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Lard Ass

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Joe makes her feel extremely welcome by introducing her to everybody as they party to welcome her in. Amy instantly feels the awkwardness between her and Pete, the "Lard Ass".

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Chapter Three: Lard Ass!

Amy tossed in her sleep as she dreamt about her future life living with these people. She had not gotten a formal introduction yet, but she didn't mind. Amy found herself drifting in and out of sleep when Andy came waltzing in.
"Hey, Amiez. You awake?" He gingerly placed a hand on her shoulder and gently shook her fully awake.
"Yeah... what's going on?" she asked as she sat up and stretched.
"We plan on throwing a party, like right now," she smiled and nodded her head.
"I'll be out in a few," And a few moments later, she walked out in the same outfit before except her wavy hair hung down by her shoulders.
"Well there is the girl of the hour," Joe said as he threw an arm around her shoulders. The act scared the crap out of her, but she hid her nervousness behind a small smile.
"Hi..." she shyly spoke to the guys sitting in the living room. Joe lifted his arm that held an already open beer bottle and pointed over to one of the guys.
"That's Patrick there, the Pillsbury dough boy, with his wittle hat," Joe baby talked as Pat nodded his head in a greeting manner.
"I'm Joe, of course, the... party person," he was interrupted by Andy.
"Even though you are the youngest of the group," Andy muttered under his breath. Joe shot him a glare.
"And that, that lazy emo child with a scowl that says, 'Piss off, I'm PMS-ing', is Lard Ass," Patrick sniggered and Amy raised a hand to her mouth to suppress a giggle.
"What's his real name?" Amy asked still not aware.
"Lard Massive Ass, but we just call him Pete," Joe replied. Pete just flipped him off and threw a fake smile in Amy's direction and with that, he went back to his beer and whatever was on the TV. A few moments later, Amy found herself between Patrick and her brother smiling as Joe put Jackass the Movie in the DVD player. She shuffled a little bit and leaned into her brother for some comfort and snuggled in.
"Sibling love?" Joe asked as he wandered back to spot next to the troubled Peter. Andy just shrugged.
"Never thought of a reason to fight," he smiled as he wrapped an arm around his sister and rubbed her shoulder. "Right sis?" he asked. She smiled at the group.
"And... You could say you're just a tad over-protective," Patrick smirked again and took a sip of his beer. Amy looked around. All of them had at least an alcoholic drink in their hand.
"Is me moving in that big of a deal that you guys have to drink illegally?" she joked.
"Sis, I'm 21, you should know that," Andy laughed. She peered at the others.
"Yeah, and Pete's the old man in the house, at a shocking 22!" Joe joked around nudging the silent man in the side.
"Yeah..." he muttered. Amy quickly felt the awkwardness come between her and the dark haired one that sat in the corner of the room. About an hour into the movie, Pete got up and wandered into his bedroom, claiming he was dead tired. Amy watched as he dragged his feet across the living room and into the hallway where all three bedrooms were.
"I take it he doesn't like me very much," Amy muttered into Andy's chest. He sighed heavily, taking her head with it.
"I don't know. Pete just gets moody when it comes to... girls..." Andy whispered to avoid him actually hearing the conversation going out outside. Patrick nodded his head.
"Ever since Amanda and her crazy misconception of what cheating was," he muttered angrily. Joe nodded.
"She right out cheated on him right before his eyes and still had the nerve to ask him for all these favors, and I hated seeing him comply," Andy looked down at Amy who was in thought.
"But, what does that have to do with me?" she asked out to nobody in particular.
"Well, the whole point of all of us living together was for him to get away from dating and spend a couple of months with his buddies before touring starts, ya know?" Andy laughed. Amy went wide eyed.
"I almost forgot that you were in a band," she muttered. Joe laughed.
"Yeah about that..." Patrick mumbled and looked at Andy questionably.
"Amy," he started.
"I'd love to," she answered for them. They all smiled and Joe came over to snuggle as well.
"I felt lonely over there," he joked as the foursome snuggled on the couch.
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