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Chapter Thirteen- Too Late

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Drama at Hogsmeade, and a decision Harry could regret.

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Chapter Thirteen-Too Late

Harry spent that dinnertime desperately wishing he hadn’t listening to Hermione’s desperate pleas of ‘Harry! Don’t you’ll get in trouble’ and ‘Please, Harry, it could be dangerous.’ He had therefore been swayed and decided not to find out a little more about the strange and unnerving professor Desdemona. Although he and Ron had secretly agreed to, if given a better incentive and of course a good opportunity, when ever that would come again, he didn’t know.

Harry was inwardly quite glad Hermione had finished dinner quickly and gone to the library as it meant he didn’t have to listen to her and Ron quarrel, and he still wasn’t to happy because the chance to have the defence against the dark arts room empty was something which only occurred once in a blue moon.
Ron was also equally, if not greater, annoyed at the witch. It seemed as though he had also finally understood that something was not right about the DADA professor, but of course nothing ever was right about a defence against the dark arts teachers.

Harry sure hoped any harsh feelings in the air would dissipate before tomorrows Hogsmeade visit. He felt like he hadn’t had a day out of the castle for ages. After all Harry hadn’t been out much during the summer mainly due to his lack of consciousness. He had already talked to Neville to see if he and Luna could meet up in the village. Neville had said yes instantly, but had gotten a tad defensive, ‘Luna? I don’t know if she’s going or not. Why would I know...? I’ll ask her though, later.” This left Harry confused; he had just assumed they were going out or something because they had always been together when he saw them, then again, he had never seen them do anything which would suggest they were.

“Oi, Hhhaaaarrrrryyyy.” Ginny said slowly, pronouncing and emphasizing every letter. She had evidently been trying to get his attention for some time.

The table was nearly empty. Ron and Neville were chatting intently on the other side of the Gryffindor table, yet secretly at the same time, Harry couldn’t catch what they were saying . Ginny was sat next to him, squarely facing him. In the corner of his eye, he could see Cho watching him over at the Ravenclaw table; she was looking at him discreetly through her lashes. Luna was also looking at him, but she waved noticeably and so enthusiastically she nearly hit the poor fourth year boy sat near her. He then took in Ginny’s gaze.

“Er…sorry.” Harry said quickly, hoping he wasn’t blushing.

“I asked if you were going to Hogsmeade tomorrow Harry and if so, could I tag along with you, and Hermione and Ron. I don’t fancy being a third wheel with Neville and Luna” Ginny repeated for him.

“Oh yeah, sure” Harry responded with a smile. He was greeted with a smile in return.

“So, what was it that you were thinking about before?” She asked leaning in slightly towards him and whispering so others around the table could not hear.
“Nothing” He said quickly.

She smiled as if she expected this and whilst she was looking down at her plate of food, Harry could of swore he heard her whisper sarcastically, under her breath, “Of course not.”

They then spent the rest of the evening in the Gryffindor common room with Ron. Harry lost to Ron in chess as usual and the rest of the time was spent discussing the upcoming quidditch match. Under all the banter Harry thought Ron seemed inwardly nervous. Hermione wasn’t any where to be seen.

Harry looked down at his watch; five minutes to eight.
He had another lesson with Dumbledore. Occlumency was now, in Harry’s opinion, pointless. With Voldemort’s knowledge of the prophecy it seemed he had increased vigour and force. Voldemort was happier and had had an even greater surge of power. Which Harry knew wasn’t good but he just couldn’t stop his subconscious mind wanting to know what Voldemort was doing.

Harry jumped up at once, hoping he wouldn’t be late. Ron and Neville looked up at him curiously.

“Oh, Dumbledore?” Ron asked, looking up from his game of chess with Neville. Even from standing it was obvious Neville was about to have his bishop taken.

The only response Harry had time to give was “Yeah”, before hurriedly leaving.

He then walked as quickly as he could out of the common room, and then ran all the way to the headmaster’s office. He didn’t pass anyone on the way. The castle seemed strangely lonely this year more than any other. Although maybe it was just the hour.

He gave the password (Liquorice wand) to the gargoyle. Sprinted up the stone steps and knocked as politely as he could.
Albus Dumbledore was sat in robes of midnight blue around his desk. The portraits were all pretending to be asleep as normal. The sky was dark outside the window. Fawkes was perched in the corner of the room, with a wing covering his head, but he did look up briefly as Harry entered the room.

