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Jess meets Mikey and the Science room blows up!

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POV Jess

The rest of health went by quickly. I spent the whole lesson talking to Mikey. He was pretty cool. His warm brown eyes hidden behind his glasses and his hair that I could tell, never worked for him. Hence the beanie. I loved the beanie though, I cursed the day that his hair worked for him. I found myself attracted to him in a way that I had never been before. He drew me in, every feature of his screaming attraction. I had yet to see into him fully but I already loved what I knew. I had only scratched the surface of a much deeper, more… emotional kid. And I made it my mission to get deeper and know the full story. But that of course meant telling him my story but I was willing to go that far. Mikey was a whole new level for me and I loved it. Never had I found myself infatuated by such a secluded person.

We walked down the corridor together, heading towards the science room. We both had chemistry along with Frank. I was intrigued to meet Frank as Mikey had told me a lot about him and his other band members. I learned that both Mikey and Gerard were half Scottish, half Italian and that Frank came from an Italian background. Ray however was from a Puerto Rican – Portuguese background. Frank was the last one to join the band. He was also the youngest which was a bit weird considering they were all 17. Maybe his birthday was at the end of the year or something. We entered the classroom and found Frank. He motioned for us to take the seats beside him. I took the one on the right while Mikey took the left one.
“Jess,” I said, putting out my hand. Frank grasped it firmly and gave it a quick shake.
“Frank Iero but just call me Frank. Frankie if you want,” he said. I nodded in acknowledgment.
“So Mikey tells me you’re the rhythm guitarist in the band. How’s that workin’ out for you?” I asked him. He shrugged.
“It’s fun. I mainly just jump around on stage and kick up a storm. You should see me and Mikey on stage! Man do we have a great time.” I saw Mikey blush a little as Frank told me stories of his time on stage. One time he kicked Mikey and Mikey had a bruise for a month. Another time he accidentally kicked Gerard in his part while he was singing. I tried very hard not to laugh at that. After a while Mikey shushed him.
“Frank stop! She doesn’t need to know all this!” he said, whispering to Frank. Frank began to laugh but was silenced by an elbow to the ribs. He let out a small groan but stayed silent. I silently observed them. Frank had light hazel eyes and raven-black medium length hair with shaved blonde bits at the side, making the black kind of like a Mohawk. He sported a few tattoos and had his lip and nose pierced. Although he was short, only about 5’4”, what he lacked in height he made up for in spirit. When I was watching them at the table, I noticed that he usually didn’t shut up. He was always the one to either start the conversation or make everyone join in. I chuckled mentally. I’m going to have a great time with this group. Especially Mikey.

All of a sudden, my concentration was broken when a kid nearly blew up the classroom. We were all ushered outside as the teacher tried to put out the flames that the kid unwittingly created. Some of the boys in the class started throwing around a football while the teacher was busy. Mikey, Frank and I chose to take a seat over by the lockers as the other students did also. As soon as we sat down, a small whistling noise entered my ears and I turned around in time to see a pair of hands snatch a football that had come sailing towards my face. Mikey stood up and threw the ball back with a force that surprised me. He seemed so timid and kind and… weak… Yet when he threw it back, the guy who threw it staggered back a few feet from the force of the throw. I turned to took at Mikey who had a disgusted look on his face. He opened his mouth to shout something but was quickly stopped by Frank.
“Mikey don’t. They’re not worth it,” Frank said.
“But they threw it at-“ Mikey protested before Frank cut him off.
“And she’s okay. Just let it go,” Frank persuaded. Mikey grumbled his agreement by he wasn’t too happy about it. I was going to comfort him but decided against it. I didn’t think he’d take it well. Frank, Mikey and I talked through out the rest of the lesson as we sat outside. I was also thinking. Thinking about Mikey and how he caught that ball. Thinking about Gerard and how he is so similar to, yet so different from Mikey. Thinking about how strange this whole situation was…

A/N Mikey nearly revealed what they were!! Careful there Mikes. Anyway, R and R?
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