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Obvious and Hidden Talents

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Pete and Amy have a confrintaion and learn some new things about the other.

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Chapter Eight: Obvious Talent

When Amy woke, she found herself alone. She took the opportunity to break out her acoustic guitar and write some more songs. With a strum of a chord she smiled knowing this could be a great outlet. She found her song pad and flipped to a verse she had written on her first night in the apartment. As smooth as she could, Amy sang the words while strumming the notes that came off of her head.

The scars close.
Or do they open?
My mind racing the thoughts,
I close my eyes,
And think of something pleasant,
But all that comes to mind is you.

When she finished she strummed a few more chords and then sighed.
"Is the whole Hurley family musically talented?" Amy gasped when she heard an unfamiliar voice behind her. When she turned around, she was faced by Pete with his sunglasses on his head.
"Where did you come from?" She asked checking her appearance and if she was appropriately clothed. He smirked noticing her skittishness and leaded against the doorframe.
"Well you should know that I'm the one who stays home," Pete muttered as she leaned her guitar against her side of the room.
"Does that give you the right to barge in on me?" Amy asked a little harshly. She bit her tongue and watched as he sighed.
"Well, considering I heard a guitar playing from this room, I thought Patrick was home," he said. Amy nodded taking a seat on Patrick's bed.
"Oh," she simply mumbled. Pete raised an eyebrow and grabbed her guitar. As he handed it to her she looked up at him.
"What?" she asked confused.
"Play. You're really good," he took a seat next to her and smiled.
"Is this just sympathy for being a jerk the other night?" Amy asked lightly running her hand over the strings. He scoffed and narrowed his eyes.
"No. I'm trying to be nice. Now belt it babes," Amy widened her eyes at his last comment but breathed out at his unfazed nature.
"What's in it for me?" she asked.
"I'll take you to the park for ice cream," he replied. Amy smiled and nodded.
"Fine," she breathed in and found a short but simple song to sing.

I cry again tonight
Until my eyes bleed with regret
Of past things left undone
Of past things left unsaid

Sweet bliss in your eyes
Those pools of wonder
Mystery and disguise outline your face
Best kept secret of mine

Hug my pillow
And try to feel your warmth
But there is no hope
Nothing can replace you

Turn up the music real loud
But the music that
I hear won't seem
To mend this bleeding heart

It's like turning a white rose red
Making sad things sweet
You seem to make the scars disappear
And turn this white heart red

Amy took a deep breath and ended the song with her eyes glazed over with sadness. She stayed silent for a moment and stood to put her guitar away. When she turned to look at Pete he was utterly speechless.
"That...was..." he paused and she picked up her clothes she had laying out for today. "Amazing," she was unfazed by his compliments and she shooed him out of the room to change. When she came out she grabbed her purse and stared at him sitting on the couch.
"So, which park?"

Chapter Nine- Hidden Talents

Amy kicked her feet on the bench she found herself on a few minutes later. The park Pete had brought her to was nearly abandoned except for the few couples who walked hand in hand across the grass.
"So..." Pete said trying to start a conversation. Amy smirked tracing out patterns in the sand where her feet sat.
"There are better ways to start a conversation than that," she muttered.
She's more of a smart ass than I thought
"Well, what's your story?" he asked looking over at her. A blonde fringe fell in front of her eyes and she shook it away.
"Like you would really care," she whispered. He skewed his mouth to one side and sighed.
"Look. I know I come off as a jackass, but I'm trying to be nice because I know why you're here," Amy pursed her lips together and looked down at her pattern.
"He was more of a jackass than you will ever be," Amy whispered again. Pete blinked once and slowly moved his arm over to place a strong hand on her shoulder.
"What... what exactly did you guys argue over?" Amy stiffened at first because of the close contact. It almost burned but she knew that telling her story was better than keeping it all inside.
"Just, he would always ask why I was away and he knew I had an important job. And even though he knew I loved him, he kept pressing ideas that he thought I was cheating," Amy paused and nibbled on her bottom lip.
"But why did he start abusing you?" he asked moving his hand down to softly grip her upper arm. She shuttered involuntarily and closed her eyes.
"He just got jealous. Of everything I said, did and even thought. And everything just got crazy, he made me quit my wonderful job and stay at home and be... just a mistress," she muttered feeling the tears glaze her eyes. A sob got stuck in her throat and she breathed it out looking away from Pete who started to feel her pain.
"He never... forced himself upon you, did he?" he asked in a whisper, stuttering over his words slightly. Amy looked up suddenly causing him to let go of her. She violently shook her head.
"No! Of course not, Derrick knew I wanted to wait," Amy began to quiet down again and Pete looked over to where her eyes were looking. On her wedding finger, she had a small heart tattooed there. He smiled and looked down at his own tattoo collection that was starting.
"We have one thing in common," he said out of the blue and very bluntly. Amy raised an eyebrow and looked down at his right arm and back at her hand. She slightly smiled as she looked back at him.
This girl isn't that bad.
"I guess we do," she muttered standing up.
"Let's go back, I'm so hungry," Pete muttered placing is hand on the small of her back and giving her a slight push forward. As they walked back in a comfortable silence she thought back to how he reacted to her story.
He's more of a softy than I thought.
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