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Girls. They Smell.

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Introduction and Amy first calls her brother asking if she could stay with him to get away from an abusive relationship. Of course, Pete gets freaked out.... so yeah.

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Chapter One: Girls. They Smell.

"Come on, I have money on this..." four young adults sat on the edge of their seats on their run down couch watching the 2001 World Series.
"There goes the hit..." another one mumbled as he crossed his fingers.
"AND THE DIAMONDBACKS WIN!!!!" the announcer screamed. All the guys' faces sank and the phone rang.
"It must be Shane... he probably wants his money," the oldest one, at 22, a strapping young lad named Pete muttered, his face in his hands. The youngest, Joe at 17 got up and answered the phone.
"Nope, it's for Andy," he threw the phone and Andy caught it with grace.
"Thanks," He put the phone to his ear and listened as a female voice rang threw his ears.
"Really?" he asked as Patrick, the second youngest raised his eyebrow.
"Oh my god, that's terrible!" Andy's worried voice made Pete look up from cursing.
"I wonder who it is," he whispered to Patrick who sat next to him.
"Yeah," he agreed.
"Well, babes, you're always welcome to stay here with me," As Andy walked over to the kitchen, the three remaining guys faces shot up in surprise.
ANOTHER PERSON IN THIS HOUSE?!?!?! Was the first thing to run threw their heads.
"Alright, um, I'll call you when I got everything put through, and I'll make it ASAP, for your sakes," Another nod of the head and all the guy's decisions were made up.
"No, Andy... your girlfriend may not stay with us,"
"Alright Amy... Love ya too," with that the phone was put back on its base and Andy slowly made his way back to the couch.
"No," was the first thing to come out of Pete's mouth. Andy raised an eyebrow and Patrick nodded in agreement.
"There are too many people here already," Joe laughed at their statements.
"Since when did you get a girlfriend?" Joe pushed Andy and his annoyed face shut them all up from laughing.
"First off, Amy is my sister..." he paused for a moment and watched as their faces changed in expression.
"Alrighty then, she can come..." Patrick said as Joe nodded his head. Still Pete protested.
"Whatever..." he rolled his eyes and stood to go to his room.
"What's up his ass?" Andy asked to nobody in particular. Both of the youngins' shook their heads.
"Well, I better call Amy back,"

Meanwhile, Pete sat in his dark room strumming his bass.
od damnit... another person to put up with in this house. And on top of that, it's a girl...Girls... they piss me off. And they smell...wait...
Pete straightened up as Andy stepped into his room. The light from outside leaked in and his face was outlined in the darkness.
"Hey, just to let you know, Amy will be here by tomorrow night," Pete rolled his eyes and mumbled a response before going back to plucking his beloved bass. Andy sighed and left his room, closing it behind him. Still, Pete could hear them talking outside at the kitchen bar.

"So... why is Amy coming anyways?" Joe asked as he stirred his ramen.
"Well... she recently got in a relationship, and turns out that bastard was abusive, so she needed to get out," Andy half spoke half whispered. Patrick's eyes widened.
"Wow... how old is she?" Patrick asked putting his share of food in his mouth.
"20. She's not that younger than me, really," Andy said as he heated up his own diner.

As Pete listened in, he seemed to be overcome with grief for the Hurley sister. He shook his head.
Pete. Snap out of it. It's a girl, remember, THEY SMELL!!!!
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