“Harry” Dumbledore said with a smile.
If Harry was indeed late, Dumbledore didn’t seem to notice or comment on it.

“Hi Sir” Harry responded. As he then took the seat opposite his professor.

“How has your day been, Harry?” Dumbledore said conversationally.

“Er” Harry began, thinking about the wand incident and then about the mysterious person behind the portrait in the corridor outside the potions room. “Fine.” He finished. He desperately hoped his lie wasn’t too noticeable.

Dumbledore gave him a calculating look but didn’t press him. “How’s your occlumency coming along?”

Harry really had no idea what to say to that. Could he really say ‘crap’ to a professor? Probably not, he thought. Instead he just settled for a shrug. Although he thought, based upon the x-ray feeling he had just felt that Dumbledore, did indeed, know what he had wanted to say.
“Have you been practicing regularly?” The teacher asked politely.
“Well, yeah, of course, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything? Harry said quickly, letting it all of his chest at once, before looking down at his shoes.
Dumbledore was silent and Harry could feel his eyes on himself. “Then, perhaps, it is time for another practice, Harry” He said quietly whilst getting up and gesturing to Harry to do the same. Harry nodded and took his place across from the man.

“Ok Harry, three, two, one, Legimens.”

Harry saw himself that morning at breakfast when he had snapped at Hermione and Ron. He saw himself talking to Ginny at breakfast. He saw himself lash out at Draco on the Hogwarts express. Then the image of him one morning waking in the middle of the night after a nightmare. Then he witnessed the glare he had given to Hermione’s back after she had threatened to give them a detention if they had ransacked Desdemona’s office. Finally he saw himself in the defence against the dark classroom, when he wordlessly summoned his wand back to himself, the expression on the faces the class showed astonishment.

Then it stopped and Harry found himself face to face with the headmaster.

“Please sit down Harry”
Harry sat; he had obviously failed to block Dumbledore out of his mind. Harry was glad, though, that the professor hadn’t seen that person overhearing him and Hermione. Although Harry wasn’t sure when would be a good time to mention it, but judging by his professor’s face, now wasn’t a good time.

The professor sat in front of Harry and just watched him for a couple minutes until Harry looked back and met his eyes. The professor looked…tired. Harry couldn’t place why.
Harry hoped that Dumbledore would come up with some spectacular solution, after all he usually did, and Harry had to admit a whole nights sleep would be pleasant.

“I think, Harry, it would be best if we discontinue our lessons for several of weeks.” Dumbledore said his face difficult to read.
Harry had not been expecting that.
It looked sad, not disappointed as Harry would have expected.


“By all means come to me if you have another vision-”

“-Sir, I don’t understand. I can practice more or...”

“No Harry, it’s not about practice, I believe that you have been trying. You are improving; there is no need to be hard on yourself.”

“Then what?”

Dumbledore was silent for a while, although it felt a lot longer than a while in Harry’s head.
“Harry, my boy, I think these lessons have helped you to a certain extent… but, I think the help they will give you now is limited and before long may become the opposite of helpful. I think you would benefit more from the…company of your friends.”

He hadn’t been expecting that either. “What?”

“Have you shared the contents of the prophecy with your friends Ron and Hermione?”

“No” Harry answered even more confused. “Why does it matter if I have or not?”

“Harry, you need your friends. Keeping secrets in not healthy for any relationship; it puts strains on a friendship, I just witnessed it happening a few moments ago.”

Harry tried to think of some comeback, defence, any thing, but he found himself completely lost for words. Inwardly, he thought this was a silly basis to stop his training but knew Dumbledore had a reason. He always did. He had to have a reason, after all this was important; it could result in him losing the battle with Voldemort, It had to be a very important reason then. Harry had the feeling Dumbledore wasn’t telling him everything, though.

“Do you not think you owe it to your friends to tell them?” Dumbledore continued, disrupting Harry’s train of thought.

Yes, Harry felt like Dumbledore was hiding something. Again.

“Won’t knowing it put them in even more danger?” Harry asked.

Dumbledore sighed deeply. “Lord Voldemort already knows the prophecy Harry.”

“Yeah, and if he know they know it, he might think I have told them other stuff to” Harry muttered.

Dumbledore sighed deeper again this time, whilst looking off into the distance pensively. His eyes troubled. “Harry, I think it important and crucial you tell someone else the contents of the prophecy.”

