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Chapter 3

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Donna Way convinces Gerard to get out the house and meet new people, could this be the start to the rest of his life?

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Donna Way stormed through the front door of her house, to find her eldest son Gerard asleep on the sofa, with a collection of beer cans scattered around him. She sigh angrily yet sympathetically at her son. Mikey, her younger son of the two came in and half smiled at his mother, him too angry and hurt. But angry at not Gerard, but himself, for not being able to stop his brother from drinking himself into an oblivion as soon as he came back into the house.
"Tidy up Mikey dear, i'll make some coffee for him."
Donna shifted her sight from her poor son and as calmly as she could muster, began setting out making coffee.
Gerard moaned angrily in his sleep and awoke, wiping his forehead of sweat. He was dizzy, very dizzy. He turned to see Mikey picking up the mess, strangely avoiding him, and then heard his mother cough from the kitchen. Gerard's look turned to a glare as he lunged for Mikey. Even in this state he wasn't going to hurt Mikey, just make him scared so that he knew that calling their mother home had been a terrible idea.
"Ow Gerard!"
"Gerard get off of him! He did the right thing you stupid boy." Donna set down the coffee and pain killers and pushed Gerard back onto the sofa, where she handed him his cup.
"Don't look at me like that Gerard, you know it was the right thing too. You need to clean yourself up and stop this nonsense with the drinking. YOU know it doesn't help you, it makes things worse because you see things at the wrong point of view when you're drunk. Now I know it hurts, continuously being let down but you can and will find someone willing to take you on, all you have to do is get out there to places where even the most average looking people could be the ones to help you. Go and ask people Gerard, you and Mikey go together different places and ask around if anyone knows of a job somewhere. It's worth a try!"
Gerard sighed, still angry with Mikey, but knowing that his moms words were the only way forward, though he wasn't going to admit that to them.
"Well whatever, but i don't fancy going out right now."
"We don't have to go now Gee.." Mumbled Mikey, upset and wary of his brother.
Gerard closed his eyes. He heard the pain in Mikey's voice. This was the last time he'd hurt his brother, especially since deep down he loved him so much, the best brother anyone could ask for, always had his back.
Gerard snickered and ruffled Mikey's hair, stood up and left to the bathroom without another word.
Twenty minutes passed and Gerard came back into the living room, where Mikey and his mom were watching some shitty game show on the TV.
"Coming with me Mikey?" Mikey smiled and shrugged on his denim jacket, following Gerard out of the house, Donna smiling to herself.
After what seemed like only five minutes walking, they made it to Gerard's favorite coffee shop. Opening the door, the familiar ding set Gerard at ease.
"Okay, i'll have a word at the counter, you ask around?" Mikey smiled falsely. Out of the two, Mikey had always been the shyest, but for his brother, he'd do it.
"E..Excuse me?"
A man with a curly frizzy mop of hair looked up from behind his news paper,
"Hey..can i help you?" The man seemed kind enough, so Mikey began
" you know of anywhere me and my brother could audition..we want to start a band but...well our music style is a little...different to what a lot of people like."
The man looked excited, and stretched out his hand,
"I'm Ray, Ray Toro...If i seem excited it's cause i your's like..rock music then?"
Mikey smiled broadly, shaking Ray's hand,
"Yeah! I'm Mikey by the way, Mikey Way, and my older brother is over there, should i call him over?"
"Please do!"
"Gerard! Gerard get over here!"
Gerard came striding over, and shook Ray's hand, as clearly Mikey had intended him to come and visit a possible helper.
"You guys should sit down, I probably have some news for you, that you have wanted to hear for a long time"...
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