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"I'd Hit That,"

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That early morning, Amy moved into the band's apartment. She feels a little un-easy, but sleeps for most of the first few hours of being a resident. Meanwhile, Joe and Patrick swoon over how hot sh...

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Chapter Two: I'd Hit That...

Muffled rustling woke young Peter up from his deep sleep and he mumbled angrily before kicking the sheets off of his form. Sighing, he walked out into the hallway and saw what he thought to be Amy handing a box to Andy.
Pete rolled his eyes before looking back at Amy. She stood in lose fitting Capri's, ones that looked like sport pants and a baby blue cami. Her dirty blonde hair was pulled up into a pony tail and some strands hung loosely behind her ears. When she turned around, sensing the eyes on herself, she raised an eyebrow and covered her mouth shyly. Looking down, Pete realized he was still in his boxers. Feeling a blush rise to his cheeks, he backed right into his room and shut the door.
God damnit...

"And who was that?" Amy asked as Andy came back to grab one of her bags. He waved a hand like it was no big deal. Amy grabbed her purse that she had left earlier and closed the door. She followed Andy down the hallway and watched as two other guys came into view at their doorways.
"Patrick," Andy spoke his name and he straightened up. "Since you have the biggest room in this apartment, Amy will be staying with you," Patrick was still half asleep as well, since it was 9, but he nodded his head. Amy tightened her grip on her purse and offered a small smile. Once she was all set up she snuggled into her own bed and with one of her eyes open watched as Andy and Patrick left her to sleep.
"So..." Andy asked as he stood in the kitchen, trying to find a proper breakfast.
"All I can say is... DAMN! Your sister is HOT!" Joe laughed and bent over his cereal. Patrick smirked and nodded in head in agreement.
"I'd hit that," he joked. Andy sighed and shook his head.
"Whatever... just don't do anything stupid, she just got out of that kind of crap," Andy said, fining a box of lucky charms.
"Why does she have to stay with me?" Patrick asked as he grabbed some for himself.
"I trust you," Andy muttered while he swallowed a bite of his meal. Patrick raised an eyebrow.
"Meaning, you won't do anything stupid, you're the smart one of the group," Joe laughed.
"Oh, why can't Amy stay with you? You are her brother," Patrick protested again.
"Cause if you remember correctly, I already share a room with Joe here, and I don't think she would like to hear him all night long," Patrick nodded his head.
"Ok, ok... but I am not going to buy her womanly stuff when I go out grocery shopping," Andy smirked and shook his head.
"No worries,"
"So..." Joe started. "Are we going to party tonight? You know, to welcome her in?" Patrick raised an eyebrow and Andy checked the fridge.
"No booze," he muttered. They all turned around with the jingle of keys.
"I'll handle it," Pete walked in and straight out the door.
"That... was a classic ninja move right there," Patrick laughed and the three guys got ready for their night in.
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