Harry briefly wondered how he knew Remus did know, “Fine. I will” he finally said, trying to keep the edge out of his voice.

With his mind plagued with questions he didn’t even notice the walk through the corridors back to the common room and before he had looked up he walked straight into Hagrid, knocking himself to the floor. Earning himself an odd look from Parvati and Lavender as they passed on their way to the girl’s dormitory.

“’Hi Harry, blimey I nearly forgo’ what you looked like its bin that long since yer last visited me” Hagrid’s booming voice came. Harry took the half giants hand and was pulled to his feet.

Hagrid was wearing his big moleskin coat. He was clothed in brown and black clothes. His eyes were the same beetle black shade. His face was lit up with a smile.

“Sorry Hagrid. I’ve just been…busy.”

“How’re yer feelin’ Harry? I heard yer were- well I heard abou’ this summer. I came ter visit yer on’y yer weren’ awake.”

“I’m fine” Harry replied as usual. Hagrid’s face dropped slightly. “Sorry I haven’t been to see you Hagrid, I was going to, but I’ve been busy with quidditch and Dumbledore lessons and well Voldemort.”

Hagrid froze and shuddered slightly at Voldemort’s name but nodded.

“Can I come some time soon?” Harry asked guiltily.
“Yea’ course, Harry, always.” Hagrid replied, his smile returning. Then it was as if he had suddenly remembered something. “Harry wha’ are yer doin’ out here, this late, on yer own, in the dark.” He said quickly. His eyes searching around d the hallway, resting on the shadow filled corners.
“Dumbledore wanted me to-” Harry began, only to be interrupted by a ‘Shhhh’ from Hagrid.
“Nevermin’ Nevermin’” Hagrid said quickly, “I’ll walk with yer back to yer common room; I'm goin’ that way meself anyway.”

Harry felt like he was being escorted rather than accompanied to the Gryffindor portrait hole. He said his goodbyes to Hagrid and clambered in.

Ron was nowhere to be seen. Hermione was sat in one of the chairs in the corner. Her face screwed in concentration as her eyes went from left to right on the book in front of her face. She looked up as Harry arrived.
“Hi Harry” She said, although it was more to judge his reaction rather than as a greeting.
“Hey Hermione” Harry said
“Look, Harry, I’ve been thinking maybe I was wrong, I-”
“No, it’s fine Hermione.” Harry finished with a smile and a yawn, “Look, I’ll see you tomorrow, I’m kinda tired.” He continued with another yawn.
They said their goodnights and he left for the sixth year boy’s dormitory.

Harry wondered whether he should of told her, then, about the prophecy. Like Dumbledore thought so important. No, he would wait until Ron and Hermione were both there.

As he climbed the stairs he could hear raised voices. When he came through the door he was greeted by Ron was sat on his bed, glaring at Dean. Seamus was looking between Ron and Dean, while sat on his own bed. Neville was standing up by his bed as I ready to jump up if one threw themselves at the other.
“It wasn’t my fault.” Said an exasperated Dean. His voice rising with every syllable. His chest rising.

“Oh, yeah, sorry how wasn’t breaking up with my sister your fault?” Ron replied angrily, with a sarcastic tone to his voice. “What, wasn’t she good enough for you?”

Harry crossed the room to sit on the edge of his bed. It might have been Harry’s imagination but he was sure Dean was trying very hard not to look at him, by keeping his eyes on Ron.

“Look Ron maybe if you knew the whole stor-” Seamus began saying.

Everyone turned to look at him. Dean flung his head around at Seamus who instantly stopped talking. In seemed Dean and Seamus both knew the whole story.

“No, don’t stop, I want to know” Ron retorted loudly.

“Ron, if you really want to know then I suggest you ask your sister, and not take it out on me because she won’t tell you.”

Dean said before he swung around again and made for the door. As he walked past Harry he looked him in the eye. It might have been his imagination but he could have sworn Dean had raised his eyebrow at him slightly. Seamus followed Dean out. Harry, Neville and Ron were left in the room in silence. Ron was gazing heatedly at the doorway.

“What was that about?” Harry asked when he was sure the others were out of hearing range. Although he wasn’t best friends with Dean or Seamus, he certainly didn’t dislike them. He thought that Seamus really hadn’t done anything wrong; just stood up for Dean. As Harry would have done if the situation had been reversed.
“Dean. The git said something to Ginny over the summer and it really got to her, but he won’t say what it was, and neither will Ginny.”

