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Sing it like the kids that are mean to you...

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This is my fanfic which I held auditions for! ENJOY! :D

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"GET THE FUCK UP!!" Broken Arrow screamed into her sisters ear.
"I NEED YOU!! GET THE FUCK UP, MOTHER FUCKER" She screamed again, falling to her knees beside her sisters limp, lifeless body.
"Careful, come here, we will get her back to camp" Said a kind, familiar voice, as she felt a hand placed firmly on her shoulder.




"SIS SIS SIS SIS SIS SIS SIS SIS" Giggled Broken Arrow, at her sister.
"WHAT?!" Shouted Poison Revolver to Arrow from the train bathroom.
"WE ARE ALLMOST THERE!!! OMFG OMFG OMFG" Arrow squealed excitedly.
"I know!" Poison said, opening to door, and exiting the bathroom.
Arrow grinned madly at her sister.
Poison ginned back.
"New school, new kids, no-one hates us..." Poison said, gazing out the train cariage window.
"...Yet..." Muttered Arrow.
Poison saw the fear shoot through her sisters eyes, and put her arm round Arrow, protectively.
No-one could forget what happened at their old school.
It was horrifying.
"Theres no point thinking about that now... The trains slowing down!" Poison said, standing up and chucking her sister her bags, before grabbing their own.

The girls had just started the adventure of their new life.
After their mother was admitted into rehab, they had been carted off to live with their Auntie in Boston.

They girls got off the train, onto a small platform.
The looked around for the skinny, blonde woman that was supossidly their aunt Tierney.
They waited about 30 mins, watching the other pasangers meet their familys, girlfriends, boyfriends, wives, husbands, kids...
"No sign of Aunt Tierney..." Arrow muttered.
"Yeah... But she was never one to be on time..." Poison replied cheerfully, to her sister.
Just then, a short brunette woman shuffled round the corner, looking unconfortable.
She wandered over to the girls...
"Arrow? Poison?" She asked.
"Aunt... Tierney?" Arrow replied, looking bewildered.
"Oh hevens no! Im her secutary, Jenni" Replied the woman, looking a little relived.
"Ummm... Hi." Poison said, looking the lady up and down.
"Yes, Hello. Your aunt sent me to pick you girls up. She is busy with a client, right now..." Explained Jenni, ushering the girls into a taxi.
"Fairveiw ave, please" Jenni said to the taxi driver.
"Sure madam'" Replied the taxi driver.
The taxi lurched forwards.
After a while, the taxi sharply turned round a bend, and up a lane.
The girls found themselves parked outside a small, cute house.
Jenni paid the taxi driver, and everyone got out.
Suddenly the front door or the house flung open, and a woman with long, dark blonde hair, with the ends dyed bright blue, wearing a "Harley Davidson" hoodie, t-shirt and jeans, and Monroe pierceing, came running out.
"POISON, ARROW!! GUYS! I HAVEN'T SEEN Y'ALL IN AGES" Screamed the woman, as she ran towards them.
The girls looked a little bewildered... Then...
"AUNT TIERNEY?!" Arrow shouted back, grinning.
"OH MY GOSH, GUYS!" Tierney said, hugging them.
Poison looked up at the woman hugging her... She didn't look much older than her and Arrow...
She looked about 21, maybe 22.
"Come inside guys!" Tierney said, leading the girls up the garden path, too her pretty, white house.
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