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Chapter 1

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How did it all actually begin? comments welcome:)

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Gerard wiped his hands on the thighs of his black skinny jeans. Getting ready to sing on stage hand't ever been easy for him as far as he could remember and today was no exception. His heart was racing by the time he set his foot on the steps leading up to the stage, the massive stage he'd notice, bigger than any stage he'd ever performed on, and better lit and equipped. Gerard couldn't let this deter him from auditioning, it was a dream if his to one day be in a world famous band, singing songs that could maybe help people through tight spots in their life when they weren't feeling their best perhaps. He plastered a huge smile on his incredibly pale face and walked to center stage.
"It's Gerard...Gerard way."
"Ah, lovely...erm yes okay when you're ready dear!".
The lights changed and there was just a spotlight on him. Gerard thought it quite odd that they were okay with putting that much more pressure on the person auditioning, but mentioned noting about it, about the butterflies that were thrashing around in his stomach, threatening to cause him to throw up anytime soon. Gerard however, had been through worse than this, and started to sing to the best of his ability.
Gerard sang like an angel, with pain slashing through, the pain fitting his song choice breathtaking!
Gerard sang with great passion, that couldn't be argued.
At the end of his piece, the lights came back on and Gerard was once again face to face with the judges.
The judges all looked at each other with shock on their face, some even had sly smirks making their way onto their faces.
Gerard felt his stomach go from currently suppressed butterflies to a pit of boiling lava. WHY were they laughing?!
Finally one of the older judges spoke in a soft sympathetic tone,
"Well...that was extraordinary no doubt..but"
Gerard's stomach fire was doused by the waters of defeat, they too were going to complain, like everyone else he's been to, trying to get noticed, about his slightly more violent, rock sound he so much adored.
"I'm sorry," began the Judge once more, "i cannot say it any other way, you are amazingly talented...but you're just not the type of singer we're looking for, i'm really sorry, maybe try somewhere else? You really can sing!"
Gerard grimaced and wandered out the back door, shoulders down, feeling defeated for what seemed like the millionth time that year alone.
What did it matter how good he could sing if no one was willing to take him on board?
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