“Oh.” Harry replied, unsure of what to say, Neville gave a slight nod of the head as if to mimic Harry’s unease.

As Harry lay in bed that night, he thought about the day he had had. It felt like one of the longest days he had since he had returned to Hogwarts, and so could hardly wait to get out of the castle.

Harry spent the early morning watching the sun rise from the comfort of the arm chair in the common room, as was now the routine due to waking up in the early morning because of scar pains or strange dreams which he had forgotten within seconds of waking up. Not to mention the frequent dreams of his parents on the night of their death.

Harry subconsciously rubbed his scar while twisting his wand in his fingers.

Neville was first down the stairs, unusual, Harry always thought Hermione was the first down.

“Hi Harry” Neville said, while plonking down on the comfy sofa perpendicular from Harry. He looked tired, as if he rather belonged curled up in his bed instead of across from Harry.

“Neville?” Harry said confused.

“Heard you get up” Neville said quietly, looking away, the reflection of the flames of the fire dancing in his eyes. Harry could recall being very carefully quiet getting out of bed; he was starting to suspect one of his dorm mates may become aware of his… early rising.

“Oh” Harry replied also looking away.

“Harry, you know, if you ever want to talk, I’m here.” Neville said almost silently, yet comfortably.

“Thanks Neville” He responded meeting the boy’s eyes with a smile.
They were both quiet for a while.

“So”, Harry asked in an off hand voice, “Is Luna going to Hogsmeade with you?”

Neville looked back at him and saw his half smile, “Yes, well no, well, she’s not going with me, we’re just going around, together.” Neville replied.

“You know you and Cho, last year.”

Harry caught where this was going but wanted a bit of fun. “Yeah, say no more, mate.”
“So how did you… you know…ask…her, Cho.”

“Just I don’t know…say ‘Hey do you want to go out with me’ and she might get the message” Harry said, trying to sound confident and full of experience.
Neville just nodded looking towards the flames again, pensively. “I…I really like her.” Neville blurted out.

“Well I hear Cho’s still single, so just go for it” He said trying to hide his laugh. “Just hit the nail on the head.” Harry said in-between breaths.
“WHAT!” Neville’s face portrayed more emotions on it than Harry had ever seen in his life, he couldn’t hold it in anymore, he burst out laughing, joined after a minute by Neville.

They were positively giddy when Hermione arrived down the stairs, followed by Ginny. Both were dressed and ready for Hogsmeade.
“What’s so funny” Hermione asked with a smile.
“We heard you both all the way down from the staircase.” Ginny informed them, whilst stifling a yawn.
“Just Harry’s deluded head” Neville replied with a smile, answering the question.
“Ohhh, you meant L-”Harry began, with a crooked smile.
Neville threw the nearest pillow at him, silencing Harry, even though Harry really hadn’t intended to actually say ’Luna’ but it was still fun teasing Neville.

Neville muttered a new name for Harry as he went back up to the dormitory. Leaving Harry, Hermione and Ginny to wait for Ron.

Breakfast was a quick affair; even Hermione waffled down her toast. Harry pretended not to notice the meaningful gaze Cho gave him.
News of Fudge's death was not in the mornings daily prophet, Hermione proposed it was because they wanted a suitable replacement before they announced it, and of course they didn't want to worry the public, however, how long they could keep it secret? Harry didn't know, in addition to not knowing how much control of the ministry Voldemort had, well he would find out soon enough, that much was given.

“Come on” Ron groaned impatiently as Harry chewed on his slice toast.
“Let me just chew my food” Harry choked. Ginny patted him helpfully on the back when he started coughing.
“Chew later, come on” Ron replied excitedly.
As soon as they finished they practically raced out of the door, Malfoy was watching their every step, whilst also rising out of his seat, followed suit by Crabbe and Goyle. Harry was moving to fast to be able to give them a second look.

They past a glaring Filch at the door in the front entrance but that didn’t even lower the mood. The fresh crisp air felt wonderful through Harry’s nostrils. Of course he had been out at Quidditch practices but they were under the cover of evening, and then Hermione wasn’t there.
Under the icy trail of sunlight the path into the village was illuminated, and the money in Harry’s pocket was dancing merrily.

