursed under her breath in a language I didn’t recognise.
“Sorry. I have a tendency to say what comes to mind,” she explained. I shrugged. So she was honest? I liked that. I liked nearly everything about her. In fact I don’t think there was anything I didn’t like about her. Even though I didn’t even know her last name. She was mysterious and shaded and I liked that.
“I agree with you though apart from it being sexy. The bass is pretty cool and playing it is a ball,” I said. She nodded and put her chin in her hand which was on the desk. She looked bored. I checked the time and saw that we still had a little over half an hour left. Oh the joys…
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