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Truth Or Argument?

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Chapter 2

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Sorry for the late update! I have been a little bit busy >.<

Happy Valentines Day to you all :D

Unfortunatly im a loner for today -_-

But sure, noone is perfect


Frank :

The night was so free, it felt as if noone was leaving tomorrow, everyone was being themselves not wishing they were staying home or anything like that. Laughter, music, jokes, chatting and a slight bit of awkwardness was in the room but that didn't bother me. Mikey had started a game of truth or dare about a half hour ago. I was dared to makeout with Gerard's girlfriend Eva, Breeze was dared to give Ray a lap dance and Rosie was dared to walk around the rest of the night topless.
"Frank!" Mikey called.
"What?" I asked.
"Truth Or Dare my friend?" He said
"After what happened on my previous dare im going with Truth" I said
"So im a bad kisser" Eva said
"No you are an amzing kisser!" I said.
"Frank, who is the better kisser Eva or Breeze?" Mikey asked. 'ooohs' came from Melissa, Ray, Gerard and Bliss. A small silence then filled the room.
"Frank?" Breeze said turning to me. I said nothing, i dont know why but i was debating who was a good kisser or not in my head.
"It's me isn't it?" Eva winked. I swear i seen Breeze giving her a deathlook.
"I think we should go now" Hozzie said standing up.
"Yeah" Bliss said. Melissa stood up too.
"We will see you tomorrow for leaving day" Hozzie said pushing the other two girls out the door. Gerard pointed to the door and Mikey, Ray, Alicia, Crysta and Eva stood up.
"Well i will see you guys tomorrow" Gerard then grabbed Eva's hand and they walked out follwed by the others.
"Save it" Breeze said pissed off, i ahte it when she does this.
"It should have been a simple answer!" She shouted
"I hate it when you do this!" I shouted
"Do what?" She said turning around.
"Go crazy just because i didn't automatically say your name, are you jealous or something?" I shouted, i had been holding this all in since day 1.
"So she IS better" Breeze then made her way to the stairs crying.
"I didn't say that"
"Your hinting at it"
"Hinting at what?"
"You know exactly what"
"What?" I said.
"You have been using me to get close to Eva, the pieces finally fit together!" She shouted, the tears were streaming down her delicate, beautiful face. I had loved her for years, she has been the only one that i have truly cared for, Eva was a close friend, her BEST friend.
"Breeze, i fucking love you! your the onyl one that i fucking care about! You are practically my life!" I shouted grabbing her arm, that was when her sorrow and painful eyes met mine.
"It does not seem like that" She said
"Sometimes i wish i never met you, my life would have been fucking normal" She was starting to make me angry.
"Well unfortunatly that does not happen!"
"Fuck sake Frank"
"Go makeout with Eva!" She shouted that was when i cracked.
"Why cant i have a fucking normal life! I am stcuk with a girl who does not even give a shit about me! Who does not care! Who wouldnt care if i died tomorrow! Sometimes i wish YOU NEVER BECAME FAMOUS!" She then slammed the door and i fell to the ground my back against the wall. Not regretting what i said.
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