“So where first?” Harry asked no one in particular.
“Honeydukes or Zonko’s” Ron said quickly.
“Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop?” Hermione said simultaneously, although after the look from both Harry and Ginny she finished, “What? I need some new Quills.”
“What do you do with them?” Ginny asked with a smile.
“My homework” Hermione responded defiantly.
“Well so do we, but we don’t need-” Ron replied.

“So, Ginny anywhere you want to go?” Harry asked walking behind of Ron and Hermione, who were still in deep discussion over what was a suitable amount of homework.
“Well, wouldn’t mind a butterbeer.” Ginny said with a shiver.
Harry had the urge to give her his coat, but didn’t.

“You?” Ginny asked.
“Honeydukes would be good, but so would anywhere which wasn’t Madam Puddifoot’s”
“Yeah, I heard about that.” Ginny replied with a sympathetic smile then a giggle.
It was quiet for a minute before Harry leaned in closer to her, and whispered to her, so that Rona and Hermione in front had not a hope of hearing, “Did you hear about Ron and Dean last night?” Harry asked, if Ron couldn’t get out of Dean what happened, he had a shot, right?
Ginny stopped walking by coming to a sudden halt. Ron and Hermione were still walking unaware.
“What happened? No, wait, what did Ron say? What did Dean say?” Ginny asked quietly, looking own at her feet.
“I don’t really know, I walked in half way through, they were basically just yelling.” Harry said lamely, “Awkward as hell, this morning apparently, Neville told me when we were waiting for Ron.”
“So what did you actually hear?” Ginny asked, still not meeting Harry’s eyes.
“That depends” Harry said just as quietly, Hermione and Ron were still walking ahead, but it looked as if Hermione had slowed down considerably, she had probably noticed just not let on. “What actually happened, between you and Dean?”
Ginny sighed quietly and looked up to meet Harry. Her breath rose in a mist and slowly dissipated into the air.
“Nothing” Ginny whispered with a small smile, reminding Harry of their conversation at breakfast the other day, so she knew he had been lying.
“Of course not.” Harry replied back, sarcastically.
Their eyes met and they both smiled at one another.
“Come on, before they notice we’re not behind them.” Harry said, running along side her to catch up with his two best friends, although he hadn’t intended it to be a race, he could tell Ginny was trying to out run him.
“I’m just saying maybe there are more important things than Hogwarts, A History.” Ron finished.
Hermione huffed and then followed Ron and Harry into Honeydukes, followed by Ginny.

The smell hit them instantaneously. A combination of all the treats that had kept him happy all over the years. Third years were gazing at the sweets in wonderment, fourth years pulling out their coin purses. Harry recognised Cho and a group of friends over in the corner surrounding a box of pink chocolates, Cho quickly stood in front of the item as she saw Harry, and she gave him a wink!

“Come on Harry” Hermione said, taking his arm, rather firmly and leading him to the opposite side of the shop. Ron was standing over by the cauldron cakes. Ginny was staring straight at Cho, both girls smiled sweetly at each other, but Harry noticed neither of the smiles reached their eyes.

They spent quite a while in the shop, Harry and Ron both loaded up on sweets. As they were leaving Harry noticed the steps lading down to the basement where the secret passage to Hogwarts was. Gone were the days when he had to hike under the invisibility cloak to get there.

When they left the shop they headed to Zonko’s. The street was mainly filled with Hogsmeade students; there weren’t as many locals as Harry remembered on previous visits.
“Quite a few of the shops have been closed down, haven’t they?” Hermione said to the group.

Now Harry thought about it, she was right. They past several empty shops, and a couple had large planks of wood covering the doors, a shop Harry recognised as the Magic Neep, a grocery shop, looked as if it had been left at the last minute, the door was open, revealing a disarray of various items strewn across the floor.
“I don’t think closed is the right word” Harry said as they walked past.
“More like been abandoned.” Ron added.
“Maybe or maybe the owner’s had no choice, looks like he left in a bit of a hurry if you ask me.” Harry said thoughtfully as they passed.
“What do death eaters want with a couple of turnips?” Ron asked.
“Maybe it wasn’t the turnips they were after.” Harry said pensively.
“No, stop it” Hermione began, “This is meant to be fun.”

Ron and Harry both silenced, and they arrived at Zonko’s. Zonko’s was filled with jokes and toys. This shop was packed, although Malfoy was nowhere to be seen. Luna and Neville were over in a corner of the shop, Luna was carefully examining Frog Spawn Soap. Harry really wished he could see Fred and George’s joke shop, Weasley Wizard Wheezes so he could compare. Then he guessed it was too late now.
When they left Zonko’s with their pockets considerably lighter, Harry noted that there was several staff members positioned around the village, it could be a coincidence, but then again Harry really didn’t suppose Flitwick was in the habit of skulking around the corner of the joke shop.

