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Stalker Boy// Cuddle Buddy!

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yay!!!!!!!!!! stupid stalkers and nightmares that leads to cuddles

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Chapter Six: Stalker Boy

"Amy. You better be coming back home soon. It's not safe for you to be rooming with those guys. I don't know exactly where you are, but... when I find out, I will get you back, and take you back home, where you belong."

"Can we help her?" Patrick sat watching at the bar of the kitchen as Joe asked Andy the obvious question on all their minds. A moment of silence came across them as they leaned over the phone base and its messaging machine.
"I have no idea really," Andy muttered. "She is never like this; she's usually really open when it comes to problems... I don't know what that jackass did to her mind, but it's gonna take a while for her to get back to loving sister I know," Joe nodded.
"So what are we going to do about stalker boy?" Joe asked. Patrick zoned out and turned his head to look down the hallway where he could see the fringe of Amy's blonde hair peaking out from the room closest to the kitchen. The instant that he raised an eyebrow, the fringe disappeared.
"I think she just needs her brother and her three new friends, even if one has a stick up his ass," Patrick smirked looking over at Pete who was sitting on the kitchen counter playing his game boy.
"Yeah, yeah, I'm working on being.../friendly,/" He mumbled not looking up from his game. "Ah damn you level 12!" he added.
"Still trying to beat level 12?" Joe asked and Pete nodded watching Joe snatch the thing out of his hands. In less than a minute, the jingle in the game went off and Joe handed the game back to Pete.
"And that's how we do it around here, Holmes," he smiled and retreated to his bedroom. Pete stood speechless as he stared down at the continue button for Level 13.
"But... what... how the hell did you do that?" He asked as he followed him. Andy smiled and grabbed his wallet and keys. Patrick raised an eyebrow.
"Where are you going?" he asked. Andy smirked.
"I got a date, nothing big," he shrugged and walked around the bar and to the door.
"So you do have a girlfriend," Patrick turned to him and stared him down. Andy ignored him and pointed a finger at him.
"Do me a favor, and watch Amy for me?" he nodded and walked off into the night.

Chapter Seven: Cuddle?

Patrick wandered into his bedroom late that night to see Amy tossing in her sleep.
He wondered to himself. Once he made sure that she was fully asleep, he stripped down to his boxers and changed his t-shirt and climbed into bed. Rolling over, he couldn't help but stare at the young and troubled Hurley sibling.
/She deserves... so much better.../his eyebrows furrowed in thought. Patrick watched as she rolled over and her face crunched up in what he thought of as fright.
She needs us....friends... he blinked slowly, feeling his thoughts become blurry and when he thought he was ready for dreams to start, his cloud was burst by Amy shooting up in bed and gasping for air. This of course caused Patrick to freak out and in his own time of gasping for air, he halfway fell off the bed. Amy's face lit up in a mix between shock and humor and placed a hand over her shocked demeanor.
"Oh my god! Patrick, are you ok?" she whispered crawling out of the mattress she had on the floor and shuffling over to where he was tangled up in his bead sheets. Slightly laughing she managed to help him fall completely onto the ground.
"I'm so sorry," she muttered behind a giggle. Patrick cracked his neck from side to side and shook it around.
"I haven't had a scare like that in a long, long time," he muttered. Amy nodded her head looking out of the shades that blocked out the eerie moonlight.
"So what... scared you?" he asked leaning against his bed. She shook her head.
"Nothing, I'd rather not talk about it," she muttered looking around again. Patrick nodded and moved to sit on the edge of his bed while he watched her waltz around the room looking for something.
"Damnit," she muttered, frustrated. Amy huffed and landed on her mattress with her arms crossed over her chest.
"What are you looking for?" Patrick asked. Amy just threw herself back and sighed.
"I can't find my extra pillow. I need that thing for when I have my nightmares so I have something to squeeze the hell out of," she turned to look at Patrick and he shrugged.
"You want a cuddle buddy?" he asked almost shyly. Amy smiled and sat up straight before snuggling in with Patrick on his bed.
"I'll try and not have nightmares," Amy whispered as she stared up at the ceiling. She heard Patrick smirk.
"I don't mind, I think all you need right now is a friend. And maybe a hand to hold onto when your scared. Just don't squeeze too tightly, I still have to play guitar for this band you know," Amy smiled turning her head to face him.
"Thanks," she said softly and located his hand under all the blankets. Intertwining them together, she smiled once more and turned her back to Patrick's form and brought his arm along with her own. She closed her eyes and thought of something pleasant...
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