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Number 3 :)

and i know this is short so i will post the next chap as soon as i can x)


Frank :

It was a warm day, i could feel the sun on my skin. I felt the bed beneath me, i must have woken up during the night and then i just can't remeber heading upstairs to bed. I opened my eyes and stood up noting that i was in my jeans but no top and since it was my house i decided to not put a top on. I think i need to sort things out with Breeze because
A. i should have said Breeze immediantly my fault
B. I love her.
But she can apologize to me too by saying
A. I overreacted
B. I love you!
That would make me happy and put all that happened last night into the past. I looked around my room and it was different, the walls were beige, the last time i checked they were blue and where is the line of pictures of me and Breeze. I went over to my desk and found a picture of me with Emma.


Why am i in a picture with Emma Hayes? I would know that bitch anywhere! She spread rumours that i was cheating on Breeze a few years ago. I was sort of scared to go downstairs, i could hear laughs coming from downstairs and Metallica was blasting. But i couldn't stay up here forever so slowly i opened the door and began to slowly walk down stairs. My eyes grew wide, Gerard had his arm around Appollonia Coreleone, Emma Hayes was sitting on the sofa beside Mikey.
"Oh he is awake!" Ray called noticing me.
"Your alive Frankie!" Emma smiled. I walked downstairs quicker and Emma rushed over and hugged me squeezing me then kissing my cheek.
"Morning Frank" Gerard smiled. I tilted my head then Gerard became confused
"What?" Appollonia said fixing her hair.
"Nothing" Appollonia was also another fucking bitch i disliked.
"Where's Breeze, Melissa, Hozzie, Bliss, Rosie and Eva?" I asked.
"Who the fuck are they?" Ray said.
"Oh my fucking duck pond!" I shouted.
"Frank?" Gerard said
"This is bad, do you guys know the band Black Broken Hearts?" I asked
"Never heard of them" Mikey said appearing in the room. I grabbed my phone and noticed that i still had all their numbers except for Breeze's.
"This is bad, thi is so bad" I said putting my arma behind my head
"Frank get a shirt" Mikey said
"Its my fucking house!" I said.
"Yeah and we are your guests" Appollonia said.
"I dont even know why you are here! i fucking always hated you" I said, she knew i hated her.
"Frank? We have been close fucking friends for 4 years!" Appollonia stood forward.
"Oh fuck sake" I said punching a wall
"Dude calm down!" Ray said
"I need coffee" I said
"Coffee is disgusting" Gerard said
"GERARD ARTHUR WAY" I was in schock, NEVER have i heard Gerard way say thoses words or would i ever hear them.
"Yeah?" Gerard said
"COFFEE IS YOUR FUCKING LIFE!!" I shouted. My eyes were still wide.
"No, Appollonia and the band is my life" He said kissing Appollonia's cheek.
"Another thing, you hate- wait can i talk to you for a minute" I cut off midsentance.
"Sure" Gerard said, i dragged him into the kicthen
"Frank im here stop shaking me" Gerard said. I then boiled the kettle
"What are you doing?" Gerard asked
"Making coffee" I said
"Eugh, i told you that is disgusting!" Gerard said.
"Dude your scaring me stop it" I said
"Appollonia will be looking for-"
"Where the fuck is Eva?" I said
"Who is Eva?" Gerard asked
"Appollonia is my grilfriend Frankie, you seem different today" Gerard said
"Dude, i need to find Breeze" I said
"Breeze does not exsist" Gerard said
"Breeze is my girlfriend who is in a band and is best friends with your girlfriend Eva" I said
"Your dating Emma"
"Emma is a fucking old hag" I said letting out a deep breath.
"Now im taking you to Starbucks because this is a giant problem, i never thought i would hear you say those words against coffee" I said
"Dude Starbucks is the worst thing you can get". That was when i slapped him
"DUDE COME BACK MAN!" I said. Gerard touched his cheek
"Ow, now can i play guitar now?"
"OMFG" I shouted. Gerard sucked at guitar!

Holy shit i have to sort things out immediantly wheather i liked it or not.
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