“Harry, Harry!” He heard Neville yell from behind. With Luna on tail.

“Hey Neville, Luna” Harry said.

“Hey” Ron greeted.

“Four Broomsticks?” Was all Neville needed to say.

They looked a big crowd as they trundled in out of the cold. Luna was humming merrily, Neville was talking quietly to Neville in front, and Harry was walking in between of Hermione and Ginny.
As they sat down, Dean and Seamus, who had been seated near their table, got up and caught the door and left, Ron apparently didn’t seem to notice.
There table was situated near the window. They had a good view of the path leading back up to the castle. Through the glass, Harry could see a trail of students outside.
It was warm and cosy in the inn. Madam Rosmerta was

Ron and Neville brought the butterbeers over just as an unexpected visitor arrived at the table.
It was Cho.
“Harry, can I have a word,” Cho said, before adding, “alone.”

Everyone at the table stopped talking and faced Harry. No one seemed to know what to say.
“Oh, err. Well, we just got drinks and I don’t want it to get cold” Harry lamely said, internally wincing at how bad his excuses where getting. He would have to work on them if Cho was going to keep this up.

“It’s ok, I’ll be quick” She said with a pretty smile.

Harry couldn’t se how he could really get out of this, his friends were all being unusually quiet, maybe they thought it impolite to give Harry clues as to a good excuse while in front of the girl he wanted to use it on. Hermione was looking sympathetic, Luna oddly concentrated, Neville gave a small smile, Ginny’s eyes didn’t move from Cho’s and Ron was looking straight at him.

Inside all Harry was thinking was, ‘OK, this was it, he was going to say no, ‘Sorry Cho, I’d usually be more than delighted, but this is a bad time, maybe tomorrow’ no, defiantly not tomorrow, scrap that. ‘Sorry, Cho. I'm just not that interested’, yeah, that was good, he was going to say that, nice and easy, just not interested, ok, here it goes.’
“Sure.” Harry’s mouth said of its own accord. ‘Oh, crap!’

Harry didn’t even dare face his friends as he followed her. She led him past all the fellow students; Lavender Brown did a double take when she saw him following Cho, although there was still no sign of Malfoy. She took him up some steps and then along a corridor and through a door, into a very small room.
This seemed like a long way to go for just a quick chat, Harry thought. As Harry went into the room, he could almost sense that someone was watching him, standing around the corner on the staircase. Harry closed the door and kept his wand handy in his jacket pocket.

“So” Harry began, Cho was staring at him, seemingly waiting for him to speak first.

“So?” Cho repeated or just said, Harry couldn’t tell which.

“What’s up?” Harry asked.

Cho moved closer to him, not touching each other close, but so uncomfortably close, he could feel her warm minty breath on his face. Minty?
Harry couldn’t shake the feeling he was being watched, that there was someone behind the door. Someone had already heard something they shouldn’t have by hiding behind a tapestry, was he really going to let that happen again.

“Harry-” Cho began, moving closer, their faces were barely inches away.
The door creaked. Both he and Cho turned, it was still closed.

“Wait” Harry said and pointed to the door. Harry was were in a flash, he flung it open fast enough to catch the image of Draco Malfoy’s blond hair as he ran back down the steps. Harry sprinted after. He past Crabbe and Goyle at the bottom of the stairs but they were to slow to stop him, he was on Malfoy’s tail.
The inn was busy and lots of people were talking so it was hard to notice two boys trying to get through the crowd. As Harry caught the door to the outside after Malfoy, he saw Luna stand quickly and say something to the others who also turned to look, but it was too late.

Harry raced after Malfoy, the streets were less busy than when he had been out earlier, but Harry couldn’t notice specific people just shapes. As they whirled round the corner at the end of the street and dived at Draco’s legs. Success. Both toppled over.

They were up looking at each other as quickly as they had fallen. Both were scowling at the other, although Draco had his signature sneer imprinted on his face as well.

“How did your date go?” Malfoy asked with a scoff.

“You know bloody well it wasn’t a date, don’t you? You’ve been following me all day haven’t you?” That would explain why Harry hadn’t seen him all day.

