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Tickets For MCR

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Im sorry for the lateness, i had GCSE exams and Art corusework and IT coursework and birthdays and a social life so here it is, will get next chap up as soon as i can :P

Sorry if its short i also had a little writers block


Breeze :

"BREEZE!" Rosie called running over to me holding a brown envelope, it was clear the people int he shop was as confused as i was. I worked in a small music shop, serving customers, but it was good because usually i would discuss some of my favourite bands with them for example My Chemical Romance.
"WHAT" I asked
"Guess what" She began to jump up and down and her eyes were full of excitement.
"What?" I asked turning down the radio. She handed me the brown envelope and i raised my right eyebrow. "OPEN IT!" She said
"Alright" I looked at it, clearly it was open thanks to Rosie, it was plain and didn't have any names on it. I opened it and lifted out its contents, i noted that it was concert tickets and turned them around.
"OH MY FUCKING GOD!" I screamed.
"I KNOW!" Rosie pulled me into a hug.
"MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE IS COMING HERE?!" I had no idea, i stood there frozen like a statue just staring at the ticket i held in my hand.
"Guess what else?" Rosie was always full of surprises.
"WHAT?" I asked
"Front Row -"
"OH MY GOD" I pulled her into a hug and we jumped up and down.
"They are for this time next week" Rosie smiled even wider.
"Im glad we enver moved from England" I smiled.
"I know!" Rosie smiled.
"My Chemical Romance, wow" I said
"I knew they were your favourite band" Rosie said
"How did you get them?" I asked Rosie.
"My friend Danielle decided to got o BVB instead so she asked me did i want them and i said yeah my sister loves MCR" Rosie explained
"Yeah" Rosie said
"Wow" I said
"Think about it, you have the tickets" Rosie said
"I love your friend Danielle" I said
"I will let her know you do" Rosie said
"Thanks sis, now i have to get back to work" I said
"Your taking me aren't you?" Rosie batted her eyes
"OF COURSE I AM!" I said
"Good Breeze!" Rosie laughed
"I'll see you at home" I said
"Later" Rosie called leaving the shop. My day just got better. Inside the envelope was also backstage passes i screamed again and all the customers in the shop looked over at me
"Sorry" I said. They shook their heads and continued browsing. I smiled to myself, nothing could bring this day down.

Frank :

I have been trying to get this situation around my head, but it isnt working.
"Guys i have the tour schedule" Gerard said walking through the door holding an envelope, he had left his wallet at his house and had to run back and get it and Brian had psoted it through the door.
"Okay, so whwere are we heading?" I asked
"UK" Gerard said. Breeze lived in the UK, what if she still lives there? What if she never came to America and is living in UK?
"What cities?" Mikey asked
"London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Leeds, Birmingham, Glasgow and then we head out to France" Gerard read out the schedule. Breeze lived in London and that was our first stop. Hopefully i see her, hopefully i will be able to track her down.
"Your leaving me" Emma said to me. I shivered. I was just so confused about this whole thing and another thing that confused me is that Gerard was dating Appollonia (i thought she was a lesbian).
"I know" I said then she kissed me. In my head i was screaming but her lips were soft and gentle.
"When do we leave?" Ray asked
"5 days" Gerard smiled.
"I need to find Breeze and the rest of the band" I said
"Who the fuck is Breeze?" Emma asked taking hold of my hand.
"Frank are you okay?" Gerard asked
"I said it once and i said it again coffee-"
"Calm down" Mikey said
"Okay" I said putting my head in my hands. At least we are going to london. I just pray she is there.
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