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Chapter 2.

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Gerard feels ashamed of his inability to succeed, and decides giving up is the right thing to do now. But his brother Mikey isn't so keen.

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Mikey way pushed his glasses further up his nose as he read his favorite comics, surrounded by the darkness of his room, the only light he needed coming through the slights in the window. He was so much like his brother, Gerard in that way. Neither of them particularly loved the bright happy outdoors, but Mikey wasn't as confident as his brother, and the only talent he knew he had, playing the bass, was only ever portrayed to his mother and Gerard himself. Mikey wasn't happy with life at all, but pretending was easier.
The obviously annoyed knock of Gerard at the front door told Mikey that the news was bad, and again his brother had been turned away. It was a shame for Mikey too, he hated seeing his older brother so down all the time.
Carefully slipping down the narrow hallway, quietly and almost unnoticeable in the dark, Mikey opened the latch of the front door, barely moving out of harms way when Gerard came storming in.
"FUCK THIS! No one cares do they! Why is it so hard to become fucking known for your talents these days Mikey?!" Gerard was bright red in the face, anger flushing through him. He through his thick - and probably too warm- leather jacket onto the ugly burgundy sofa their mum was desperate to keep, for whatever reason known only to her, and reached the kitchen in a matter of strides, bringing back three cans of beer. Mikey knew all to well that none of these were for him, Gerard drank his problems away. So did Mikey, and the occasional drug, whatever was at hand, but it never made them feel better after it at all.
"Gerard you can't just give up," Mikey slid onto the sofa next to his brother, who'd finished the first can, caring only to through it somewhere in the direction of the bin before starting on the next one, "It's's going to take time that's all. It won't happen overnight,..drinking won't help..just go out, clear your head and then we could write some more songs? You know you love doing that most of all."
Gerard glared at his brother, but his glare vanished and he smiled slightly. He loved his little brother more than anything, but Mikey wasn't winning this time, Gerard wasn't going to be embarrassed ever again.
"Nice try Mickey," Gerard ruffled Mikey's longish hair and sighed, slinking further into the sofa, "but no. I'm done, it's stressing me out too much. It was worth a shot, but not any more."
Mikey knew those words were Gerard's way of dismissing him back into his room, so he left silently, not many people had any ability to change his brothers mind, and fighting over it when Gerard was near on his third can, would only cause more trouble than ever needed...

"Mom, Gerard's drinking again...No it went badly, please come home as soon as possible? Okay...thanks, love you too mom, bye!"
Mikey put the phone down, biting his lip. Gerard had intended to get drunk, and sleep the rest of the day until 7pm when their mom came home, by which time he'd be sober, hungover perhaps, but sober enough. He slightly regretted ringing his mom, but Mikey knew just as-well as his mom and Gerard himself, that Gerard was capable of not only hurting others accidentally when he was drunk...but hurting himself purposely.
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