“Touchy touchy, aren’t we Potter?”

“I’d be careful if I were you, Malfoy, not got you Crabbe and Goyle here to protect you have you?”

“You couldn’t even if you wanted to.”

“Oh yeah, don’t you remember the train journey home last year, bet mummy and daddy were proud to find you knocked out on the floor, bet they liked the improvements we made to your face n all.”
Malfoy withdrew his wand, as did Harry.

No one was around his street; it seemed to lead up away from Hogwarts and away from the village. There was just a winding path what looked as if it hadn’t been used to years. All their friends must have ran down the round way after them. They were all alone.

“At least I had parents to go home to” Malfoy stated simply.

Harry could feel his blood reeling. He tried telling himself ‘don’t rise to it’, and ‘don’t do anything stupid’ but it was useless. He could feel the anger burning up inside of him; he tried not to be shaken by his fury. Malfoy’s smile was enough he make Harry want to hurt him. The anger it caused. Harry felt as if he was on fire. Malfoy’s smile dropped a bit. When Harry spoke, however, his voice was steady, “Well, you might not for long, daddy’s not on Voldemort’s good side lately is he?”

The effect was instantaneous. Wands forgotten. They lunged at each other. Harry’s hand was already a fist. This was what he had been waiting for, he remembered back in his first year, more than anything had he wanted to have a fight or duel with Malfoy, but he hadn’t shown, instead they had had to run from Filch and nearly become dinner to a gigantic dog by the name of Fluffy.
He felt Draco’s foot connect somewhere with his calf. Malfoy then had to dodge out of the way of Harry’s punch. Harry then redirected one to Malfoy’s face. Contact. However it was the same time that Harry felt a pain in his chest. Malfoy had got him as well. Harry’s foot hit Draco’s side and Draco’s fist hit his shoulder. Harry could see a trail of blood escaping Draco’s nose, it looked at an odd angle; Harry was secretly very proud of himself. He couldn’t see any blood on himself at the briefest of glances. Both his and Draco’s clothes were inevitably dirty and possibly complete with several rips. But somehow it didn’t matter, Draco was all that mattered right now.
It was only at that point Harry remembered he was a wizard. The wand was out faster than you could imagine. Harry sent the first hex.
“Alarte Ascendare.”
Malfoy, who was hurriedly getting out his wand, went propelling up into the air and fell back down to the ground with a painful thump.
Malfoy got up quickly before screaming, “Duro.” Harry wordlessly did a shield charm; he didn’t fancy being turned into stone.

“Diminuendo” Harry yelled. Malfoy just got out of the way. Both person’s eyes were locked on to the others. The street could be up in flames for all Harry cared, but neither boy would have noticed.
“Redactum Skullus”, Malfoy said. Harry dived to the floor and the spell when over his head.
“Inflatus” Harry fired back; it missed Malfoy by inches and carried on going into the distance.
“Diffindo” Malfoy spat back, his wand directed straight at Harry’s chest.

The spells were getting more dangerous now. Harry deflected in back at Malfoy with ‘Protecto’, Draco quickly dodged it. Harry doubted that the spell would have killed him, but it was a slicing charm. It could grievously injure. Half of Harry’s head was telling him to stop, he really didn’t want to get into trouble, but the other half…well it didn’t really give a damn about trouble, it just wanted to hurt him, Draco. Harry didn’t know why he hadn’t even considered expelliarmus; it just didn’t seem fair… or enough.

Harry noticed several sparks escape out of his own wand, beams of light, was he really losing control. Harry had no conscious memory of casting them, or even saying an incantation, but jets of light were flying out of his wand headed at the boy in front of him. Even colours of spells he was sure had never been taught.

How far was this going to go, after all there was no one around to stop it, they could just keep going until… Well he wasn’t going to be the first to back out.

Harry and Draco were about to raise their wands to each other again, when they were interrupted.

Professor McGonagall, Flitwick, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Luna, Cho, Ginny, Crabbe and Goyle were standing at the corner having evidentially seen the fight, or part of it at least. Hermione’s mouth was actually hanging wide open. Ron’s eyes were wide open.

Yes, Harry realised too late, he should have stopped the fight, but it was most definitely too late for that now. The only thing he could wonder now was how much trouble was he going to be in.

“Enough!” McGonagall yelled in the loudest voice Harry had ever heard her use, if he had previously thought her mouth could go no thinner he was indeed sadly mistaken.

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