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To Get Back in Her Arms

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Frank and Breeze have an argument and Frank shouts at her 'I wish you never became famous!' and then that night the world turns upside down to when Breeze never even met her band or MCR. Can Frank ...

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Well this is chapter 1 for the new story :P

It may be short because i dont want to rush into things fast :3


Breeze :

"STOP BEING ANTISOCIAL!" I heard Eva call into me, she was banging my bedroom door and i was only finsihing putting my makeup on.
"I WILL BE A MINUTE!" I shouted back at her applying my eyeliner.
"And?" I said
"WE cant begin until everyone is downstairs!" She shouted
"2 minutes" I said
"Fine" Then i heard her walk down my stairs again. Eva was a fun girl to be around. She was my absolute best friend and Gerard's girlfriend. I sort of set them up in a way. We were out and i brought Eva with me and her and Gerard instantly connected. Tonight we were all going to sit in before my band Black Broken Hearts was to begin another tour. The guys were just home from a UK tour after 5 months and then i have to go and leave Frank. I looked in the mirror and smiled at my Green Day American idiot top, my red ripped jeans that Frank had gotten me for my birthday and my doc martens. My hair was up in a messy ponytail. When i was satisfyed i meade my way downstairs. Laughter and smiles filled the room, Everyone of us was with their partner not leaving their side. My band was also here. Melissa the lead singer was dating Billie-joe Armstrong from Green Day and he was here too.
"There you are!" Frank smiled bounding over to me.
"Hey" I smiled and kissed his lips, he snaked his arms around my waist pulling me closer to him.
"Im going to miss you" He whispered into my ear.
"You think im not going to miss you?" I said sarcastically. He laughed and we walked into the room.
"Shes alive!" Hozzie shouted sarcastically and laughing. Everyoen turned and smiled then went on with their conversations.
"FUCKING MEESE!" Gerard and Mikey argued.
"Are they still ahving that arguement?" I asked Hozzie.
"Yep, pretty much" She smiled.
"Moose" Mikey said
"SHUT UP ABOUT THE MOOSE AND THE MEESE!" Alicia shouted, she could be quite impatient.
"Meese" Gerard said. Alicia rolled her eyes and walked away. Gerard flipped his black hair and laughed.
"Okay the plural of moose is mooses okay?" Eva said.
"Fine" Mikey and Gerard agreed.
"Can you not stay a few more days?" My sister Rosie said coming over to me.
"I would if i could my friend" I said taking a drink of water.
"When you get back im making sure that are tours are together, same time period not one after the other" Frank smiled kissing my forehead.
"That would be a good idea" I agreed.
"See im a genius!" Frank said.
"Frank a genius? Dont make me laugh" Melissa said wandering over to me, Frank and Hozzie's little huddle.
"Hey its possible Mel!" Frank said.
"Yeah and i have 4 boobs" She said.
"OH MY GOD!" Frank shouted, playing along.
"Quit it Iero!" Melissa said.
"Aw" Frank then pulled her into a hug which she accepted.
"Are they enemies or friends?" Hozzie said
"Not a fucking clue" I replied.
"Guys come on lets play truth or dare!" Bliss the drummer shouted
"Okay" Everyone agreed and sat in a circle ready to play the game

that would cause one of the biggest arguements, the biggest fights, the biggest penalty known to My Chemical Romance and Black Broken Hearts.
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