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Nice Panites//That's Not Nice

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um. Pat sees Amy in her panites, all I can really say, the gang goes for a swim and Amy's bruises are exposed. GASP

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Chapter Four: Nice Panties.

Amy woke up the next day to the smell of French toast coming from the kitchen. She yawned, stretching her arms over her head and wandered into the kitchen without noticing Patrick sitting on one of the barstools. She stretched her arm to reach a cereal box and poured herself some cheerios and poured some milk. She turned around humming something with her eyes closed and all the while, Patrick sat there with his eyebrow raised. Once she placed her bowl down, she opened her eyes and screamed.
"Oh my god!" she laughed. He bit his lip from laughing and she ran back to her room in embarrassment.
Andy said I'd be home alone today...
Amy walked back out more appropriately dressed and silently ate her cereal while Patrick read the newspaper and shook his head.
"What?" she asked with her mouth full. He smiled.
"Nice panties," he muttered. Amy felt a blush rise to her cheeks and she shifted her eyes around the room. "Kidding Amiez," he laughed. She smiled and looked down, taking another spoonful.
"Well at least it's you and not..." she paused.
"Pete?" Patrick asked finishing off his breakfast.
"Yeah," she nodded.
"Well, you're out of luck because he is here today, and my job starts in an hour," he smirked at her blank expression.
"Is Andy out to make me crazy? I can't stay in a small apartment with four guys, one my brother and one that hates me!" Amy freaked out and bit her lip. Patrick just shrugged and looked down at his watch.
"Well, just don't really say much, and you won't piss him off," Amy pouted.
"But I'm a moody child as well, we wont work together," he laughed as she begged for him to stay.
"I have to go now and bring money into this house," he laughed and made his way out of the apartment. Amy stood by the sink washing all the dishes when Pete came out of his room with just his boxers on. She bit her lip and prepared for the oddest silence in history. He wandered over already in a foul mood due to morning and got himself some Lucky charms. Amy continued to wash her bowl before she looked around to find something, anything to keep her hands busy before she had a panic attack and fainted from the awkwardness.
"So, you're the one I have to baby-sit today, huh?" Suddenly Pete's voice rang through her ears and she turned around shocked. He sat at one of the barstools, munching on his cereal while he read the newspaper that was placed on the table. Amy bit her lip and thought before she spoke.
"I... guess," she mumbled nervously. She played with her hands out of nervous habit and swayed from one foot to the other. Pete raised an eyebrow.
"You ok?" he asked with half his mouth full. Amy nodded and shuffled herself out of the kitchen. When she heard the front door close and a few voices fill the outside world, she emerged from her room and breathed a sigh of relief when she saw her brother and Joe.
"Whoa there, were you locked up in there for the whole day?" Joe asked seeing Amy walk out of the hallway area. She silently nodded her head and watched as Pete rolled his eyes.
"Pete, man, are you like crazy, she'll get headaches from the lack of fresh air!" Joe joked and watched as he finally made Pete crack a smile. "And the lard ass smiles for the first time in days!" he jumped for joy and Andy watched as he saw Amy blush and smile towards Pete.
Damn. Amy needs to be careful...
"Who's up for a swim?" all attention was directed towards the door when Patrick came through and Pete smiled again.
"I'm up for it," he muttered. They all looked at Amy. She looked up and shifted her eyes.
"Of course," she wandered back into her room and was followed by the rest of the guys.
"Damn, I forgot you're in here as well," Patrick said behind her, he grabbed his trunks and ran off to the bathroom.

Chapter Five: That's Not Nice.

Amy got dressed in her bathing suit and noticed that some of the scars and bruises showed in some places. She bit her lip and threw on a cami and shorts. They all met up in the living room and went off down the stairs and to the pool. Both Amy and Patrick decided to sit and watch the boys dive and disturb the other pool visitors and read. She sat with her sunglasses placed firmly over her eyes while she laid back and basked in the breezy sunlight. She had no idea that the guys were watching her.
"Dude, is she gonna come swimming with us?" Joe asked as he pushed Andy into the pool. He shrugged when he surfaced. Pete sat on the pools edge watching as clouds drifted in the sky. Patrick noticed Amy staring at him and nudged her from where he was sitting next to her.
"Don't stare at him for too long, he actually is one that is known to bite," he joked and Amy looked down embarrassed.
"Even if he feels weird with me around, I still feel like I got a bigger welcoming than I expected," she told Patrick. Amy took the time to glance him up and down as well. He still sat in his hat and t-shirt with his trunks exposed. She smiled as he raised an eyebrow.
"I can tell you're more of a reader," he muttered. Amy nodded.
"I can tell a lot about a person from a couple of chats," She pulled off her sunglasses and cleaned them with her shirt she still had on.
"Really now?" Patrick asked placing his book down. Amy nodded again.
"I can tell you are the more mellowed out one of the group. Still trying to find your place," Amy looked him straight in the eyes and watched as he slowly nodded.
"True," he admitted. "Are your readings always right?" he asked and noticed her smile faded.
"No..." she looked down and wrapped an arm around her middle. "I was only wrong once, and it screwed me over," she was interrupted by Andy calling her over.
"Are you ever gonna get in?" he asked. She shook her head as she stood by the edge of the pool.
"I don't plan on it," she watched as Andy's eyes flickered over her shoulder and she panicked. Suddenly, she felt a pair of arms wrap around her waist and with one thrust, she was shoved into the pool along with the perpetrator. When she surfaced she saw Patrick laughing his ass off a few feet away from her. Joe laughed and high-fived Patrick.
"Hey! I get to steal your trunks now!" Amy joked and completely forgot about what she was hiding and stripped off her cami. Because she was in the shallow area where Pete was sitting on the steps, he was the first to notice the bruise on her side. Patrick was next and his eyebrows furrowed in worry.
"Amy..." he came a few inches closer and looked down at her.
"Amy, babes, are you ok?" Andy and Joe swam over to her where she stood biting her lip and watching as Patrick's face come over with pity. She quickly nodded and stepped backward only to run into Pete. He stood over her and boxed her in the center of the guys. She caught her breath and wrapped her arms around her feeling really uncomfortable. Andy grabbed his sister and got her out as soon as he felt her awkwardness. The remaining guys found themselves in confusion as the sun set behind the apartment buildings.
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